Excuses for Missing School / Class (Best and Worst Reasons)

Excuses for Missing School / Class (Best and Worst Reasons)

There are tons of reasons why you are unable to come to school. Most of the time, the truth is too far-fetched to be even considered a legitimate excuse! We are here to help you out.

Here is a list of the best reasonable reasons for missing school you can use when you are running out of ideas and bad excuses that you should definitely avoid. And note that while some excuses may actually apply to you; it is how you press your case that will go a long way in getting you off the hook.

Best Excuses for Missing School

Doctor or dentist appointment

Most of the time, appointments to medical practitioners are often booked up to weeks on end. It is thus one of the best excuses to come up with to your teachers since they too had to use this at least once in their student days.

Doctor appointments are usually twice a year, while dentist appointments may vary. You should send this before you want to skip, at best 2 days, to sound more legitimate. However, this must not be used regularly since they may be suspicious and demand specific details of your appointments.

“Sir/Ma’am, my scheduled doctor/dentist appointment is tomorrow. Please allow me to be excused.”


Typically, we would want to avoid sick people. Communicable diseases like the cold or flu easily spread in crowded places. Naturally, school administrators would agree if you will stay at home for a day or two, depending on the severity.

However, do not use exaggerated diseases that will cause you to be excused for more than a week, since teachers and classmates may pay you a surprise visit to your home. You also do not want your friends to worry if ever word comes out.

“Dear Sir/Ma’am,

My symptoms show that I have (sickness), and I do not want to pass this onto others at school. Please allow me to be excused until I feel well.

Hoping for your kind consideration.”

Food Poisoning

Most people are not aware of the symptoms of food poisoning, but they do know that it is highly alerting and dangerous. Moreover, most do not want the responsibility passed on to them if ever the situation turns for the worse.

They might be accused of being negligent when this happens so the best option would be to allow the person to stay at home and see a doctor. It is best to think ahead of the situation such as what you ate, when and where if ever they ask further details.

“I think I ate something bad since my stomach is aching that I have never experienced before. May I be excused for today?”

Medical Procedures or Medical Tests

Just like doctor and dentist appointments, these are one of the events in life that are of high importance. Medical procedures are scheduled ahead of time when the physician or specialist is available and rescheduling this will cause a significant delay that may impede the condition of the patient.

Do not use this excuse regularly and with different illnesses, since this increases the likeness of getting caught lying. It is also best not to use this when you are seen very healthy just recently since this implies that you have a severe illness.


Severe recurring headaches, or commonly known as a migraine, is a good excuse since it cannot be checked for symptoms of high temperature like a fever. It is an inward discomfort that lasts for 2-72 hours.

Since having this sickness limits a person’s ability to absorb is being taught in the classroom, it would be better for them to take a rest than force them to perform actively in class that may potentially worsen their condition.


My headache has been recurring for a long time now, and I think that I cannot focus in class because of this. Please allow me to take the day off.

Respectfully yours,”

Car Troubles

May it because of a broken engine or lack of gas, car troubles are often problematic. It could also be legitimate excuses. You have to bring your car to the nearest shop or gas station, which could take an entire day, literally.

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jams may be caused by road accidents or pure bad luck. This is an occurrence that is out of your control, especially if there are no alternative routes available. If you’re planning to use this excuse, you may even point out the specific traffic jams you have encountered on your trip.

No Conveyance

Transportation makes our life more comfortable. If the school is more than several blocks away, it is indeed better to stay at home than to walk several kilometers. Your professor will understand that this is an unforeseen circumstance. More often than not, he will leave you off the hook.

Family Emergency

At times, the best excuses are for the saddest reasons like having a family emergency. It is a sudden happenstance of an unfortunate event wherein in one case or another, you have to excuse yourself no matter what your situation is.

Family emergency is an excuse generally used and sometimes, even being overused. The most effective technique to handle this is just to be honest. It might be only a minor emergency like the need of having to take your little sister home because of tummy aches or a headache. It might be something more serious, like getting a phone call from a relative asking for urgent help in situations which can lead to panicking.

However, even if it is true, the use of this excuse might sometimes be tricky. With the advent of social media, for example, things can get a little troublesome. If your excuse turns out only to be a minor incident, avoid posting a picture or a status where your professor might think that you were just having an alibi because you already want to go home or simply do not want to go to school. As much as possible, stick to your excuse and avoid being online.

“To Whom It May Concern:

Good day! I would like to be excused from classes last ___(date__of_absence), for the reason that some urgent family matters came up in which my presence was needed.

In lieu of this, I am willing to take a special exam or project to make up for my absence.

Hoping for your consideration.


Came Late From Work

Another possible excuse from school is that you came home late because of work. This excuse is best for students who are doing part-time jobs. This can be an advantage if, say, you came late from a party at work or after work, and you have had some drinks with friends.

Instead of saying that you have woke up late, might as well just say that you had to finish up some workloads which led you to come home late and relay the idea that you are still too tired. Since compassion is human nature, your professor would be more considerate to you because he totally understands what you are going through.

Illness in the Family

The word “illness” connotes a negative vibe. It becomes an excuse when someone you know, or a relative needs urgent medical help. A phone call or a text message that you need to bring mom for a trip to the hospital is an alarming situation which leads you to feel anxious and hence, miss a day or two in school depending entirely on the current circumstances.

This excuse would work best if you are just plain honest. An alibi using this would not be so great since no one wants to have any member of the family catch even the simplest colds. If someone is really sick in the family, avoid being in public places.

