20 Free Business Letterhead Templates

20 Free Business Letterhead Templates

Business letterheads play a vital role in your business since they help promote the identity of your business. There’s a great feeling of satisfaction that comes from designing a perfect letterhead for yourself, but achieving this requires lots of time and effort. If you’ve been struggling with a similar issue, worry no more. You can now download free business letterhead templates saving yourself the hassle of designing one from scratch.

Our letterhead templates are professionally made, printable, plus 100% customizable. They also contain easily editable content and are of exceptional quality, so you can effortlessly add your company’s name, logo, contact information, and any other relevant design preferences. Free business letterhead templates are available in Photoshop, MS Word, and Adobe Illustrator.

Steps To Create A Business Letterhead Template

The term letterhead refers to the elements, graphics, and texts located on the top section’s stationery or letter paper. It usually states the company name, logo, address, email address, fax, and phone numbers. Business letterhead templates alongside business cards play a part in serving as promotional materials for your company. With a perfectly formatted business letterhead, you’ll be on track towards maintaining and improving your brand’s awareness. It also does a great job of showing your company’s professionalism and boosting credibility. Here are the six steps you should follow when creating a functional and superb business letterhead template.

  • Draw The Outline. Get your pen and paper before you start creating a business letterhead template and proceed to design the sketch of whatever you want. Doing this gives you a clear hint of how the images and text should fit together.
  • Pick A Software. Once you’ve created the outline, select a software that allows you to design the business letterhead template. When doing this, you can either use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, Apple Pages, or Microsoft Word. There are many ready-made business letterhead templates available which allow you to save time and effort. You can choose to either download these templates for free or to buy them.
  • Choose Appropriate Fonts and Colors. Using the correct fonts and colors is essential if you want your business letterhead to look visually appealing. This idea is backed by a study conducted by Loyola University in Chicago, stating that choosing the right colors increases a brand’s recognition by 80%. Therefore, make sure the color scheme you choose for your business letterhead template does an excellent job representing your business. This is because the letterhead will act as your company’s short introduction, so it must leave a positive impression on your potential customers. When choosing a business letterhead, ensure it’s readable both in digital and print media while sticking to a simple, visually attractive design.
  • Add The Details. After including the fonts and colors, the next step is to key in the needed details. When designing a business letterhead template, these details include the company name, contact details, plus address. Adding the business tagline is also allowed, but you can skip doing this if the HR department had earlier sent it internally. As you type in the circumstances, ensure the design does observe a hierarchy. This is vital to ensure the essential company details are perfectly positioned for your readers to have an easy time reading it.
  • Include A Logo. Your business letterhead template also needs to have a logo to boost your company’s recognition. The perfect place to put a basic logo would be the letterhead’s top, either above or next to the business name.
  • Save. Go through your business letterhead template carefully and then save it. If you want the branding to be consistent, use a similar letterhead design or format when creating the envelope. You can find the envelope and letterhead replicas on our site, and you can use them as a source of inspiration. Statistical data show that a company’s income increases by 23% by consistently performing a brand presentation.


What’s The Use Of A Business Letterhead?

It communicates the most crucial business details to your clients and business partners due to its pre-designed structure that contains a brand logo, website details, background design, address, fax, and contact details, to name a few.

What Format Should A Business Letterhead Have?

The heading should be located above the sheet plus include a bottom line. In the title, make sure to include the brand name and logo, but feel free to include a background pattern or corporate design if you wish. The bottom line includes the company’s contact information, address, social media profiles, and so on.

What Components Should You Include In A Business Letterhead Template?

The key details you need to include in the business letterhead template are;
• The name of the person or brand.
• A blank white space
• A graphic, log, or a particular symbol
• The company’s address
• The company’s contact information in a formal structure

What’s The Meaning of A Company Letterhead?

This refers to a personalized document of an organization, and it’s utilized for various business communication objectives. It only communicates a respective message to anyone this letter is sent to and more about your company and how to get in touch.

What’s Differentiates Personal Letterheads From Business Letterheads?

• The personal letterhead contains details of a specific business person, while the business letterhead includes details from an established business.
• Personal letterheads try out different color combinations, whereas business letterheads try and ensure their stationery has a neutral color.