Excuse Letter for Not Doing Homework

An excuse letter is a formal note that serves as a record for your sincerity in not accomplishing a certain task. At times, it is practically impossible to finish or do all assignments all together due to unforeseeable reasons. Still, it is essential to write an apology letter explaining your reason for not doing the homework.

It is important to note that many schools don’t encourage not doing homework. Therefore, an apology letter should be written to give the recipient a reasonable explanation. You should write the apology letter as soon as possible, bearing in mind that apology letters for regular students who miss their homework and present worthless excuses may not be accepted.

Before you draft the excuse letter, it is essential to understand the protocols of the recipient and what the institution advocates for in case you miss your homework. Here are a few things to consider when writing the letter.
  • Details of the Recipient: This is a formal letter and should bear the following details, the designation of the recipient, their return address, and the sending date.
  • Formal Tone: This is a formal letter and is addressed to a senior person. The letter should maintain a polite, formal, and sincere tone while giving valid reasons for not doing your homework.
  • Reason for Not Doing Your Homework: Ensure that you give a reasonable excuse while being as brief and precise as possible. Remember, this is the main body of your letter and should bear your excuse, which should be reasonable to the reader.
  • Writer’s Details: This allows the reader to identify you, record the letter, and to contact you if needed.
  • Backup Documents Should Be Attached: In cases where the reason for your excuse needs any backup document, for example, medical records, kindly attach them.
  • Writer’s Signature: Provides authenticity of the letter and reaffirms that you are the author of the letter.

Excuse Letter for Not Doing Homework (Format)

(The Date You Are Writing the Letter)

(Receivers Designation)

(The Address of the Receiver)


City, Zip Code.

Dear (Title of the Receiver),


Please allow me to convene my apologies for not doing my homework. This was because (reason, e.g. l was attending to my younger brother who had fallen ill). This is not a justification for my mistake; I want you to know this is not my behavior as l take all my assignments seriously.

I promise that this will never happen again, and l will manage my time well if such a challenge arises in the future.

Please accept my apologies.

Thank You!

Yours Sincerely,

(Your Signature)

(Your Name)

Sample of Excuse Letter for Not Doing Homework

30th April 2022

The Class Teacher Grade 7,

Maccabee School,

61 Wellfield Road

Cardiff, CF24 3DG

Dear Mr. Samuel,


I would like to bring to your notice my deepest regrets for not doing my homework. I mistakenly left my backpack in my father’s car and he is out of town for work. Kindly note that l take my studies seriously and this is not my behavior.

I promise to complete the homework once my dad comes back. I promise to do my best and ensure that this never happens again.

Thank you in advance,

Yours Sincerely,


Joe Willock

7h Grade

Excuse Letter Template for Not Doing Homework

Excuse Letter for Not Doing Homework

Things to Avoid When Writing

Here are a few things to avoid when writing an excuse letter for not doing homework.
  • Informal Format: This is a professional letter that is often addressed to a person of high authority. Ensure that the letter maintains a formal format while taking up a polite tone.
  • Unreasonable Excuses: Ensure that the reasons you provide are genuine and valid and can be authenticated if need be. For repeat offenders, this may prove a daunting task. Honesty is key.
  • Avoid Lengthy Explanations: Be brief and precise. This allows the recipient to understand your excuse clearly.
  • Failing to Provide Your Details: The recipient may need your details such as your name or class to enable them to easily identify you and also keep a record.
  • Sending the Letter Late: Ensure that the letter is sent out as soon as possible. In cases where the homework marks are tallied or recorded, this allows the recipient to allow you more time to accomplish your task but of course for a valid reason.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Excuses are Too Many for Missing Homework?

Well, this all depends on the reasons why you fail to do your homework. Failing to do your homework is a bad thing and highly discouraged in many institutions. However, there are times when unforeseeable circumstances force you to miss your home. Only then can you write an excuse letter since your excuse is valid and genuine.

What Is a Good Excuse for Not Doing Homework?

Provided the reason given is genuine and valid then put it in your letter with the utmost sincerity and politest of tones. A reader can tell a reasonable reason from a lie more especially if you are a repeat offender. Honesty is vital.

How Do You Apologize for Not Doing Homework?

Your letter should be formal, sincere with valid and genuine reasons while maintaining a polite tone. Ensure that you send out the letter, message, make a call, or apologize in person as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

When writing an excuse letter for not doing your homework kindly state that you are sorry, briefly assure the receiver that there won’t be a repeat of your mistake and that you desire a positive relationship with your teacher. Be short and precise.

All the best!!