Excuse Letter for Being Absent due to Family Vacation

Excuse Letter for Being Absent due to Family Vacation

Students miss school due to various reasons. Some are unavoidable while others are avoidable especially those caused by failure to act early or prevent. The unavoidable reasons are usually beyond human control such as accidents, bad weather, and sickness. School absenteeism also happens when other activities that are given higher priority occur during school days. Although the reasons for absenteeism can be unavoidable it is important to inform the teacher in charge in case one fails to attend school.

Below are some samples of an excuse letter for school absenteeism due to a family vacation.

Sample Excuse Letter for Absenteeism In School Due To Family Vacation

Dear [Sir Joe],

Hello sir Joe, I am writing you this letter to inform you about my failure to attend school on [2/11/20xx]. I am aware that in case of any planned school absenteeism, one must inform the teacher in charge. additionally, one must also write to the teacher in charge after school absenteeism in case the reason for absenteeism was unforeseen.

I, therefore, write to inform you of my absence due to a family vacation (that took / will take) place between [31/10/20xx and 2/11/20xx]. I am deeply sorry for failing to inform you prior to the vacation although I could not since I was informed late. I believe that by writing this letter, I have acted in accordance with the school rules and as a responsible student of this school.

I kindly request you to assign me all assignments and I will ensure that I submit them as soon as possible. This is to ensure that I do not lag behind as the result of my absenteeism.

Yours sincerely,
[Dun Pitt].

Vacation leave letter to school teacher


Mr. Todd Watson


Antoris School

100 School way

Columbus Ohio 33445

Date: 8 Oct 2018

Subject: Vacation Request

Dear Mr. Watson,

I am a student in this school of grade 11 K. I am kindly requesting for a 10 days leave effective from 10th Oct.I Iam joining the rest of my family members for family get away. I cannot afford to miss this reunion because it is meant to discuss

important matters of the family.

I am aware that I will be missing a lot in my academics. I have talked to one of my classmates and we have planned on how he will be updating me on daily lessons through the Internet. I will work hard to make sure I am not left behind in the studies.

I am looking forward for an approval of this request soon. Thank you for your consideration.



Letter to excuse your child from school for vacation


Arturo M Taylor

4228 Benson Park Drive

Minnesota 555394

12 sep 2018



Lake school

8178 Wine Lane


Subject: Request for Vacation Leave

Dear Sir,

This is to kindly request for a vacation leave for my daughter Mary Lee who is in grade 2 Red. I have planned for a family trip to Alaska.

I set the trip for this time because my family went through a tough time last month and I believe the vacation will help us to get over it

especially Mary who was so much traumatized by the incidence.

We will leave on 20th and come back on 25th. I know Mary will miss a lot in her academics for the six days that she will be away from the

school and this could affect her performance. I will however take her through the notes on what will be taught when she is away to make sure

that she is up to date with the curriculum.

Kindly consider this letter as a formal leave application and grant the leave for the above mentioned days.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Arturo Taylor,

Mary’s Dad

Leave application letter for attending wedding


The Principal

Grade A School

Dry Creek

Alaska 33337

Subject: Request For Leave

Dear Sir,

I am writing to kindly requesting for a 4 days leave from school. My mum’s wedding will be happening on 12/2/2017. I am supposed to help in some of the preparation for the wedding since I am the only child.

I would like to be away from the afternoon of 10th and be back on the 14th. I know I will miss a lot during this time but I promise to do my

best to catch up with all that will be taught during my absence.

I look forward for an approval of this request. I thank you for your consideration.

Yours truly,

George Livingstone

Absent letter to employer for attending marriage ceremony


Mrs. Helen Bluhm


Grace Hotel

694 North Lake Forest Street

NY 11735

Subject: Request for leave

Dear Mrs. Helen,

My name is Kate Grace. I work as a cashier in the front office desk. I am writing to request for 2 days leave to attend a marriage ceremony

for my sister. I have a major role to play in the preparation of this ceremony since I am her only sibling.

I have updated all the details on the accounts of the desk. I have talked to Monica who will stand in for me and she is well able to handle the system when I am away. You can call me on my phone number 907-323-6342 in case you need me.

I thank you for your consideration.

Yours truly,


Vacation letter to employer

Gary James

8254 S. Garfield Street


The Manager

Rock Company

8178 Park Drive



Dear Sir,

Subject: Request for 5 Days Paid Vacation

I am writing this letter to request for 5 days leave starting from 2nd Oct 2018 to 6th Oct 2018. I will be joining my sister and members of my extended family for family reunion. This reunion is very important to me because I will be meeting my grandmother who has cancer and has less than 2 months to live.

I have talked to my assistant Jane to be in charge of the office while I am away. Jane is very conversant with all the office tasks and I am

confident that she will handle everything with professionalism.

You can always contact me on my phone number 954-555-8356 in case you need to ask something about the office.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Gary James

Sales Representative

How to Ask for Vacation Day(s)

Asking for vacation leave comes with challenges especially if the company does not allow this. It can paint an image of ‘not reliable’ to your boss. This vacation request is not always work related but personal and most of the times cause inconvenience in the institution. When thinking of asking for leave, it is important to consider the following factors:
  • Plan the best time to ask. Most vacations are meant for recreation and they don’t come as an emergency. When planning to ask for this, it is important to ask in advance. This will give your boss time to think about it and even ask you questions that you will answer and leave the boss satisfied when they grant your request.
  • Make sure that your work is under control. It will be hard for you to be granted vacation leave when there is still so much to be done at your workstation. To make it easy for you and the boss as well as the organization, ask for this leave when everything at your workstation is under control.
  • Make a formal request. Writing best does this. You will not go asking for a vacation leave by a word of mouth. Writing will give you the best platform to explain about the reason why you need the vacation and indicate all the necessary information needed like the dates that you want to be away as well how you have planned your self. Writing will also be filed for further reference.
  • Do not demand for leave. Request but do not demand for vacation leave. You can do this by letting the recipient know that you are looking forward for an approval of your request. You can also use statements like ‘I am kindly requesting for a vacation leave’.
  • Plan on how responsibilities will be handled in your absence. This is very important to indicate in your request letter. It will prove to the recipient that you are responsible and mind about your work.
  • Inform everyone who needs to know. Do not just tell it to the boss. Involve everyone else who you engage with when working. The best way to do this is to call for a small meeting that will explain what will happen when you are away and where you have left your tasks at. This will help in making sure the workflow is well even in your absence.

How to Ask for Time off at a New Job

Asking for vacation leave can be so tricky for a new employee. If you are planning to do this, you need to consider some of these factors:

What are the company rules

Understand the company rules before you ask for a leave. Check on the company’s policies about paid vacation/time off, personal days among others. This will help you to know whether what you are asking for is acceptable at the company or not

Is the timing right

Do not ask for leave just after you got employed. The best time to do this is after you have done a commendable job and the boss is impressed and has gained confidence in you. Do not ask for time off during a peak season.

Do you have enough details for your request

Make sure you have a detailed reason on why you want time off from work. This reason must also be a genuine one. You will not want to fake an excuse in your new job.

Do you have a work plan for the day/days you will be absent

Make sure you have a detailed plan of the workflow when you will be away. Do not leave this responsibility to your boss. This is one way to help you to get approval for your request. Most bosses want the work to go on as usual even when you are away.

Do a follow-up

After handing over your request letter, do a follow up to find out if your request was granted.