Family Member’s Accident

Uh-oh! No one can predict an accident. No one wants to be in a devastating accident, and no one even wishes to encounter one. Today where frequent road accidents are a common occurrence, it would not be so much of a stretch using this excuse since a crash may be the latest news only because people might gossip about it. It might even urge your professor to get in contact with you for a more definite explanation for updates.

However, if it consists only of minor accidents like if dad slipped and bumped his hips hard or when your brother accidentally swallowed a marble he was playing with, it would be best if you let your professor know about it as soon as you can so that he would likely to believe it and excuse you.

Death in the Family

Having to excuse yourself because of a death of someone in the family may be awful, but sometimes, it is true. Death is sudden, inevitable and tragic. This is why you should consider using this excuse as your last resort.

If your grandma or grandpa passed away when you least expected it, or even after a very extended stay at the hospital, it would be very much likely that your professor would go easy on you. No one gets through the process of mourning that easy. Besides, they will never even suspect that it is a lie.

If you would be using this excuse, think it a hundred times first before deciding. But if you are using this because someone in the family indeed passed away, then worry about nothing. I’m sure your professor will give you their utmost support to help you get through this. Bear in mind, however, not to be too relaxed about it after a while. Remember that they will understand you and you can even talk to them.

Bad Weather

If you are living far from your school, this excuse will surely do you some justice. A heavy rain, a flash flood or even blizzard will most probably get you excused from class. There won’t be the need for too much information about it.

You can even write a letter stating the events and let your mom sign for it to be more believable or you can just text a classmate before the weather gets worse. Keep in mind that during a bad weather excuse, you are not supposed to be found anywhere far from your place. It would be a no-brainer that it is just your alibi if a friend or a co-professor of you teacher saw you in a mall or a movie house.

Loss or Theft

This is one of the worst but very plausible excuses. The situation that your professor would be able to imagine is that there were robbers who have been in your place leaving you with nothing. An excuse using this might be scary for it might come true so use it at your own risk!

If you are telling your professor that you were absent because of theft, be sure to have yourself a good and believable story. You can even state that all your money was gone and hence, the robbers left you with nothing. If this is the case, avoid buying things and posting it on social media. Do not forget to keep away your jewelry like your watch if you are in school. This way, it will look like an actual happening of the event.

Vacation With Family

If you have the need to be absent for a few days, this might just be the best choice.

It is usual for families to spend a vacation and that is just something one can believe immediately and can easily be proven. Inform your professor of which dates you’ll be gone and tell him that you would be traveling with the family. To look responsible, tell him that you even said “No” to them a lot of times just to figure out that tickets were already booked.

“Good day Sir/Madam:

Please excuse me for these dates, ____Date_of_Travel___ for I would have to go to ________________, to be able to spend quality time with my family who have long been staying there.

Rest assured that when I come back, I would use all my means and submit the needed projects for the time I was away.

Thank you very much for your understanding!


This more than enough to give you reasons why you should be excused from class. If there is one thing you should not do, it is not to use other lame excuses like the ones enumerated below. You shouldn’t be caught using these!

Bad Excuses for Missing School

Outside is “too cold” or “too hot.”

For these two, keep in mind that the human body is able to withstand temperatures roughly 10-40 degrees and there are too many ways to counter this excuse like, if it is too cold, then you can just wear more than 2 layers of clothing. However, if it is too hot, then loosen up your clothing or merely use more comfortable dresses.

This excuse will not even hold any water if it is used.

Had a new baby in the family

Unless it was you who had the baby and unless there was something wrong with the parents, then your presence at the moment of childbearing was totally unnecessary. Parents are responsible for taking care of the baby,and the child needs the first interactions to be with their parents. Technically, you are not someone to be required in the meantime.

Had Party All Night

This is the worst excuse. It is not even an excuse!

“To Whom It May Concern:

May I ask to be excused from class last ___(date of absence)____, for I had too much of the party last__(date of party)___. I did not even had the intention of not attending your class.

Thank you and hoping for your consideration.


You were aware of the class for the next day. Therefore, it was your responsibility to remain sober for the class. You don’t say this to your professor unless you really want to be in trouble!!!

Dog Wasn’t Sleeping/ Cats Were Crying All Night

This is technically your problem. Your dog or your cat is not your professor’s responsibility.

Your pet can sleep when you go to class. It is not aware of the social responsibilities of humans and should not be blamed for something that it does not the capabilities to understand.

Don’t be too lame to use this. Please!

The line, “Lost my phone at the party.”

The phone does not dictate your attendance in class. You managed to live without a phone long before you got it, it’s possible to do it again and it can be replaced, right?

Your professor will simply tell you this. Besides, you know you were going to a party so you should have been more responsible with your things. It’s not like you need a locker for your stuff or something.

Sore Feet

Unless otherwise such as when you’re experiencing crippling or debilitating pain, then mere sore feet should not impede your class schedule. Remember, you paid for the class, and you should not waste it. Your professors will not excuse sore feet. Your feet would not have much to do in class. It would be your head, right? Most of the time, you would just be sitting in your chair anyway.


Some people experience headaches on an hourly basis and yet they still come to class. If you have a severe migraine, you can just go to the nearest pharmacy and buy your medicine. If you use this to excuse yourself from school, your teacher might just give you the medication himself.


This is not a valid excuse; just because there are different kinds of alarms on the market now. You can use your phone, a classic alarm clock, or even ask someone to wake you up. The bottom line is to never use this excuse to your teacher/ professor. True as it might be, they will not excuse your absence based on this reason alone.

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    Excuses are part of our lives and no matter how honest we are, we will often find ourselves telling white lies to get out of a difficult situation. The most important thing to remember is that the excuse has to be reasonable and relevant to the situation; otherwise it will come out as stale and unconvincing.