Experience Letter: Guide, Format & Sample Letter

An experience letter is a document that authenticates the work experience a job applicant has highlighted in their curriculum vitae (CV). A former employer or the current employer can write the letter describing the experience and achievements of their employee. The letter serves an essential document for any individual with a desire to grow their career.

Most companies will issue the letter to their staff if they’re leaving employment for another job or resigning from their current position. Important details in the letter include; when the employee joined the company when they left the company, their character, skills and experience and achievements in the company.

Writing the letter can be tasking if you don’t have any experience in writing such letters. Samples and templates will come in handy to help you as you write the letter.

How to write an experience letter

These are the essential parts of an experience letter.
  • Date: Your letter should start with the current date. Send the letter after writing to avoid confusing the recipient. Or if you’ll not send the letter immediately include the date, you’ll send the letter.
  • Recipient’s address: After the date, the recipient’s address should follow. Start with their name, title, company name, city and zip code.
  • Salutation: Use the right salutation for the recipient. Since the experience letter is an official document, you must use formal greeting such as dear sir/madam, Good morning Mr. /Mrs. /Ms., Good day Mr. / Mrs., Most respected.
  • The body: The body of the letter is the most crucial part of the letter. In the body, you should use two or more paragraphs to indicate the purpose of writing the letter and any other relevant details about the subject.Start the first paragraph by introducing the individual you’re referring to. Briefly describe how you know the individual. When did you meet them? Are you the person who trained them? And how you’ve seen them grow in their career.You can include specific details on what they’ve achieved for the company. Limit your discussion to facts only, avoiding flattery language. Describe attributes that made the individual succeed in the position they held at the company.Avoid writing a lengthy letter. Go straight to the main points. The receiver isn’t interested in stories.
  • Complimentary close: In a word or two, close the letter politely. Common phrases you can use to end the letter include, “cordially”, “Sincerely”, “Yours truly”, “Best regards”, “Yours”, etc.
  • Signature: The final part of the letter should feature your signature and name. You might also include your title and the company you work for after your name.

Experience letter format






Dear (receivers name)/ To Whom It May Concern

I write this letter to confirm that (employee’s name) has been an employee of (company name) from (start date) to (end date (as a ((position held).

Employees name) has been one of the best (title) we have had for years. Both the management team and his colleagues have been impressed at his performance in the company since he joined as (title). His exemplary performance and a desire to further his education have seen him grow from a (first position) to (last position held at the company).

If you need more details about (employee’s name), contact my office via (email/ phone number).

I recommend him as a hardworking and trustworthy employee.



(Your name)


(Company name)

Sample experience letter/email


Abort technologies ltd

324 Brick street

Boston, LA 61700

To whom it may concern

This letter certifies that Mr. Eric Jefferson has been a staff at Abort technologies since April 3, 2010 to November 15, 2019, working as a marketing manager.

We have found Mr. Jefferson to be a reliable marketer. He joined Abort as sales trainee and was promoted to marketing assistant, an assistant marketing manager and later as the company’s marketing manager.

He has excellent communication, persuasive and interpersonal skills besides been an aggressive marketer. His teamwork spirit was clear in how he mingled with his senior and juniors.

Through his help the company has been able to breakthrough in 5 new territories we consider impossible to penetrate.

Personally, agree he will be a useful asset to your company. If you need further details on Mr. Jefferson, kindly get in touch with my office via 671 434 3065.

Thank you.


James Anderson

Group CEO

Abort technologies

Types of experience letter

Application letter for issue of experience certificate

An application letter for issue of experience certificate is a request to your employer or former employer to issue you with an experience certificate/ letter. In the letter consider including the following;
  • Your official names
  • The department you were working in and your position
  • When you joined the company
  • A brief highlight of your achievements in the company
  • Thank the writer in advance

Request for experience letter from the previous employer

An experience letter from your previous employer can go a long way to assist you in securing your dream job. Your potential employer might ask for an experience letter from your employer to confirm what you have indicated in your CV. In such a case, you need to write a letter to your former employer to request the experience letter/ certificate. The request letter should highlight;
  • Your names and designation at your former company
  • Your achievements
  • Why you need the letter
  • Appreciation for the letter

Request for experience letter from current employer

When you want to leave your current company and you haven’t received an experience letter, you can request a letter from your employer. Your employer must already be aware you are leaving the company before you request the letter. As you write the request letter include;
  • Reasons for leaving the company
  • Your official names, designation and department
  • Thank them for the opportunity to work in the company