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Excuses to not go to a party (Best and Worst Reasons)

It may not always be that we can honor our past commitments. Some unforeseen circumstances may often pop up that demand us to negate our previous agreements. These are called excuses and they come in two main shades. We have the genuine and the fake excuses respectively.

We are going to explain and sample a couple of them in the proceeding segments of our discussions.

Best excuse to not to go to a party

These are genuine excuses. They are those issues which make sense, especially under the given circumstances.

#1: Personal Reasons

This excuse works best in circumstances where you have a problem which does not require that much publicity. These could include a personal confrontation with a spouse, wife battery, or any other kind of domestic duel.

Sample Message/Communication

“Unfortunately, I cannot show up because I have some extremely personal issues to attend to. Owing to the sensitivity of the matter at hand, I cannot disclose the issue to you. I hope to open up to you when we meet face-to-face next.”

#2: Accident of a Close Friend

An accident can strike at any time and without any prior notice. If it strikes a close friend, you cannot afford to go to a party and leave the friend reeling from the effects of the party. This is a bit straightforward and acceptable under all circumstances.

Sample Message/Communication

“Following the grisly road accident of my beloved workmate, I had been compelled to cancel my prior commitment. I will be seeing that friend of mine at the hospital this coming weekend. I hope to attend a future party you will host. Sorry for the mishap!”

#3: Not in Town

Just like the case of the accident described above, some engagements may often pop up unexpectedly. If and when they coincide with the parties and the weddings, they too might interfere with the prior arrangements. This is the circumstance when such an excuse may come in handy.

Sample Message/Communication

“I am pretty aware of the fact that I had initially committed to coming over for your party. However, I have been forced to cancel then engagement owing to the need to attend to my mother who badly wanted to see me. Sorry for the convenience. I promise to make up for it in the future.”

#4: Sick Relative at the Hospital

Sicknesses may also appear or intensify without any prior warning. Owing to the potentially life-threatening nature of these ailments, it is necessary to respond to them soonest possible. This is why their emergence also warrants some kind of emergency responses.

Sample Message/Communication

“I have just received some urgent information to the effect that my mother’s sickness has now intensified. For this reason, I have been forced to back off my initial plan of coming over to your party for the sake of attending to her. Please bear with the situation.”

#5: Pet was in Serious Condition

Some pets are too indispensable to be neglected. The dogs and the cats are perhaps two of the most significant of these. Their roles in keeping the typical home of rodents and other intruders cannot be wished away. This is why it may normally be necessary to cancel prior engagements to attend to them.

Sample Message/Communication

“My only dog that safeguards my homes from possible intruders is in dire condition. I just had to change my mind and cancel my initial engagement with you to enable me to tend to it. This being the case, I just won’t attend your party as I had initially agreed.”

#6: Have Exam Tomorrow

Exams are the most crucial aspects of student life. This is because they determine to a great extent the final destiny of the students. It is hence necessary to prepare for them adequately even if that means canceling any other planned commitments.

Sample Message/Communication

“I know I had agreed to attend your wedding this coming weekend. However, it has dawned on me that I am ill-prepared for the forthcoming exam. I have now decided to devote all my time this weekend to polish up my preparedness. As such, I won’t attend the wedding as I had earlier promised.”

#7: Been up for 3 Days due to some Business Project

Preparing project reports have never been a mean feat. The process is often deep, meticulous and very involving. At the end of the preparation session, the parties concerned will normally feel too exhausted to attend to other vital chores. This is why they may normally have to cancel any initial agreements.

Sample Message/Communication

“As I had already told you, I have been up for the last 3 days preparing a business project. I now feel too tired and worn-out to handle any other engagement. I know this will dishearten you, but I just won’t be in a position to attend your party as earlier promised. Take it easy!”

#8: Sick Family Member

As hinted earlier, sicknesses may often draw a thin boundary between life and death. This is especially when the conditions worsen. It is therefore not advisable at all to gamble with sicknesses. This excuse, therefore, comes in handy when the conditions worsen.

Sample Message/Communication

“You are already aware that my younger sister had an asthmatic attack. I have just been informed that her health has deteriorated further. Being her eldest sibling, I have the obligation to spend time with her in person. I, therefore, will not show up in your wedding this weekend.”

