20 Formal Business Letter Format (Templates & Examples)

If you are used to writing formal business letters, you might find writing a formal business letter tricky. You must know that all business letters are not formal, but a formal business letter is specifically written to meet the formal purpose. Bear in mind that a formal business letter can be an invitation, complaint, or recommendation letter. Therefore, when a business letter is written, it serves an official purpose. This article will give you detailed information about the formal business letter.

What Is a Business Letter?

This formal document is usually sent from a company to stakeholders, employees, clients, or even another company. You can also use business letters for professional correspondence, more so when it is between individuals. Currently, most people are using email as means of correspondence. On the other hand, some individuals prefer printed-out business letters as a unique model of correspondence. Thus, writing a business letter is easy. You need to ensure that you adhere to the language you are using and the rules of laying out.

What is a Business Letter Format?

A business letter format makes your reason for writing a letter clear via targeted and simple language. It needs you to communicate what the reader needs to hear. And the information you give must be clear to your recipient. The business letter format needs you to avoid empty words. Furthermore, keep it short to sustain your reader’s attention.

Why is a Business Letter Format Important?

Nowadays, business letters are growing popular, and they require you to follow a business letter format. Suppose you are not familiar with a business letter; the section below has you covered. Have a look at a business letter format importance:

Expands business

When you update information about your business via a business letter and send it to your customers and clients, your business is likely to expand rapidly. This means a business letter promotes people’s business.

Motivates people

You must understand that a business letter format motivates and encourages almost everyone to work hard and deliver maximum performance. It acts as a motivation for most business partners.

Sustains goodwill

A business letter is crucial when there is an agreement between two or more people, especially in writing. The business letter can either in a business email format or even in a formal letter format. This is because this letter does not entertain disputes, and it sustains friendship and goodwill between the parties.

It can act as a reference to your future transaction

Most people value a formal business letter because it serves as proof, and it is reference material whenever you want to make transactions between an organization and individuals.

Valuable evidence

The business letter format helps you to write things, more so for particular transactions. Furthermore, it serves as valuable evidence and a legal purpose for your transaction. You can always use it at any given time as your valuable evidence.

Functions as a representative

It conveys your message and communicates it to other parties. And this means it can act as a representative for your organization. Most individuals consider it because it is not a costly representative compared to a personal visit.

Links its subject to your business

Since this letter format conveys business matters and concerns, it generates information linked and connected to your entire business.

Essential Elements of a Formal Letter

A business letter usually had essential elements of a formal letter format, which you must adhere to. It commences from the contact information as well as your recipient’s salutation. Below are several crucial elements of a formal letter:

Contact information

Contact information should feature your name, job title, company, address, city state zip code, phone number, and email address.


Ensure that you indicate the date pen your correspondence.

Receipt’s contact information

The recipient’s contact information should include the name, title, company, the company’s information, city, and state zip code.


In the salutation place, you can use terms, such as to whom it may concern when you are referring to someone you are not sure of. On the other hand, you can use a formal salutation like Dear Dr./Ms./ Mr. if you are not aware of the recipient. However, you can use dear only if you feature a relationship that is informal with your recipient.


The body requires you to use single lines that are spaced between every paragraph. This should be after your salutation and right above your closing. After that, ensure that you left justify the letter on the left margin.

Closing salutation

Keep your closing reputation as short as two sentences. Repeat your reason for writing the letter and proceed to thank the reader for putting your request into consideration. Use words, such as respectfully yours, cordially, and yours sincerely. Suppose the letter is less formal, you can consider using a closing salutation, like regards, thank you, best and all the best.


Beneath the closing, indicate your signature and ensure you leave four single spaces between the closing and your full name, email address, phone number, title, and any other contact information you would wish to use.

Sample Letter Format

Rose Linda

46 Ramra street, King village, sivillian 34221-577 566 511- [email protected]

June 6, 2021

Jessy Eden


RBX company

33 Vera Avenue, 46 street

King village, Sivillian 34221

Dear Dan,

After working and serving from such a competitive company, I am writing to resign from my work position as an assistant producer, effective June 14, 2021

I have decided to upgrade my studies, and my program commences in early July. I am going for further studies and be helpful to your company during the transition.

Furthermore, I have truly enjoyed working with the entire team of RBX company. It is not easy to find a producer role that guarantees many opportunities to learn and grow with such a positive and fantastic team that is focused.

I appreciate your guidance as I considered furthering my studies. Your support has been of great help to me.

Suppose you need my help, kindly let me know and help you find and train my replacement.


Rose Linda (signature)

Rose Linda.

Formal Business Letter Formats & Templates

Tips for Formatting Your Letter

When writing a formal business letter, you require specific tips to help you choose the appropriate words, syntax, and sentences. Here is an overview of some tips you need to consider when writing your formal letter:

  • Conversational tone
  • Confidence
  • Courtesy
  • Consideration
  • Concreteness
  • Completeness
  • Clarity
  • Conciseness
  • Correctness

Check for Formatting Errors and Typos

After writing the business letter, you need to proofread and ensure the spellings are correct. You can do this on your screen, then print it afterward and go through it once again as you examine typos as well as errors. In addition, it is easy to spot the mistakes on your hard copy than on the screen.


How do you start a business letter?

When writing a business letter, you need to start with your contact information and the recipient’s salutation, such as:

  • To whom it may concern
  • Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. if you are not sure of the person, you are addressing
  • Dear is only applicable in terms of an informal relationship with your recipient

How do you close a business letter?

You need to close your business letter with a closing salutation. Ensure you repeat the reason you wrote the letter and thank the reader for considering the request. End it with some incredible option such as cordially, respectfully, or yours sincerely.

What is standard letter format?

A standard business letter includes a return address, date, inside address, salutation, body paragraph, and the closing salutation.

How do you format a handwritten letter?

Informal letters are usually handwritten. This means you need to format the handwritten letter using a font point of 10-12 and a single line for spacing as you compose your letter. Include a 1-1 and ½ inch around every page. However, if you are writing it as an email, use the block format.


This detailed post has made you more informed on how to write a business letter by taking you through a formal business letter format. Ensure that you follow the above-listed format, and you will enjoy the benefits of writing your business letter fully. However, before you start, ensure you go through the tips of writing a business letter to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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