Excuse Letter (Due To Stomach Ache)

Stomach aches, though not deadly, may often make it difficult for you to carry out your regular chores and routines conveniently. If and when the said issue persists, you might be compelled to suspend all your hassles until the situation improves significantly. You also have to excuse yourself for the sake of courtesy and goodwill.

Being absent requires that you draft a suitable excuse letter for being absent due to stomachache. The letter, in a nutshell, seeks the apology of the employer or event organizer. We strive to offer more information about it here below.

What to include

Regardless of whom you address or direct this letter to, there is some information that must never miss in this letter. We take our time to explore these ‘must-have’ contents in this segment:
  • Personal Identification. Start by identifying yourself and establishing a connection between you and the company concerned. This entails you furnishing your full names, employee numbers, national identity cards, and your capacity or job position in that company. In this way, you get to draw a connection between yourself and the firm involved.
  • The Event or Work Session Missed. Exactly which session of work did you miss? If it is school, in which dates were, you absent from class? This piece of information is essential as it helps the line manager or recipient of your letter to know when exactly your absence arose and the impacts that your absence inflicted.
  • The Reason for the Absence. Here comes the core of the letter. It is at this stage that you have to showcase precisely why you were absent from school or work. As being an excuse letter for being absent due to stomach aches, the reason no doubt has to be just that. You may back your allegations with doctor’s reports or medications.
  • An Official Call for Apology. After stating exactly why you were absent, ask the recipient to forgive you for your absence. Explain to him that you understand the pain and inconvenience that your absence brought about. Tell him also why you could not ask for the absence of leave in advance.
  • Amends or Compensation. It is always good to make amends whenever in the wrong. ‘Making amends’ means doing something as a recompense for the loss or damage that is suffered by your absence. If at the workplace, you may choose to work longer for no pay or hold brief for another person.

Excuse Letter Due to Stomachache (Format)

Dear (Sir/Madam)

I ___ (name) of _____ (registration or employment number) would like to sincerely apologize for being absent from _____ (specify event e.g. work or school) on _____ (mm/dd/yyyy).

My absence was occasioned by _______ (explain the exact cause of the absence). I know that my absence has inflicted _______ (state the likely adverse impacts that your absence may have caused to the firm or school involved).

As a way of making amends, I plan to _____ (disclose to the recipient how you intend to compensate the lost time). I value professionalism and teamwork so much so that I am truly regretful over what happened.


(Your Name)

Sample Excuse Letter for Work Due to Stomach Ache

Dear Operations Manager

I am duly employed by your organization in the capacity of Production Assistant. My employment number is XVM2298. If you notice, I did not attend work last Tuesday, May 5th, 2023.

That is because I experienced a sudden and unexpected bout of stomachache that lasted a whopping 5 hours. The bout broke out at around 6:30 am just when I was preparing to leave out for work.

As soon as I felt well, I went to a general practitioner health care facility and got sorted out. Kindly refer to the attached medical records to vouch for the same.

I am aware of the inconveniences that my absence inflicted on your firm and its daily output or productivity. As a way of making amends, I plan to work longer without extra pay. Just choose a day that is convenient for you and I will honor it.


Chandler bing

Sample Excuse Letter for School Due to Stomach Ache

Dear Dean of Students

I am a sophomore whose registration number is A13/30725/04. I skipped classes yesterday without prior permission to do so. The reason was that I experienced a stomach ache that was very biting.

The ache started at around 8:00 am just when I was leaving my dormitories for classes and lasted around 3 hours. After the pain subsided, I still could not go to classes normally.

I had to go to the school clinic and have the issue sorted out. Please refer to the attached testimonials from the doctor to vouch for my attendance of the clinic session and the subsequent medications.

I will make every effort to cover the portion of the syllabus that was taught when I was absent.

Yours Faithfully,

Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani

Letter to Friends or Family for not Attending an Event Due to Stomachache

Hello (Name)!

As you know, we were to go for a family retreat on Saturday, May 9th, 2024. I did confirm my attendance and even promised to bring some meat so we could barbecue, didn’t I?

Unfortunately, I did not show up as anticipated. The reason for such an unfortunate turn of events was the sudden stomach ache that attacked me. This occurred at around 9:30 am just when I was to leave my home for the bus.

I retreated to the house and rested for 4 hours. After that, I dashed to the clinic to seek proper medical attention. By the time I was feeling better, it was too late for me to show up.

I am deeply apologetic for the incident. I promise to contribute more for the upcoming retreat which I understand shall take place in early December.


Ross Galler

Things to Avoid When Writing the Excuse Letter

Other than incorporating basic facts, there are some pitfalls that you should stay away from while drafting such a letter. We examine them here below:
  • Including Excuses while Apologizing. The number one mistake most people make is to include excuses when apologizing. By doing so, the strength and sincerity of the apology are heavily watered down. Instead, you should see to it that be open and contrite. Just admit that you are wrong without rationalizing why this could have been so.
  • Beating about the Bush. Also, a number of persons simply beat about the bush. This simply means straying from the main point or delivering the apology without expressing remorse and admitting error. Like in the case above, this too waters down the apology and makes the same of no meaningful consequence.
  • Shifting Blame. Worse still, there is usually the tendency to shift blame i.e. make it appear as if it is the system, company, or the line manager who in fact was responsible for the absence. Even if these parties may have played a role in the absence, they never fall into the trap of holding them accountable for the mistake.
  • Downplaying the Absence. Your absence, especially in a workplace, will usually cause some pain or give rise to untold inconveniences. These could include the loss of revenue, a dip in productivity, or issues with coordination of tasks. You should never downplay these events at all. Instead, own up and accept responsibility.
  • Not Backing Claims with Facts. Every fact has to be backed by credible evidence before the same may be admissible. The failure to produce a substantive backup may also compromise the quality of the apology. Thus, you should see to it that you produce credible documents and exhibits to back your allegations and accompany the letter with the same.


Just to recap an earlier point, it is always courteous to draft apologies for absence or any other form of an inconvenience no matter how minute or insignificant the same might seem. We have belabored the way to go about the excuse letter for being absent due to stomach ache. Go ahead now to implement the same!

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