Farewell Letter to Principal

A farewell letter to a principal is a letter expressing appreciation to a school’s principal and honoring them. Whether your school’s principal is retiring or transferring to another school, saying farewell to your principal in a formal letter is a great way to say goodbye. This letter is written to demonstrate your appreciation for the principal’s guidance and leadership.

This letter is a customary way to say goodbye to your principal. It is frequently read at a public assembly honoring the principal and celebrating their achievements. This letter should be formal and professional. Students may also wish to offer a tribute in their way, perhaps by writing letters or giving a speech.

How to Write a Farewell Letter to Your Principal

Brainstorm for Ideas

Reflect on the principal’s tenure. Think about the principal’s qualities and how they were reflected in your school. Consider the principal’s:

  • Major accomplishments
  • Relationships with Teachers
  • Relationships with Students
  • Activities the principal was involved with

You will likely find many incidents worth recalling, ranging from the serious to the hilarious.

Choose Your Ideas

This step takes some sorting. Choose your anecdotes based on the principal’s qualities that you wish to honor. Try to vary the chosen incidents to reflect your principal in all his responsibilities accurately. Avoid being overly lengthy, and highlight the principal’s best qualities without going overboard. It’s okay if you want to include a funny anecdote.

List the Order of Your Ideas

After you have chosen your ideas, list them in the order you would like to present them in your letter.

Write Your Letter

The goal of your letter is to show appreciation for your principal. It is written using anecdotes that demonstrate the principal’s leadership qualities. The basic format of a farewell letter to your principal is below.

Farewell letter to the principal (Format)


Dear Principal {name},

Over the past {years}, your {leadership quality} leadership has {success} at {school name}. Your guidance has {success}. It is with great sadness we must now say goodbye.

{Use this area to demonstrate the above qualities with anecdotes}.

{Use this area to demonstrate the above qualities with anecdotes}.

Thank you for your {leadership quality} leadership. We wish you the best as you {(retire} or (continue on your career path)}. You will stay in our hearts as we continue to honor your legacy.


{students, staff, faculty, etc.}

Sample Farewell letter to principal

May 5, 2030

Dear Principal Jones,

Over the past 26 years, your inspirational leadership has shaped each student’s education at Elysium High. Your guidance has created an environment in which students and teachers have been able to succeed. It is with great sadness we must now say goodbye.

When you arrived at Elysium High 26 years ago, we were struggling with inadequate funding. Your active participation in fundraising created new ways for us to obtain the funds needed to create a great learning environment. None of us have forgotten your annual willingness to take a pie in the face for Elysium High. You have successfully encouraged many of us to do the same, and we are hoping to convince the next principal.

Your innovative ideas about creating stress-free learning environments were well-received and quickly implemented. The result has been a consistent improvement in student grades and average testing scores. Elysium High now ranks in the top ten schools of the state based on academic achievement. Last year’s standardized testing scores were our best yet, and Elysium students are happier and more active now than ever.

You were present at sporting events, wearing your Elysium High sweatshirts and cheering on our teams. You sat in the front row of every play we have produced for the last 26 years. You have assisted in our classrooms and fought for Elysium High in district boardrooms.

Thank you for your compassionate, hands-on leadership. We wish you the best as you retire. You will stay in our hearts as we continue to honor your legacy.


The students, faculty, and staff of Elysium High

Farewell Letter to Principal (Word Template)

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Saying goodbye to a principal is emotional and often challenging. Honoring them takes a bit of memory and research. Using the guide above and the format, the sample letter demonstrates how you can write your farewell to your principal in style.