Final Notice Letter (Template & Sample)

A final notice letter can be issued in several occasions. Its purpose is to inform the recipient of their last chance to comply with specific conditions before further action is taken. It could be drafted in relation to debt recovery, work termination, tenancy, or unpaid invoices. As such, the recipient could be an employee, client, or tenant.

In essence, a final notice serves as an ultimatum to anyone who doesn’t follow up on instructions, agreements, or set obligations. For instance, it could be used to warn an employee of unprofessional conduct in the workplace. It could also be used to notify a client who does not pay an overdue account.

When used for financial reasons, a final notice is a legal document that could result in legal action if ignored. Do you wish to issue someone with a final notice? This article should help you draft an effective letter.

Tips for Writing a Final Notice

A final notice letter holds serious repercussions for both parties. If poorly written, it could be ignored by the recipient. This could cause frustration, especially if the message you tried to send was urgent. The following guidelines should help ensure you get a positive response.

  • Provide your contact information – The recipient will likely wish to respond to your letter. Include your email and physical address in the message. You can also note down your phone number should they want to call you.
  • Write with formality – A final notice is a legal document. Daft it with formality and professionalism so the recipient can take the message seriously.
  • Avoid ambiguity – When drafting this letter, it is best to clarify your reasons for the notice. Don’t leave the recipient guessing or confused.
  • Provide a date – Give the specific date when the final notice should take effect. This includes a deadline before when a debtor is obliged to pay.
  • Give precise instructions – How do you want the recipient to respond to your final notice? Provide suitable methods and channels of response to your request.
  • Include essential details – These include the date, recipient’s name, and the addresses of both parties.
  • State the actions you will take should the final notice be ignored.

Writing this letter may require more work than other letters you’ve written before. Apply yourself to the task and express your wishes clearly.

Final Notice Letter Template




Subject: Final Notice for {recipient’s duty/obligation/agreement}

Dear {last name}:

This is your final reminder to honor your {recipient’s duty/obligation/agreement}. I have sent you previous letters to notify you of this error on {date} and {date}. To date, I have not received a favorable reply; neither have you tried to remedy the situation.

If you do not respond to this final notice by {deadline}, I will be forced to {intended action}. Please confirm your intention to honor this letter by {date}. You can send it through my email or contact me at {phone number}.

If you have already met your {recipient’s duty/obligation/agreement}, I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your compliance.

I look forward to hearing from you.


{Your name}

Sample Final Notice Letter Before Legal Action

24 June, 2032

William Rutherford

4585 Venus Place

Read Dear, Yukon Territory

L6V 3Y7

Dear Rutherford:

RE: Final Notice for Overdue Payment

This is your final reminder that your payment of $ 7,456 is overdue. I have sent you previous letters on 12 February, 2032, 6 April, 2032, and 17 May, 2032 to inform you of this error. To date, I have not received any reply or payment to effect. If payment is not received by 1 July, 2032, I will have no alternative but to forward your account to the State Receivable Collection Service.

Please submit a money order or check by the stated date payable to the Halifax Production Office. You may drop it at my office or mail it directly to HPO Payroll, Suite 413, 1320 North Light Street, Ontario, CN 58201 – 3312.

If you have already paid the said amount or placed it in the mail, I apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your compliance.


Alicia Hayler

Managing Director

Final Notice Letter (Word Format)

Final Notice Letter Templates & Examples

Final Notice Letter Sample Revision #01

Final Notice Letter


Sample Final Notice Letter Before Legal Action


sample final notice letteer


unpaid invoice final notice letter

    Final Thoughts

    A final notice letter is a formal correspondence. It should be addressed to the relevant receiver and contain the appropriate date, salutation, body, and address. When drafting the letter, state the nature of your warning clearly so that the recipient cannot claim misinformation. Finally, be firm, but don’t be unnecessarily rude to the recipient.