Excuse Letter for Work / School Due to Surgery

Some medical conditions may escalate to the level of surgery. If and when the need for surgery arises, the person concerned will no doubt have to take some break and attend to it. This break will, of course, impact adversely on normal routines such as work and study.

It is for this reason that an excuse letter due to surgery has to be drafted. As the letter’s designation implies, it is mainly to seek the permission of the relevant authority to attend to the surgery. We devote the entire length and breadth of this article to learn more about it.

A typical excuse letter has to comprise some key features and pieces of information. These are:
  • Name and Address of the Sender. The name and the address of the sender or you who are drafting the letter ought to appear at the top of it. These two shows who is actually drafting the letter and provides a means of tracing the writer for the sake of future follow-ups.
  • Name and Address of the Receiver. These two refer to the identities and the bases of the recipients of the letter. Like the ones for the senders above, they two are used to reveal the identity of the recipient and just how they may be reached in case they need to do so arises.
  • Designation of the Recipient. How is the recipient referred to? Is it a sir, madam, Mr., or Mrs. It is imperative that the recipient is identified. That is to show some respect to the designated person and to also draw some connection that will be relied on through the letter.
  • Date of the Letter. This is the date when the letter was officially drafted. All future references are made from this date going forward. It is the date yet again that serves as the basis against which the letter may be stored and availed for use later.
  • Name and the Signature of the Sender. To make the letter attain the official character, it has to contain the names and the signatures of the sender. These two occupy the area underneath the letter. Without them, the letter is not deemed official and hence does not serve the purpose intended.

Excuse Letter Due to Surgery (Format)

Your Name

Your Address

Your City, State Zip Code

Your Phone Number

Your Email






City, State Zip Code

Respected Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

Re: Excuse Letter after Surgery (Format)

I draft this apology letter to express my deepest sympathies for not attending __ (specify the nature of the engagement such as work or school).

If you noticed in your records, I did not show up for ____ (work or school) for _ (specify the duration of time that was affected).

The reason underlying this absence is the fact that I had to attend a surgery which necessitated me to keep away from any form of engagement.

Find attached the doctor’s report to support my claims. Feel free to reach out to me in case of any need for clarifications or issues that may require ironing out.

My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.


Signature (hard copy letter)

Full Name

Sample Excuse Letter to School after Surgery

Dorcas Flemington,


Boston International High School,

100 Maxwell Street,

Dorchester, MA 02124

April 7, 2022

Patricia Olivetti,


Boston International High School,

100 Maxwell Street,

Dorchester, MA 02124

Dear Madam,

I am a sophomore, my registration number being A13/30275/04. If you have noted, I have been out of school for the last one month. Reason? I had to attend surgery which apparently I did not see coming.

My doctor recommended the emergency surgery on my stomach to remove a tumor that could escalate to cancer. I draft this letter to explain why I just could not reach you in time to communicate that.

I have attached the doctor’s notes to vouch for my participation in the surgery and the associated medical procedures I had to undergo.

Kindly accept my apology with favor. To make up for the time I lost, I shall copy the notes for now. In case I perform dismally in the upcoming exams, I shall re-sit the cats or even re-take the units altogether.


Dorcas Flemington

Sample Excuse Letter to School before Surgery

Robert Cunningham,


Portland High School,

284 Cumberland Avenue,

Portland, Maine 04101

April 7, 2022

Edith Cowan,

Dean of Students,

Portland High School,

284 Cumberland Avenue,

Portland, Maine 04101

Respectfully Madam,

I am a freshman at your institution. My registration is 476880. I have been suffering difficulties in passing urine and abdominal discomforts while relieving myself. Several tests by my doctors revealed I have kidney stones.

The doctor subsequently recommended a kidney surgery slated for April 28th, 2022 (roughly three weeks from now). The recovery after the surgery is to take roughly one more month.

I hereby take this opportunity to ask you to exempt me from studies from April 28th, 2022 through to May 28th, 2022. Please note though that the period might extend further than the one-month deadline owing to the need for more time after recovery.

