DA Form 1594 (Daily Staff Journal or Duty Officer’s Log)

The military service’s success relies heavily on technological advancement, well-defined cadres, and delegation of duties. Efficient recording and tracking of the duties ensure quality service in protecting our country’s borders. The senior army officers employ different strategic documents that streamline service delivery. However, the DA Form 1594 is the military standard for recording the daily tasks of an officer. We provide expert guidance on what you need to know before filing the document. Read on below for key tips and instructions when filling out DA Form 1594.

What Is A DA Form 1594?

A DA Form 1594 is an official document the army uses to record the daily activities of active-duty military personnel. The form records activities ranging from operational appraisal to daily tutelage. The U.S. Department of the Army (DA) released the form in 1962 for the sole purpose of being a daily staff journal. The journaling form is available on various web platforms and official Army Department websites like the Army Directorate Publishing Website. There are specific instructions you must employ when filling DA Form 1594.

Essential Elements of a DA Form 1594

Luckily, the form has few variations across the different websites. However, at the minimum, your DA Form 1594 should contain the following:

  • Organization or installation
  • The location where the officer undertakes various tasks
  • Period covered with a start and end date and the specific hours too
  • Item number where you record individual entry with its matching number
  • Clocking time in and out
  • Page numbers at the upper right corner
  • Incidents section
  • Action taken
  • Name and grade of officer on active duty
  • Signature section

All updated staff logs should contain the above essentials. Obsolete forms prior to November 1962 may have slight variation.

Tip: Ensure you always source an up-to-date official form. Some documents are legally binding. Obsolete versions of such documents do not meet the legal threshold to serve as evidence in litigation.

How Do I Fill Out A DA Form 1594?


Obtain DA Form 1594 from the Army Directorate Publishing website or source a customizable template online. However, ensure the browser you are using is template-friendly. Download the blank template and check whether it has all the essentials to ascertain validity. Once you have the document in soft or hard copy, you can begin filling the form. Also, ensure you have the list of activities written out on a piece of paper.

Fill in the relevant boxes

DA Form 1594 has dedicated sections that furnish the details about tasks an active-duty officer undertakes. You must fill the boxes with correct entries that capture actual activities. First, fill in the page number in the upper right-hand corner. Mark the first-page number as number 1. Leave the number of pages blank until you complete filling the log.

Complete each section

Below the page numbers, write or type in the period, indicating starting hour and the date and the ending hour and date.

Note: Duty officers’ logs usually record activities over 24 hours. However, you can customize it to fit a lengthier or shorter period depending on the organization’s capacity.

In accordance, duly fill each section, namely the location, installation sections. Proceed to detail each activity in the allocated incidents section.

Listing the activities

Under item number, enumerate each activity alongside the time in and out. The incident section is where you fill in operational activities, training, messages, and a horde of incidents relevant to dispatching duty.

Alongside each incident, succinctly describe the nature of the action taken. If you have to capture more information, you can affix other sheets. But when you do, indicate the total number of pages in the box you left blank at the start.

Authenticate the form

DA Form 1594 is an official document; therefore, it requires a signature and rank of the officer on it. When using the template approach, use the online signature tools or legibly sign it by hand.

Tip: Counter-check your entries before you sign the document. Where possible, correct the erroneous entries or rewrite the form.

After you have ensured your DA Form 1594 is error-free, proceed to save it for future reference. You can also print multiple copies to share through the army ranks if necessary.

DA Form 1594 Instructions

  • Indicate the page number on every page. Fill in the number of pages after you have completed recording the activities.
  • State the location and name of the organization that the form applies to. Also, indicate the period covered. Remember, the period is customizable and should not necessarily be the typical 24-hour duration.
  • Accord each entry its item number and briefly describe the action taken for a particular activity. Fill in the hours according to your best knowledge when the activity began and culminated. You can also affix other sheets if page one doesn’t have sufficient space to capture all the details. Ensure you number each page when you do so and indicate the sum of pages at the upper right corner when you are done.
  • State the rank of the officer at the end and sign the form to certify it after ensuring you’ve captured the correct details.

Key Takeaways

The DA Form 1594 is an official journaling register that records the activity details of an active service duty officer. Such activities are operational reviews, routine training, and counseling.

The Army Directorate Publishing website has the official form. However, similar forms are available on web platforms.

Follow the instructions when filling the form. Sign and proofread the log before saving or submitting it.