Excuse letter for Being Absent Due to Birthday Celebration

Excuse letter for being absent due to a birthday party is a formal letter that you write to the authority to apologize for an unessential absence from work or school. This letter is to notify the authority that you do realize that being absent due to a birthday party isn’t an authentic excuse, and you will make sure that this won’t happen again.

Well, anyone can miss work or school due to a necessary appointment, illness, or inevitable situation, but being absent due to a birthday party isn’t an authentic excuse. If you are planning to send this letter in the future after being absent, then it’s recommended to send a leave application letter instead of an excuse letter.

How to Write an Excuse Letter for Attending a Birthday Party

You need to write a convincing and apologetic excuse letter to your school or workplace. Therefore, you should adhere to the following tips for writing an excuse letter.

  1. Write a catchy introduction

    The primary purpose of writing the letter is to express your apology and a short explanation of the excuse that made you miss work or school. Therefore, you should use some apologetic statements in your introduction, such as “I am sorry, It was my fault, and it won’t happen again, It was very unprofessional of me. Etc.” Such statements make your introduction to appear polite, and it sets the mood for the excuse letter.

  2. Keep it simple

    Simplicity is the key when writing an excuse letter. Don’t use complex statement when presenting your apology. Being simple and straight to the point makes it easy to be understood and makes it appear sincere.

  3. Keep it short

    The main reason for writing an excuse letter is to apologize. Don’t give fluffy statements which will make your letter long and full of excuses.You should go straight to the point to be precise.

  4. Give an honest excuse

    It is easy to detect an unrealistic excuse from the way you are presenting yourself. Avoid dramatic phrases and exaggerated statements. Instead, you should be straightforward and give an honest explanation with the statement that you do realize that a birthday party isn’t an authentic excuse.

  5. Excuse with compensation

    After giving an excuse, you should give an assurance that you are willing to improve your behavior. This part will make the recipient realize that you are genuinely sorry for being absent, and you are eager to improve your behavior.

  6. Proper Timing

    You should send this letter within two days or as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you are asked at work or school to explain yourself.

What to Include

You should include the following in your excuse letter:-
  • Start with an apology
  • Short explanation of excuse
  • Acknowledgment of unprofessionalism or mistake
  • Will to rectify
  • Polite closing

Sample Excuse Letter to Work for Attending Birthday Party

Branch manager Comfy hotel

453 Haileh Road


Shley young

5th Jan 2024

Re: Apology for missing staff meeting

I humbly give my sincere apologies for missing the staff meeting that was scheduled for Friday afternoon. I know I was to be part of the meeting, but I didn’t avail myself.

The reason why I missed the meeting was unavoidable because I had to attend my mother’s birthday party. I know it’s not an authentic excuse and is very unprofessional of me for being absent for such reason.

I promise it will not ever happen in the future. If in case, I will make early arrangements to prevent such inconveniences.

Thank You!


Chandler Bing

Sample Excuse Letter to School for Attending Birthday Party




3rd Jan 2023

RE: Apology for missing the joint weekly assessment

I give my sincere apologies for missing the joint weekly assessment that was scheduled on Friday. I attended my grandmother’s birthday party. It was unavoidable because I am the only grandchild, and my grandma was eager to see me.

I know it’s against the rules to miss school without application. Please accept my sincere apologies; I promise this will not happen again in the future. Thank You!


Joseph Tribbiani

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