Enclosed with this letter is the doctor’s prescription and affidavit. Kindly go through the two documents and get back to me for any issues or clarifications. I am always on standby to offer the same if called upon.


Robert Cunningham

Sample Excuse Letter to Work after Surgery

Felix Ellison,

Security Personnel,

Human Resources Incorporated,

1755 Florida Street,

Baton Rouge, LA 70802.

April 7th, 2022,

Nicholas Henderson,

Head of Employee Affairs,

Human Resources Incorporated,

1755 Florida Street,

Baton Rouge, LA 70802.

Dear Sir,

If you have noticed, I have been out of work for a period of around a month. The circumstances I found myself in could not allow me to ask for prior permission from you. That is why I have now deemed it necessary to do so, albeit belatedly.

Well, I underwent surgery in that timeframe. It is that surgery that prohibited me from attending my normal everyday duties. The surgery was forced on me by my doctor who insisted I had to undergo it if at all I wanted to survive.

Definitely, you require proof of my surgery. For that, I attach the relevant medical records to this letter. Kindly refer to the records and bring any matter to my attention.

I know my absence from work inflicted some losses on your firm. Going forward, I plan to work longer for no pay to recompense the loss. Just notify me when it may be convenient for me to do so.

Many thanks in advance for accepting my apology also.


Felix Ellison

Sample Excuse Letter to Work before Surgery

Brecken Mendelson,

Waste Collection Officer,

Waste Management Limited,

710 20th Street North,

Birmingham AL 35203

April 7th, 2022

Urbas Samuelson

Head of Operations,

Waste Management Limited,

710 20th Street North,

Birmingham AL 35203

Dear Sir,

I am employed by your organization in the company in the capacity of Production Supervisor. In the recent past, I experienced severe heart problems. My doctor recommended surgery as a permanent solution to the perennial heart issues.

In light of this, I require a three-month break to attend to the matter. The surgery shall commence on April 30th, 2022 and run through to July 30th, 2022. Definitely, I will be out of work for the entire duration of time.

I subsequently plead with you to consider my request for surgery with favor. I promise to be back as soon as I am up on my feet a second time.

Kindly refer to the doctor’s recommendation I have enclosed in this envelope to support my stand. In case of any ambiguities or the need to offer any clarifications, I shall be more than willing to do so. Do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Yours Truly,

Brecken Mendelson

Excuse Letter Template (Due to Surgery)

Tips for Writing an Excuse Letter Due to Surgery

To be able to draft a nice and acceptable excuse letter due to surgery, you have to adhere to certain tips and best practices. Below are some of them for your own consideration:
  • Employ the formal letter format – This letter is official. As such, you have to similarly employ the formal letter format. It is only then that it shall convey the seriousness it is supposed to when read by the recipient.
  • Refer extensively to the employment policies of your firm – Each firm has its own rules and regulations that govern skipping work or other forms of absenteeism. It is in your best interest to refer to these policies to be able to draft a relevant letter.
  • Craft a genuine excuse for skipping work – The excuse you give for skipping work has to be genuine and must line up with the policies of your workplace.
  • Keep it short and concise – Maintain the letter as short and concise as can be. The purpose of this is to prevent unnecessary details that may bore the reader and confuse the readers.
  • Make up for the absence – As a matter of courtesy, it is highly advisable that you make up for your absence. That may require that you work longer for no pay for some predefined amount of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is going to the airport a valid reason for missing work?

It all depends on why you want to go to the airport. If it is for leisure or general enjoyment, that would not be legitimate. However, if it is for emergencies like sicknesses or disasters, then the reason would be considered valid and legitimate.


Okay! We have done all we have to or could to display the details of the excuse letter due to surgery. This being the case, we now expect you to go about the issue with great confidence. Just read the explanations keenly a couple of times to gain the expertise you badly need. Best of luck as you do so!