Excuse Letter for Being Absent Due to Insomnia

Excuse Letter for Being Absent Due to Insomnia

An excuse letter for being absent due to insomnia is a formal letter addressed to your employer, learning institution, the court of law, or any other institution stating that you were unable to attend to your obligation due to insomnia.

Life is quite unpredictable, and some days are unique. Although you are not planning to miss work, school, or favorite event, some conditions such as insomnia may force you.

It is better to get acquainted with your organization’s policy regarding absenteeism to craft a good excuse letter. Some organizations require their employees to submit a formal letter stating the date they missed work and its reasons. You may write the excuse letter before an event or after it depending on your organization’s policy.

For instance, your company may ask you to write an excuse letter to your boss after failing to report to work, or at the onset of insomnia before your absence. Likewise, if you cannot attend court proceedings or jury duty due to insomnia, you may need to write an excuse letter to show cause.

Read on to discover tips on writing a formal excuse letter and sample excuse letters that you can customize to suit your needs.

Tips for Writing an Excuse Letter Due to Insomnia

Here are some useful tips for writing a compelling excuse letter:

  • Understand your workplace’s policies. Acquaint yourself with the procedures and modes of communication followed in your organization when reporting absenteeism from work. Find out if your organization uses written communication such as email, text messages, letters, or oral communication such as phone calls. You should also know when to report and to whom.
  • Keep the excuse letter official. You need to sound official and professional by using a formal letter format.
  • Use a polite tone. This is not the time to be arrogant. Show your understanding by apologizing for the inconvenience your absence could cause. Use polite words that appeal to the reader when writing to make the excuse letter effective. 
  • Include your name and identification details. Make it easy for the reader to identify you by using your real name, employee number, roll number, and even the department in which you work. If you are a student, you need to state your admission number.
  • Explain your absenteeism. Give reasons for being absent and ensure that they are justifiable. For instance, stating that your insomnia was due to an underlying medical condition is better than saying that a horror movie kept you from sleeping.
  • Be honest in your excuse letter. Always state the facts as they are and make the reader understand your situation. Unjustified absenteeism or fabricated lies may damage your reputation.
  • Keep the letter short. You only need to state the date you were or shall be absent and the reason. Avoid providing too much unnecessary personal details.
  • Attach some evidence. If you have consulted a doctor, include a note to prove that you were absent due to insomnia.
  • Communicate with your organization fast. Write your excuse letter as soon as possible and let your organization know your state. If possible, state when you are likely to resume.

What to Include in an Excuse Letter Due to Insomnia

Your excuse letter should contain the following elements:

  • Date of writing the excuse letter
  • Salutation, i.e. “Dear MS. Jones”
  • Name and address of the recipient
  • Your name and identification number
  • Subject line if it is an email such as “Absence from Work”
  • Effective date of your absence
  • Reason for your absence and its justification is possible
  • Make-up action, i.e. what you will do to recover the missed opportunity
  • Thank you section e.g. “Thank you for your understanding”
  • Polite close, such as Sincerely, Best Wishes or Regards
  • Your name and the contact details

Excuse letter format for being absent due to insomnia


Employer’s Name

Employer’s Title



City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr./ Mrs {Name},

RE: Explanation for My Absence

This letter aims to explain why I was absent from {place such as work or school} on {Specify the date such as June 2, 2022}. I am sorry for failing to attend. I had Acute Insomnia the night before June 2 due to the medications I had consumed. The condition could have hindered my productivity at {place, such as work or school} since I did not sleep the whole night.

At the moment, I am better since I visited the doctor. I have already reported to {work or school}.

I know that I missed a lot, and I have already made up for the lost time by {explain what you did, for example, “by doing what I was supposed to do on the day I was absent.”}.

Kindly accept my apologies, thank you for your understanding.


{Full name}

{Contact Details}

Sample Excuse Letter for Missing Work Due to Insomnia

June 2, 2022

Cute Writers Office

East Charlotte Street

Norfolk 23504


Re: Apology for Absence from Work

Dear Sir,

Kindly excuse me as I shall not come to work on June 3, 2022, and June 4, 2022. I am suffering from insomnia due to stress and anxiety related to my son’s sickness. He has been admitted in the hospital for the last four days, but he shall be discharged today. I have not slept well for some days now, and I think this may prevent me from executing my duties optimally.

I have made special arrangements to accomplish my assigned tasks when I resume. Please find the attached medical documents and let me know if I can provide more information.

Thank you for understanding.


Savnad Asegek

+1 23 456 7890

Sample Excuse Letter for Missing School due to Insomnia

June 2, 2025

The Principal

Herald Academy

University Way

Dear Sir,

Re: Letter of Excuse for Absence from School due to insomnia

I am writing to inform you that my son David Smith of admission number 05/2015 shall not come to school today, June 2, 2025. He had an asthma attack that gave him insomnia. His condition kept him awake the whole night, and I believe that he shall not concentrate in class today.

I have taken him to the doctor, and he is now in a stable condition. Kindly excuse him for today so that he may rest enough and resume classes tomorrow.

He has promised to work harder and take extra hours to cover the missed lessons.

Thank you for your understanding.


Richardson Powell

+1 23 456 7890