Excuse Letter for Missing Work

Life can never be free from uncertainties, challenges or commitments. One day you fall sick, the other day you are committed elsewhere- let’s say appointment, traveling or any other personal issue. When such uncertainties strike, we often miss work or school in order to address them. However, to maintain positive relations with your employer, it’s important that you notify them using an official excuse letter.

An official/formal letter can simply be defined as a written document that explains the reason for your absence at a particular time. While some employers/managers prefer the letter to be written before your absence, others do accept the letters even after your absence.

How to Write an Excuse Letter

  • First and foremost, you need to clear your thoughts on whether you’ll be writing on paper or email. Once you are certain, you can then proceed to write your letter.
  • Take some time and follow official guidelines for writing an excuse letter. This should include structure and paper format.
  • Begin your letter using an official salutation followed by a subject line. The subject line should be short, precise and direct to the point to enable the recipient to understand your letter much easier.
  • In the body paragraphs, you should apologize for your absence and inconvenience cost. Also, include the dates and reasons for missing work/school.
  • Lastly, you need to proofread your letter to ensure everything is top-notch (grammar, workflow, and punctuation). Send the letter to your boss, HR or school head.

Sample of Excuse Letter for Missing Work


Employers Name

Employers title



City Zip Code

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss [Last name],

Kindly accept this letter as a formal notice that I will not be able to come to work on January 1st, 2020. I have bought a new home in a nearby city, which is why I need that day to make a shift. Also, I will be finalizing the possession of the property on the very same day.

If you need any information, please feel free to contact me through my cell phone or email. I am more than willing to ensure my absence runs smoothly. Thanks for your understanding.


Your Signature [applies in hard copy]

Your name

Tips for writing an excuse letter

  • Keep the letter as short as possible. Only include the information that matters. Remember, your employer doesn’t have much time to read long paragraphs and sentences.
  • Use the official letter format. Just like any other formal letter, an excuse letter should observe business letter format and tone. Keep it nothing but professional.
  • Understand the company’s policies. As an employee, you should be well conversant with the guiding principles, rules, and policies of the company. Therefore, while drafting the letter, ensure you adhere to the set rules and policies. Failure to follow instructions shows unprofessionalism.
  • Offer to help. Inform your boss that you are ready and willing to help complete any pending work through extra shifts or even from home. This will help compensate for the time you won’t be available.
  • Send the letter as early as possible. This will enable your employer to reassign some pending work to ensure the smooth running of the organization.

Types of excuse letters for missing work

Excuse letters due to sickness

An excuse letter due to sickness is often written to notify the manager of your absence due to sickness. These letters do include the following information:

  • The date the letter is written
  • Your official name
  • Title and address of the organization
  • Salutation (mention the last name of recipient)
  • An apology for your absence and date you will be absent
  • An explanation for your sickness
  • Sign off (your signature and name)

Excuse letter due to emergency

An excuse letter due to an emergency is written to get validation for being absent from work due to an emergency in the family. Everyone is always subjected to unforeseen situations, some of which are urgent. Therefore, an excuse letter due to emergency includes the following:

  • Employer’s name
  • Employers address
  • Salutation
  • Reason for your urgent absence and date.
  • Apologies for inconvenience
  • Sign off

Excuse letter due to important matter

These letters are written to notify your employer of your absence to work while you attend important personal matters. The letter can be written before or after taking leave. It should include the following:

  • The name of your employer
  • Address and position of the employer
  • Salutation
  • Reason for your absenteeism
  • Date of absenteeism
  • Offer an apology
  • Sign off

Excuse letter for missing work due to family matters

These letters are often written to employers to seek leave to address family issues. The letter does include the following:

  • The current date
  • Your official name
  • Title and address of the employer
  • Official salutation i.e. Dear Sir/Madam
  • An apology for you nonappearance
  • Explain to the recipient the family matters you intend to address and the dates.
  • Sign off (your signature and name)