18 Free Customizable Event Ticket Templates

Putting together different events takes a lot of work. There is a lot of tasks to organize and assign. These tasks are not overly complicated, but they do take time, and if something goes wrong, the event could be ruined.

One of those important tasks that can ruin the event if it goes wrong is the event ticket. To make the job easier and eliminate the possibility of mistakes, use an event ticket template. These templates should make creating event tickets less complicated and stressful.

To learn all about an event ticket template, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to make your event ticket task better and go smoother.

What is the Event Ticket Template?

When you are having either a public or private affair, you need to sell or give away tickets to the event. These tickets help limit the crowds attending the event, making them easier to control and monitor.

Or, if you are holding a raffle or some other give-a-way, an event ticket helps determine who wins the contest and gets the prize. No matter the event, to avoid confusion, problems and keep order, an event ticket is needed.

To make these tickets, you will need an event ticket template. The template allows you to have consistency, make sure no information is left off the ticket, and provide uniformity to the event.

What the template does is help you design the ticket in a way that fits the event you are promoting. These do not have to be elaborate or even considered works of art, but they need to hold the basic information about the event. The template will allow for easy proofreading, so mistakes can be caught sooner than later.

Event Ticket Templates

Elements of an event ticket?

The elements of an event ticket depend on what the ticket represents. If it is a concert, then the elements will be a little different from a raffle ticket. Then a raffle ticket will be a bit different from a ticket granting entry into a boat show.

Here are the different elements that are a part of an event ticket:

#1. Concert ticket

  • Name of event
  • Date & time of the concert
  • Name of the artist(s) performing
  • Location of concert including address (if needed)
  • Cost of the ticket
  • Number of people the ticket admits (eg. Admit one)
  • Seat number (if applicable)

#2. Raffle ticket

  • Name, address & phone number of ticket holder (one portion of the ticket)
  • Ticket number (on the same portion)
  • Ticket number on purchaser’s portion
  • The words raffle ticket (not always mandatory)
  • List of prizes to be won
  • Name of the sponsor of the raffle
  • Date when the drawing takes place
  • Cost of the ticket

#3. Display show (boat show, gardening show, etc.)

  • Name of the event
  • Cost of the ticket
  • Date & time the ticket is valid
  • Name of sponsor (can be included in the name of the event)
  • How many people the ticket admits

These are the pieces of information on the front of the ticket. Many ticket makers place different rules and requirements on the back of the ticket to make sure everyone knows what to do and how to dress when they show up at the event.

This information can be put on an event ticket template as well. It will just be plain and in smaller print

How to Make an Event Ticket?

Creating an event ticket today is not like the old days before computers. Back then, you had to hire a typesetter and a printer to get all the information placed correctly on the template before the tickets are printed.

With computers, you can create the ticket using the right event ticket program. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Pick the program- here are some good ones on the internet or you can download them for a fee.
  2. Select the right template- these programs come with many different options you have to choose from. Find the template that will hold the information you want on the ticket the way you want it displayed
  3. Do some experimenting- this stage is where you try to find the right images, the right font for each level of information, and the right ticket design. You will have to do some experimenting to see which elements fit together the best and make the tickets look perfect
  4. Customize the ticket- this is not a mandatory step but it is available if you want it. All this stage does is allow you to upload your own images, drawings, etc., and have them placed on the ticket instead of what the program offers.
  5. Save, download & print- in order not to do the same work twice, make sure to save what you have done, then download it to your computer and print off the tickets. Just make sure to double-check the information t make sure everything is correct.

Final words

Technology has made creating event tickets a lot easier. You do not have to create your own template anymore as the many computer programs already do that for you. Your biggest task will be to get all the information, names, dates, cost, and so on, correct and input it onto your computer.

One thing about using a computer program is that it is easy to correct any mistakes you find. Technology has made using an event ticket template easy.

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