Form 8822 (Change of Address)

Form 8822 (Change of Address)

People fall in love each day, so does marriage happen every day worldwide. This is usually followed by the change of name, which you should be accomplished on form 8822. When you move to a new home, especially as a newlywed, remember to use form 8822 to inform the Internal Revenue Service about your new address.

In return, IRS might send you refunds paid using a paper check, notices among many correspondences that may link to your estate taxes, and gifts. However, if the IRS is not aware of your change of address, it is likely to send you the entire correspondence to your previous address listed on your latest tax return. This article will give you’re a deeper insight into form 8822.

What Is a Form 8822?

A form 8822 is a document that taxpayers use to notify the Internal Revenue Service of their changes to their home mailing address. If your children filed their income tax returns using your mail and you changing your mail affects them. You must finish and file another form 8822 for every child.

Who needs Form 8822?

Form 8822 is for anyone who is a taxpayer and has changed their home mailing address.

Form 8822 (PDF Template)

Form 8822 20211031

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    Updating the Mailing Address on Form 8822

    This form is used to change the address of your mail, the location where you get to receive your mail. And this can vary from your permanent home address. Thus, suppose you are self-employed and change your business mailing address, feel free to alert the IRS on Form 8822-B.

    Nontraditional Addresses

    In scenarios where you need to use the entire tax-related correspondence or foreign address or post office box sent to somebody else. There are a few extra IRS rules you must follow:

    • For all your tax-related correspondence to be sent to your third party, for instance, your attorney, you can insert c/o (in care of). This should happen before your attorney’s name as well as the mailing address.
    • Suppose you go abroad; the IRS recommends entering your foreign address in the specific country’s format.
    • You can also choose to use your postal to mail the address on form 8822 address, but this only applies if the postal service of the USA does not guarantee you a mail delivery, more so the one next to where you reside.

    How to Fill Out the Form 8822

    Ensure that you go through instructions thoroughly before you commence filling your form 8822. In addition, page two of form 8822 features all the instructions to guide you in filling it and where you should file it. Bear in mind that home mailing address change can affect the following:

    • Individual tax return
    • Other tax returns, like forms 709 and 706

    Therefore, ensure that you examine every box on either line two or one related to your circumstances. Similarly, you must provide your details, such as your social security number and your name, spouse name, and social security number. You must also provide your spouse’s prior names, your prior names, the previous address of your spouse, your previous address, and your new address.

    When you are through, you must fill the date and sign this form. Suppose you have any joint return. Ensure that your spouse fills date and also signs this specific document. Bear in mind that if you sign this form, especially on behalf of your taxpayer, ensure you type it under your title.

    Alternatives of Form 8822

    Suppose you are not filing any return, then form 88 22 is not necessary. However, if you always file the tax returns and you need to file your latest return. You can choose to fill your new address directly to your tax return form and not use Form 22. On the other hand, you can write a letter to your IRS, but ensure that it has similar information needed in form 22.

    Bear in mind that if you do not update your address, you are likely to face several consequences. This mostly happens when sensitive materials are sent to your previous address. You must understand that the IRS does not have to offer you any additional time to respond to their letter, which might imply that you pay more tax. Furthermore, under the law, if IRS sends you anything to your previous address, you are 100% believed to have received their letter.

    Luckily, some Internal Revenue Service may interrogate you on life matters and assist you in filing the correct tax forms. It does not matter whether you are experiencing a complex or simple tax situation since they have you covered. It would also be better if you filled in your new address personally.


    When Is Form 8822 Due?

    Form 8822 is a form that you voluntarily use and has no deadline, but it is recommended that you file your form. Remember, if you do not inform the Internal Revenue Service of your new mailing address, the chances are high that you will not be able to receive any important notices from your agency, such as the deficiency notice and demand for tax. You must know that it will take approximately six weeks for you to process your new home address.

    Can I File Form 8822 Online?

    You can confidently file form 8822 online, and IRS allows it for several reasons. This includes the return of your check for non-delivery purposes, and if you do not usually file your tax return, you need a stimulus payment registration.

    Is Form 8822 Define Go Along with Other Forms?

    During the submission of form 8822, you do not require any other form. Still, if the representative sign covers the taxpayer, the representatives must at least attach a copy of the attorney’s power using form 2848.

    Where to Send the Form 8822?

    Form 8822 can be sent to the OH 45999-0023, Cincinnati, Internal Revenue Service Center, and the Treasury Department. This only happens if your address change impacts form 709, and 706 among many forms. However, if the change does not cause any impact in forms 706 and 709, you must send this form to one address on the six mentioned addresses on page two of this document. Locate the left column and indicate where your old address was, and on the right column, you will come across where you are supposed to send your form.

    What Is Form 8822-B Used for?

    Form 8822- B is used to inform the Internal Revenue Service that you have changed your previous home mailing address, the identity of the responsible party, or even your business location.

    Can I Fax Form 8822-B to the IRS?

    It is impossible to fax form 8822-B to the IRIS because the IRS does not offer a fax number, but you can email it.


    This in-depth information has made you familiar with form 8822, which you, as the taxpayer, must use to inform the IRS about the changes you have made to your home taxpayer mailing address. Therefore, ensure that you go through this comprehensive post above to make necessary changes with the Internal Revenue Service.