Excuse Letter to School for Attending Reunion

Getting approved time off school can be very tricky, particularly around exam season. Yet, legitimate reasons do exist, and you shouldn’t feel afraid of asking teachers for their consideration. While schools have the upper hand and can veto most absences, they must also support their students.

If you have an essential event, engagement, or appointment, it’s worth asking for their permission to attend. In the case of family reunions, decisions are made on a discretionary basis. Teachers aren’t obligated to approve an absence of this nature, but they may do if exams aren’t scheduled.

To increase your chances of approval, write an excuse letter to your school to attend a reunion. Keep reading to find out what this looks like and how to draft one.

This type of letter should be brief, semi-formal, and straight to the point. Ideally, it should be signed by a parent or guardian. Co-signed letters are much more likely to be approved by teachers. Better yet, get your parent to write and mail the letter themselves. It proves your request is legitimate.

Include specific dates, specific times, if relevant to when you’ll leave and return (for example, if returning midway through a school day), a general location for the family reunion, and reasons why the event is essential. It may also help to explain how you’ll catch up with any lost work. The letter should not be longer than 200 words.

If you’re going to be absent for one class or multiple classes taught by the same teacher, address your letter to this staff member. Otherwise, address it to your head of year. They’ll distribute it to any class teachers who need to see it.

What To Include In Your Reunion Excuse Letter

  • A brief explanation for the letter (requesting approved absence)
  • Specific dates of absence
  • Specific times of absence (if relevant)
  • Any details explaining why the reunion is important
  • Commitment to deliver any missed work/assignments
  • Formal thanks
  • Parent’s signature(s) (where applicable)

What NOT To Include In Your Excuse Letter

  • Demands. The only legal obligation a teacher has, in this context, is to keep you in school. Approved absences are completely discretionary, meaning they are granted because a teacher personally vouches for them. In other words, they’re doing you a favor. So, write with an appreciative tone and make sure to ask. Don’t tell your teacher you will be absent. The decision isn’t yours to make.
  • Short Notice. There are exceptions, of course, but most family reunions are planned affairs. Guests are invited with plenty of notice. If the event is a regular thing, it might be held on the same date annually or biannually. The point is you should know all about it good and early. The more notice you can give, the more likely your absence will be approved. If you write your letter three days before the reunion, don’t be surprised if it gets rejected.
  • Untruths. It may be tempting to promise things you can’t deliver in order to get approval, but it’s unwise. Teachers appreciate students committing to catching up on missed work, but be careful not to say things you don’t mean. If you’ve got no intention of taking your textbook along to complete homework assignments, don’t promise to. It’ll make the return to school fractious and reduce your chances of getting an absence approved for the next reunion.

Excuse Letter to School for Attending Reunion (Format)

{School’s Address}

{Current Date}

{Head of Year’s Name}

Dear {Title} {Surname},

I am writing to ask for permission to be absent from classes on {Specific Dates}. My family is planning a reunion {Type of Event} in {General Location}. It is important that I attend this reunion because {Reason for Attending}.

I understand that my studies are also vital, so I commit to {Your Catch Up Plan}.

I hope you can understand why attending this event is important to me. For more details, please feel free to call my {Parent/Guardian} on {Phone Number}. {He/She} can verify my absence.

Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.


{Your Name}

Sample Excuse Letter to School for Attending Reunion

Hopkins High School

333 Clark St, Hopkins

MI 49328


FAO Mrs Sykes (Head of Year)

Dear Mrs Sykes,

I am writing to ask for permission to be absent from classes on May 13th and 14th. My family is planning a reunion break in Silver Lake, and it has been many years since we were all together. If possible, I would like to spend both days at the reunion, but I could also return early for afternoon classes (after 1.30 pm) on the 14th if necessary.

I hope you can understand why this event is so special to me. For more details, please feel free to call my mom on +1 5486 566 867. She can verify my absence.

Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.


Shauna Myers

Key Points

Writing to request any favor from a school is all about striking the right tone. It’s essential to be respectful and understand you cannot demand time off. The best way to get approval is to be polite, straightforward, and realistic about what you’ll do to catch up.