Good excuses for no call no show at work

As an employee, there are times that you cannot report to work for one reason or another. The situation can be trickier if your excuse for no show is one that you will not want to share meaning you do not want to call in at work. Here are some good excuses that you can use for a no call no show at work situation.

Personal Emergency

An emergency is something that nobody expects. For example, if you went out the night before a workday and were robbed, the next thing is to report this to a police station or any relevant authority. For some people, calling in to say you were robbed at a night-out can be embarrassing so just put it as a personal emergency.

Family emergency

Again, if one of your family members is kidnapped, for example, that becomes a family emergency. At that time, you cannot call anybody because of the tense and confusing situation. Family emergencies do not attract questions at any time.

Death in the family

Most people get off with saying that one of their family members passed away. This very good excuse works more often than not. However, you should be careful not to “kill” a living person because that might come back to haunt you. Use an example of a person that is already gone.

Family member’s accident

It goes without saying that if a family member is involved in an accident the next step for you is to be there for them. That works as a good excuse for not calling into work leave alone showing up.

Delivery of a family member

If you have a family member say a sister who has been expecting to have a child, you can use it as an excuse for not calling nor showing up to work. Such things need immediate attention you know.

Feeling unwell

Most employers do not take a slight headache as a good reason not to show up to work leave alone calling. However, if you have a condition like explosive diarrhea, you might not be able to make a call even if you wanted to. This qualifies as a good excuse.

Death of your old pet

Pets are amazing. If you have a cat or a dog that you have lived with for over eight years, chances are the affection has grown so deep. If the pet dies, then that is a tragedy closer to losing a human being. You can use this as an excuse not to call or show up for work.

Child’s school problem

Children can be very stressful at times, and you can use that as an excuse. Visiting your child’s school for a disciplinary matter or anything else is an emergency that needs to be taken care of immediately.

However, before using any of these excuses, it is important that you act as if they are true. Avoid actions that might compromise their credibility. For instance, do not visit any of the social media platforms. It beats logic not to call in for work while you spend your time on social media.

What to say to your employer after no call no show

A “no call, no show” can land an employee in trouble with their employer. To the extreme, you can lose your job.

So, how should you respond to your employer after the mistake?

Employers are always keen on employee’s character and discipline. They’re on the watch out to ensure their staffs adhere to company rules besides offering the best to the company.

When faced with a no call no show encounter, first acknowledge your mistake even before explaining what transpired.

If you encountered an emergency, tell it to the employee. On the contrary, you must be careful of what to say if you have no valid reason for your actions. Considering you overslept or took a day off without informing your boss, please withhold such reasons. They might land you into deeper trouble.

As an employee, always make sure your character is unquestionable. The decision the management will take will depend on a variety of factors that include:

  • How long you’ve worked for the company
  • Your performance at work
  • Any earlier mistakes
  • Your value to the company
  • And finally, the circumstances of the no call no show incident

Though you may not be laid down, the incident can impact how your employee views you. It can affect future decisions in the company such as promotions, salary increase, and transfers.

How to recover from no call no show

Apologize to your manager

When you discover missed calls from your boss, call back immediately. Apologize and explain your case.

At all costs avoid lying, remember your honesty might make your boss reconsider their decision.

If you delay calling back, you’re worsening the situation. Your manager will be angrier and might take a stiffer penalty.

Let your colleagues know you are sorry for the incident

Any time a worker doesn’t report to work; fellow workers must take up the roles. The employees will feel burdened and misused especially if the victim is a serial no show person.

Extend an apology to your coworkers to make them understand that it’s not you wish to have them overworked.

A sincere apology will work wonders to strengthen teamwork and maintain a healthy working relationship with your colleagues.

Offer to reciprocate for whoever took over your roles

Besides apologizing to your coworkers, you need to speak to the person that covered your shift and offer to repay the kind gesture.

Your colleague will appreciate your act, and they’ll be ready to reciprocate any time you encounter an emergency.

Work with your manager to clear the mess

Ask your manager what you can do to resolve the mess. Let the boss suggest what to do. They might just ask you never to repeat the incident.

They might also institute a less severe punishment based on your response to the no call no show.

No call no show….. But I called

When faced with a no call no show case, you must get your facts right. The determination of the case will depend on the evidence presented for the hearing.

Relevant evidence that will make you win the case will include;

  • Did you call back?
  • Had you called any other person in the company to inform them you will not make it work?
  • Duration of the calls
  • Have you ever had a similar case earlier?
  • Have you been warned previously?
  • Did you call your boss immediately you saw the missed calls?

A no call no show case presented with strong evidence has high chances of changing the decision taken by your manager. Present facts to your attorney and let them handle the rest.