Excuse Letter for Not Attending a Graduation Ceremony

Excuse Letter for Not Attending a Graduation Ceremony

An excuse letter for not attending a graduation ceremony is an apology letter written by the invitee for failing to attend a graduation ceremony to which he/she has been invited. Although a graduation ceremony is a special joyous occasion of celebrating academic achievements, unforeseen circumstances may prevent you from attending. The best thing to do is to write an excuse letter for not attending the graduation ceremony. The excuse letter will inspire confidence in the recipient and cultivate good relationships.

To write an effective excuse letter, it’s essential that you use the right language, tone, and format.

Elements of an Excuse Letter for Missing Graduation

Include the following information in your excuse letter:

  • Date of writing your excuse letter unless you are sending it digitally.
  • Salutation, e.x., “Dear Jackson
  • Subject
  • Congratulatory message for the graduand
  • Reason for failing to attend the graduation ceremony
  • Best wishes for the graduand
  • Polite or friendly close, such as “Sincerely” or “Your Friend.”
  • Your full name and contact details so that the reader can keep good records

Excuse Letter for Missing Graduation (Format)

{Sender’s Name}

{Sender’s Address}

{State, Zip Code}

{The Date of Writing the Letter}

{Recipient’s Name}

{Recipient’s Address}

{State, Zip Code}

{Subject: Bold, Summary of the Letter}

Dear {Name of the recipient},

I am extremely sorry to inform you that I might not be able to attend your upcoming graduation event that is scheduled for {Date e.x., “December 2, 2029”}. I am unable to attend because {state the reason for not attending the graduation ceremony}.

Kindly accept my sincere apology and thank you for your understanding.

Warmest congratulations on your graduation.


{Full Name}

{Sender’s Title} – Optional

{Contact Details} – Optional

Excuse Letter for Not Attending the Graduation Ceremony

Danford Asuku

Kwetu Plaza 45

Alaska 99501

June 20, 2020

Sophia Kegesa

Madison Lane

Arizona 34542

Re: Apology for Not Attending Your Graduation Ceremony

Dear Sophia,

I am very sorry to inform you that I might not be able to attend your graduation ceremony because I am admitted to the hospital, almost due to deliver our firstborn. The doctor advised me to stay around so that they can monitor every step.

Congratulations on your Graduation. I sincerely regret not being there on your big day.

Kindly excuse me for missing this great event, and thank you for understanding.


Danford Asuku.

Please find the enclosed gift.

Apology Letter for Not Attending a Graduation Ceremony

Asegek Savnad

Mediheal 456


Virginia 23503

May 2, 2025

Joseph Arthur

Masters Plaza

Vermont 1234


Dear Arthur,

Re: Apology for Not Attending Your Graduation

I hereby tender my apology for not attending your graduation ceremony that took place on April 30, 2028. I was sent oversees to audit the company’s business accounts. My work extended for two more weeks due to unforeseeable reasons denying me the chance to attend the graduation ceremony.

Kindly accept my apology.

Congratulations on your graduation, and may God bless your career.


Asegek Savnad

Tips on Writing an Excuse Letter for not Attending a Graduation Ceremony

Here are a few useful tips when crafting an excuse letter for failing to attend a graduation ceremony.

Use the right format

  • Write the date of writing the letter.
  • Leave some space and type the recipient’s name, address, state and Zip code.
  • Salute the recipient correctly, i.e. “Dear Sir” or “Dear Mr. Zack”.
  • Skip some space and write the subject in bold.
  • Start your letter by apologizing and give the reason for not attending the graduation.
  • Keep the letter short and simple.
  • End your letter positively.
  • Close with “Sincerely”.
  • Type the sender’s name

Write the letter ahead of the graduation day

If you realize that you are not going to attend a graduation ceremony, you should inform the inviter immediately. Reporting your inability to attend helps in saving costs and reducing anxiety. If you cannot write the excuse letter before graduation, then do it on the graduation day or shortly after.

Use the right means of Communication

To ensure that the recipient gets your excuse letter at the right time before graduation day, choose the best communication channel. For instance, if an email or text message can suffice, use it instead of using postal services.

Give a concrete reason for not attending

You need to give a compelling reason why you missed the graduation. Take your time and explain the circumstances which forced you to miss.

Congratulate the graduand

You know that the main aim of attending a graduation ceremony is to witness and celebrate with the graduands as they become graduates. Congratulate the graduand for the academic success and wish them a happy life.

Keep the excuse letter official

The graduand could be your friend or anybody else, but the ceremony is official. Express your excuse in an official letter to give it the power it deserves; otherwise, it may appear weak.

Be polite

Politeness shows that you care. A polite excuse letter can speak volumes about you and show your goodwill towards the graduand. Ensure that you use powerful polite words in your letter to calm the expectations of the person inviting you.

Be honest

Explain why you failed to attend the graduation ceremony. The recipient may get contradictory information from other sources and ruin your relationship.

Include a present if possible

The best way of congratulating graduands is by giving them gifts. Your gift can help the graduate to appreciate the value of success. The gift also shows your goodwill.

Keep the excuse letter short

  • Save time.
  • Create a short excuse letter.