Formal Rejection Letter Template – (Samples & Examples)

I have come across a lot of business firms and experts who are faced with the challenge of writing a formal rejection letter. This could, however, be due to the fact that rejection letters are not what we write on a daily basis. The few people who give it a shot end up writing it wrongly hence the need for a formal rejections letter templates. A sample or template will guide you for the best possible ways to write a polite formal rejection letter.

With a formal template, writing a formal rejection will be carried out with much flexibility and ease.

Formal Business Rejection Letter

Business rejection letter is a rare formal letter written and sent from one businesses to the other, politely informing them that their business proposal has been rejected or turned down. In writing this letter, it is important you state some of the reasons the business proposal was rejected and make some recommendations concerning that.

Formal Business Rejection Letter Sample

Sample Interview Rejection Letter

Sample of Interview Rejection Letter

Employment rejection letter is a letter written by an employee to an applicant, informing them why they cannot be employed at the moment. In writing this letter, the employee is required to sound as professional as possible. The employee is also required to spell out the reasons for the rejection and make the necessary recommendations concerning to that effect.

Candidate Rejection Letter

Rejection Letter of Formal Candidate

Employment Rejection Sample Letter

Employment Rejection Sample Letter


Proposal Rejection Letter

Sample of Proposal Rejection Letter

Formal Project Rejection Letter

Editable Formal Project Rejection

Invitation Rejection Letter Example

Invitation Rejection Letter Example

Job Offer Formal Rejection Letter

Formal Job Offer Rejection Format

An internship rejection letter is used when an application for an internship position has been declined by a company or establishment. The company is required to tell the student or professional why the request was declined and offer some professional advice on how to improve on the reasons.

Internship Rejection Letter

Internship Rejection Letter for Candidate

In writing a formal rejection letter, remember that it is the last opportunity you have to build a relationship with the intern, employee or business partner. It is of paramount importance that read lots of samples in order to build your knowledge before writing the letters because the more samples you are able to study, the better your output in writing a formal rejection letter.