Excuse Letter for Being Absent Due to Toothache

An excuse letter should be sent earlier before the day you miss work or school. In the case of being absent at work, it will help your employer reassign the job you are supposed to do. For students, arrangements can be made to receive homework on the day you are absent.

An excuse letter is essential because it is a sign of the writer being apologetic for the inconvenience caused when he/she will be absent. The formal approach used in writing an excuse letter shows respect to the authority, which builds a good rapport since you have demonstrated you value their time.

A perfect excuse letter will also make the authorities have proper planning to fill in your absenteeism. For employees, someone else will have to replace you for the number of days you will miss. And for students, communication on what other students have learned in your absence will be planned on how to reach you.

The following are the four essential parts of an excuse letter:
  • This excuse letter should have the name and address of the person the message is intended to reach.
  • The letter should include the main reason for your absence. The receiver has to know the legitimate reason for your absence.
  • The exact date you will be absent is significant. The authority should know when you will not be around for them to make proper arrangements for that day(s).
  • The name and signature of the person sending the letter come last. The receiver needs to know the exact person who will be absent on the stated date.

Excuse letter format for a Student Being Absent due to Toothache

Dear (Mr. /Ms. Last name),

I am writing this letter to inform you that (reason). The appointment came as an impromptu and cannot be rescheduled. I know it is against the rules of (school name), but I have no other option. I promise to study for extra hours next week to cover up on the classes I will miss. If possible, please send homework via (email address). I am sorry for the short notice.

Kind regards

(Your name)

Sample excuse letter for a student to be absent due to toothache


Authority name,

School name…

School address…

Sub: Absent for Appointment with a Dentist

Dear Madam,

I am writing to inform you that I will not attend school this coming Monday. I had a horrible toothache over the weekend after eating sugary foods at a friend’s birthday party. My father booked an appointment with a dentist, and it was scheduled this Monday. The toothache is severe that I cannot concentrate on the studies before treatment. Thank you for understanding.

Kind regards,




Excuse letter Template (for School)

File Format
  • MS Word

Excuse letter format for work due to toothache

Dear (Mr. / Ms. Last name),

It is with deep regret I write this letter to inform you that I will be absent for the next two days due to (reason) and I apologize for this. According to the rules of (company name), I will work extra hours once I am back to cover up for the missing days. I believe teamwork will continue to meet the company’s objective.


Your name

Sample excuse letter for work due to toothache


Authority name,

Institute Name…

Institute address…

Sub: Leave letter due to Toothache Treatment

Dear Madam,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. It is with sincere regret to inform you that I will be absent from work for the next two days. I visited a dentist today following the continuous toothache I have had for the last week. The treatment was successful, but the dentist asked me to take two days off for me to recover safely. It will be hard to concentrate at work with this kind of pain. I promise to work extra hours to cover up for the missing days once I am back. Thank you for understanding.



Job Designation…

Contact number…


Excuse letter Template (for Work)

File Format
  • MS Word


  • Use the formal letter format. For the letter to come out professional, you have to write it in an official format.
  • Understand institution policies. It is better to know the policies of your institution before being absent. You should know the best channel to communicate with the authority about your situation and at what time it is appropriate to communicate.
  • Have a legitimate excuse. Make sure the reason you give is something that can be approved by the authority. Lame excuses are not accepted in most institutions. (ex. Tooth feeling cold, etc.…)
  • Send the letter earlier. It is advisable to send an excuse letter before the day you will be absent. This helps your employer to reschedule or assign someone to step up in your position. If it is a student, arrangements can be made earlier on how the missing student can receive homework.
  • Keep it brief. Go direct to the point and do not go into details on why you are missing work or school. Do not give the symptoms in this letter. Just state the date and reason and explain why you will be absent.
  • Offer to help. In your letter, promise to make up for the missing day. If you know you are going to be absent in advance, you can make arrangements with colleagues to step up for you in your absence. This shows maturity and concern for your institution’s operation.


Is toothache a valid reason to call in sick?

Having medical problems is a valid reason to be absent. So as long as your toothache appear real and severe it sure is a valid reason.

Should you go to work with toothache?

The seriousness of the toothache will determine if you should go to work or not. If the toothache lasts for more than two days, then you should visit a dentist and have a rest day from work.

Can my dentist give me a sick note?

A dentist is allowed to give a patient a sick leave note. But remember, the dentist must be qualified for them to provide a legitimate sick note.

How long will toothache last?

The pain depends on how severe the situation is. The temporary condition can last one or two days and disappear, but a chronic condition lasts even for months if you do not visit a dentist.