Form MC-025 “Attachment to Judicial Council Form”

When you’re involved in judicial proceedings and filing court documents on your own, you may need to file n MC-025 Form. It’s essential to know what this document is, how to complete it and if it applies to your situation. The MC-025 may appear to be complicated at first glance, but it’s simpler than it looks if you understand what it’s for and how to fill one out.

Involvement in Federal court or other judicial proceedings usually requires the MC-025 in the first stages of the process. To help you become more comfortable with the MC-025, we explain the document, its purpose, and how to fill it out.

What Is the Form MC-025?

Form MC-025 is the name of an attachment that is completed and submitted with primary California Judicial Council forms. This document provides additional information that is pertinent to the proceedings. It is necessary when there is not enough space provided for in the primary judicial court documents. In short, it gives you extra room to supply relevant information about a case. You can look at it as an addendum form.

How to Fill Out MC-025

You must fill out the MC-025 in a specific way. Observe proper grammar and spelling rules.

  • Type in the case’s title. You will find the case title on the primary form that refers to your case, e.g., John Smith vs. the State of California. After the title, list the case number. You will also find this number in the primary form.
  • Write the attachment number before entering the data you supply in the form. The attachment number refers to the primary form data. Here is an example. In the primary form, you may indicate the need for using the MC-025 form because you needed extra room for more information. You would have checked a box stating this on the primary form. In the paragraph that provides information on the primary form, you write the attachment number, e.g., “attachment 2b (2), or whatever the situation requires. This number is the attachment number that refers to the MC025 form you are now completing. The two forms go together as a way for the court officials to correlate the two.
  • Write the page number on the MC-025 form. If there is more than one MC-025 form submitted, write the numbers in the proper order.

How to Edit MC-025

MC-025 requires all statements made are under penalty of perjury. You must state the information in a clear, complete, and valid manner. It will help you avoid penalties for misrepresenting the truth. You may add additional pages to explain the details. You must write them in plain English that is direct and to the point. Staple all attachments to the forms they accompany. Only provide necessary information on the forms, but explain your position clearly and completely.


Who needs the Form MC 025?

Anyone involved in judicial proceedings who requires additional space to explain relevant details of a case needs Form MC 025, as an attachment to the primary judicial forms.

What is CA Form MC-025?

This form is an attachment to a primary judicial form that allows persons involved in judicial proceedings to supply relevant information regarding a case. It is a legal form used in judicial proceedings in the state of California.

When the Form MC-025 is due?

The Form MC-025 is due on the same date shown on the form that it accompanies. The two documents are to be submitted together at the same time.

Where to send the MC-025 Form?

You must send the MC-025 to the same place that the primary document goes. You will find information about the proper destination in the primary form. Sometimes, the form is to be sent to a facilitator’s office, while in others, it may be okay to bring it along to a court hearing. Read the fine print on the primary document for details about the due date and where the primary document with attachments is to be sent. Allow ample time for the documents to arrive and to be processed if you use mail service for delivery.

Final thoughts

The MC-025 Form is an attachment used in the judicial process in the California court system. This document accompanies a primary document as an addendum that allows for further relevant information about a case. It is essential to complete this form with truthful, relevant facts, stated succinctly, to support your side of the case, to avoid penalties. You may edit fillable forms, print them out, and submit with the primary judicial forms by the due date shown on the primary form.