Excuse Letter to Work for Attending Reunion

Asking for time off work can be nerve-wracking. Every company has its policy on absences, and it’s not always clear whether family engagements are included. Sometimes, the best approach to requesting time away is a written letter or email.

For instance, if you need time off for a family reunion, send an excuse letter to work for attending a reunion. While sending a letter doesn’t guarantee you a positive response, it shows professionalism and good manners. It also covers you in the event your manager agrees but later recants.

This article explains how to write an excuse letter to work and what to include to secure approval. It also includes an example of what these letters look like.

Essential Points

This type of letter should always be short, straightforward, and semi-formal. Stick to a two hundred word limit unless there are special circumstances that need explaining. Write the letter knowing you are asking for a favor. It does not guarantee you the answer you want. Ultimately, the decision is up to your manager’s discretion, so be friendly and respectful.

Make sure to include specific dates for the family reunion. Specific times aren’t essential unless they are relevant to your request. If you’re taking one or several full days off work, specific times are less important. You might want to mention them if the plan is to leave or return to work part way through a shift (half-day absence).

You should also include the general location (town or city) of the family reunion and the reasons why you feel you cannot miss it. Perhaps you’ll be reunited with relatives you’re estranged from or know it will be an elderly relative’s last meet up. If you don’t make it clear why the event is important, it might be assumed you can easily attend another.

What To Include In Your Excuse Letter

  • Reason for the letter (requesting an approved absence)
  • Specific dates of absence
  • Specific times of absence (where relevant)
  • Any details explaining why the reunion is unmissable
  • Commitment to deliver any missed work/assignments
  • Your gratitude

What NOT To Include


Some company policies may differ but, generally, family reunions and other family events aren’t considered ‘essential’ engagements. So, they are approved at the discretion of a manager who is personally okaying the request. Regardless of whether you think this is fair, they have the authority to say no.

Make sure to request the time off work instead of demanding it. Don’t tell your boss you’re taking time away. It needs to be a question, not an update. Write with an appreciative tone, and you’re more likely to get what you need.

Short Notice

Part of requesting time away from work is ensuring your request is feasible. Don’t expect to send a letter on Wednesday asking about a family reunion on Friday and get a positive response. How are they going to cover your duties at such short notice? Send the letter as early as possible with firm dates (not TBC dates).

It gives your boss time to make temporary arrangements and you the opportunity to help compensate for your absence. For instance, you might be able to work ahead on future assignments so your time away doesn’t affect the team. Again, the more you can do to compensate for the absent period, the fewer reasons your boss has to say no.


Be honest about what you can and cannot do to cover your absence. If there’s no real likelihood you’ll continue working while at the reunion, don’t say you will. Let your boss find a temporary cover. If you say you’ll deliver something and you don’t because you’re busy drinking alcohol or doing family activities, it’ll cause problems.

Those problems will make your boss think twice about approving your next requested absence. Only make promises you can keep.

Excuse Letter for Attending Reunion (Format)

{Your Name}

{Your Address}

{Current Date}

FAO {Manager’s Name}

Dear {Title} {First Name}

I am writing to request a leave of absence for the following dates: {Specific Dates}. My family is throwing a reunion {Type of Event} in {General Location}. It is important that I attend this reunion because {Reason for Attending}.

I make this request with plenty of notice, so I have time to complete {Your Duties} before I leave for the event.

I hope you can understand why attending this event is important to me.

Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.


{Your Name}

Sample Excuse Letter to Work for Attending Reunion

Ben Feinstein

1221 Ironwood Drive

Suite 102

Coeur d’Alene, ID, 83814


FAO Darcy Kendall

Dear Darcy,

I am writing to request a leave of absence for the following dates: June 7th and 8th. My family is throwing a reunion vacation in Harrison. It is important that I attend this reunion because I haven’t seen my grandparents in several years and may not get another chance.

I make this request with plenty of notice, so I have more than enough time to prepare the orders for those days before I leave. I can also ask Jesse and Mark to manage my clients if they call to discuss project milestones. I won’t be able to work finish the Ink and Toners proposal due on the Friday, but I can have it ready for the Monday I get back to work.

I hope you understand why attending this reunion is important to me. I’m available to chat anytime on +1 5486 566 867.

Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.



Key Takeaway

The key thing to remember is you don’t have the authority in this scenario. Making firm demands or coming across as overly sure of yourself (I’m definitely going to get approval) might dissuade your boss. It’s okay to be confident but strike the right tone. You’re asking for a favor, so it won’t hurt to lay on the charm.

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