Excuse Letter for Not Attending a Birthday Party

Excuse Letter for Not Attending a Birthday Party

An excuse letter for not attending a birthday party is a formal document that explains your absence at the party. It can be written to a friend, employee, college, or any other entity. It is addressed to a specific party with the reason why you were not able to attend the event and how the excuse was inevitable.

Here are a few essential points and sample letters to help you in drafting your excuse letter in the best way possible.

What to Include

An excuse letter should capture what transpired during the unfortunate incident, which made you not to show up. It’s as simple as that. Therefore, you should include the following:
  • Start the letter with your excuse
  • Explain that you regret missing the function
  • Give actionable measures on how you plan to rectify to prevent such future incidences
  • Mention what you’ll do to make it up to your friend
  • End your letter on a positive note

Excuse Letter Format for Not Attending a Birthday Party

The following is a blank format to help you in drafting your excuse letter.

Dear Mr./ Mrs {Name},

I would like to express my sincere apologies {for action ex. Missing birthday party, being late, etc.} I apologize for such an unfortunate incident. It was disrespectful and inappropriate that all the people that you had invited availed themselves except me. I know I can’t alter what transpired during {time, event, etc.} I have taken measures to ensure such inconveniences won’t happen again in the future. I would love to {action you’ll take to make it up to the person}.

Please accept my apologies. I value our longtime friendship and I would have attended….

I wish you happy moments on your {ex. 20th, 30th, 40th, etc.} birthday.

With much love


{Full Name}

{Contact Details}

Sample Excuse letter to a friend for not attending a birthday party

Dear Charlie,

I thank you sincerely for inviting me to attend your birthday party. I was very excited to be part of your big day.

Unfortunately, I’ve got a fever and very severe back pain. The doctor recommended me 3-day bed rest to fasten the recovery process.

Please accept my sincere excuse, and I am looking forward to meeting you as soon as I recover.

Thanks for believing in me.

Yours sincerely

Ross Galler

Sample Excuse letter to work for not attending a birthday party

Jason’s Dexter office manager, Gillis hotel

700034 Upper hill

Texas 4436

Tom Willis


321Warriors way Road


Re: Apologies for not attending the birthday party

I thank you sincerely for allowing me to attend the birthday party at Dolphins hotel at the end of this month. I was very excited to be part of the birthday party.

Unfortunately, I visited a physiotherapist following three days of severe back pain, and the doctor recommended 7-day bed rest to fasten the recovery process.

Please accept my sincere excuse, and I look forward to meeting you next Tuesday.

Thank you for believing in me.

Yours sincerely,

Chandler Bing

Sample excuse letter to school for not attending a birthday party

May 5, 2022

The class teacher,

Lovett School

4578 Races ferry RD NW

Georgia, GA 30327

Re: an apology for missing birthday party

Dear Sir,

Please allow me to pass my sincere apologies for not attending the birthday party of my classmate Jean Gate that was scheduled for May 8, 2022.

I understand that day was meant for our class but regrettably, I got a fracture when I was skating in Moonwalkers lounge during the weekend.

The doctor recommended I should take an x-ray examination on the day that it was scheduled for the birthday party.

Receive my sincere apologies,


Joey Tribbiani

Tips on writing an excuse letter for not attending a birthday party

Your excuse letter for not attending a birthday party should be clear and coherent. You can begin with some introductory statements that acknowledge your absentia. This could include statements like “I am sorry…, It is unfortunate that… I owe you an excuse….” Such statements lay the platform for your excuse letter.
  • Simplicity. Simplicity is vital when drafting an excuse letter. You should give a clear, simple, and sincere excuse rather than complicating yourself further, which might make your excuse letter appear unrealistic.
  • Keep your facts clear. Clarity is very important. You should calm down and recall what happened so that you give realistic facts. Recall the events and note them down so that you can organize them chronologically.
  • Keep it short. The purpose of an excuse letter is to apologize. Therefore, you need a few simple and short sentences to convey your apologies.
  • Easily understandable. The letter should be easy to read and understand. That is why you need to refrain from using fancy fonts that will compromise the clarity of your excuse letter. Use short and prompt sentences that can be understood easily.
  • Consider the timing. A timely excuse is relevant and appropriate. A good excuse letter should be delivered within three days or even earlier than that, depending on the seriousness.
  • Give an excuse with compensation. Giving an excuse with compensation shows you are sorry for what happened, and it brings an impression that what happened was unintentional. It also shows that you are ready to take charge of what happened.
  • Give an honest excuse. It is easy to detect the levels of hon sty from your letter. Therefore, don’t give false and unrealistic statements or use dramatic phrases and flowery language.

Things to avoid

  • Don’t blame others. You should not blame others for failing to attend the party. You only need to address what made you not to attend.
  • Avoid excuses. Avoid excuses to show that you are apologetic. You should make the correct choice of words to avoid it.
  • Talking so much about the recipient. Don’t try to portray how the recipient felt when you missed attending. It should be brief and direct to the point to avoid lots of stories.
  • Beating around the bush. This can make your excuse letter to appear unrealistic. Just address the situation as it is to make it more authentic and honest.