#9: Had/Have Family Dinner

‘Blood is thicker than water’, so goes the old English saying. Indeed, family issues and activities do of right supersede those of friends and relatives. If and when that two clash, priority has to go to the family ones. It is under such a circumstance that an excuse of this kind may be applicable.

Sample Message/Communication

“By the time I was accepting to come over for your birthday party, we had not yet finalized our own family party. Unfortunately, we settled on the same date and time as your party. I am therefore sorry to let you know that I will not be able to attend yours.”

#10: Stuck at Job all Day and Night

Night shifts are great. However, they usually leave behind the unfortunate consequence of having to make up for the lost sleep. Any violation of this rule will often to lead to accidents and injuries of the persons concerned. It may often be wise therefore to suspend other activities to allow for catching up.

Sample Message/Communication

“I was not supposed to work in the night shift. However, a colleague of mine approached me to take up her place, which I did. I am now tired, sleepy, and exhausted. I cannot, therefore, attend your meeting as I will have to sleep to be able to make up for the lost time.”

Worst excuse to not to go to a party / wedding

These are the fake excuses. They do not make sense at all under whichever circumstances and are in most instances used as a smokescreen to conceal a hidden motive or reason.

#1: Have another Party

Yes, it is possible for two parties to be held at the same time and date. However, this excuse is not so understandable given that you do not have to commit to two parties at a time. The excuse is mainly recommended for use as a smokescreen.

Sample Message/Communication

“I had agreed to attend your wedding party, yes. However, I dear friend of mine later asked me to attend his birthday party on the same date and time as yours. Please note that I have to cancel my engagement with you for the sake his attending his party.”

#2: Have Plans with other Friends

Just as the case with a parallel party above, it is not a proper excuse to schedule a parallel engagement alongside a previous agreement. This excuse is yet again null and void. It may only work where the attendee has no good reason to skip the party as initially agreed.

Sample Message/Communication

“Yes, I had initially accepted the offer to come over for your wedding meeting this coming Saturday. However, my friends later asked me to accompany them to an expedition to the country this coming weekend. I will therefore not be coming over to your wedding this Saturday as earlier promised.”

#3: Don’t Feel Like Moving/Too Lazy

This perhaps is the most unwarranted of all excuses available. You cannot claim that you are too lazy to attend a meeting. All you have to do is to show up and be passive if you cannot be active. Such an excuse may only be used to kindly tell someone you are no longer interested in the engagement after all.

Sample Message/Communication

“Trust me, I understand that you are to hold your graduation party today. I also remember too well I had agreed to come over. Unfortunately, I just don’t feel like coming. This is because I am too lazy to leave my home. Just proceed with your plans without expecting me at all. Sorry!”

#4: I Don’t Like Parties

Nobody can ever claim or truly mean not to love parties. No other gathering or event gives us a chance to bond and celebrates our friendships like the parties. Any claim to the contrary is not only unacceptable but simply unfathomable. It is yet another kind way of saying you won’t attend the party.

Sample Message/Communication

“I received your invitation to attend your wedding anniversary next month. Whereas I would have wanted to be with you, I just will not show up. This is because I just do not like parties. They are not my cup of coffee at all.”

#5: Didn’t Sleep Well Last Night

Yes, sleep is necessary. However, the lack of sleep cannot be so crucial as to prevent you from honoring a prior engagement. You can make appropriate arrangements to prevent sleeping fewer hours in advance. This excuse is only hand in case you did not prepare well for the party before the stipulated deadline.

Sample Message/Communication

“As we agreed, I was to come over to your party today. I also hoped to attend. However, I did not sleep well last night. I am therefore too exhausted, tired and sleepy to come over as I had initially agreed. Please proceed with your engagements and find someone to take up my place and roles, sorry!”

#6: Got No Money

Lastly, lack of money should never be an excuse not to attend a party at all, especially if that party was agreed upon and planned well beforehand. This is because you can make prior arrangements to source for the cash before the stated date. This is yet another kind way of saying NO.

Sample Message/Communication

“How I wish I could attend the party as I had earlier agreed. However, I am short of cash at the moment. As such, I cannot fund my transportation to and from the party venue. Kindly bear with the situation and enjoys your party to the fullest. Sincerely.”


Needless to say, the excuses we have looked into above are not all that may come in handy when confronted with the aforementioned issues. Due to the limited space and time at our disposal, we could only discuss that much. Feel free to find others that may help you out especially if you find the ones above irrelevant to your unique circumstance.