19 Event Proposal Templates & Examples (Free Download)

Quick question: when did you last write a job-winning event proposal? Every successful event planner knows the secret to landing a lucrative event contract is a well-written event proposal.

Event proposal turns prospects into clients, increases shareholder stake and other higher-ups. Sure, a lot of time and consideration goes into planning an event. Equally, you should dedicate the same effort to writing an evocative event proposal. In this article, you will find event proposal tips, how to write one, and the pitfalls to avoid. Let’s jump in.

What is an Event Proposal?

An event proposal is a comprehensive document describing the logistics of running the event, cost, and every other event element. A professional event proposal template embodies your client’s ideal vision for the event. The event proposal is the roadmap that empowers you to land contracts. You need a professionally designed template to kick-start your writing process with so much at stake.

What is an Event Proposal Template?

An event proposal template is a pre-designed event proposal document that you download, fill with the elements of an event, tailor it to meet your client’s needs, proofread, and print it. Event proposal templates save you the hassle of designing an event proposal from scratch.

Tip: It is better to design your template for different clients’ needs than a one-size-fits-all event template. Once you find your unique style, run with it and impress clients; however, some web platforms offer various templates for each unique event.

Event Proposal Templates & Examples

Event Proposal Templates and Examples #01

Event Proposal Templates and Examples #02

Event Proposal Templates and Examples #03

Event Proposal Templates and Examples #04

Event Proposal Templates and Examples #05

Event Proposal Templates and Examples #06

Event Proposal Templates and Examples #07

Event Proposal Templates and Examples #08




Educational Event Proposal


Event Proposal

Fundraising Event Proposal

New Event Proposal

Sample Event Proposal

Sample School Event Proposal

Santa Fe Day Spa Special Event Proposal

Special Event Proposal

    How Can An Event Proposal Example Help You?

    Event proposal examples help you pitch to prospective clients in an alluring and formal way. Corporations delegate handling the nitty-gritty of handling events to event planners.

    Event proposals prepare the client for what kind of event they will expect if they hire you. You will need different proposals for music, fundraising, corporate, wedding, and church events.

    Additionally, in your event proposal, you can include policy terms to brief the client on how professional you are and increase their confidence in working with you. However, keep the policies brief and to the point to avoid scary terms.

    Essential Elements of an Event Proposal Template

    There are many elements to include in an event proposal template. The following are must-haves for any good template:

    • List of services to be provided
    • Event description
    • Your experience as an event planner
    • The venue of the event and available facilities
    • The event program
    • The proposed budget for the event

    Depending on your client’s event’s aim, you can include other features that will ensure quality service provision. There is no limit to what you can include as long it sells to your customers.

    Tips for Writing an Event Proposal Template

    • Show the client you understand the event’s vision.
    • Tell your clients a story about their event.
    • Avoid scary monetary terms.
    • Give your clients some examples of past similar events.
    • Provide a comprehensive service list.
    • Keep the focus on the client’s needs.
    • Include high-quality images.

    How to Write an Event Proposal

    Initial Meeting

    Before you develop the format and structure of an event proposal, sit down with your client and determine the event’s aim, their ideal description, and the budget they have for the event. Obtain the following info in the initial meeting with your client:

    • Event timeline
    • Theme
    • Cost
    • Location
    • Catering options
    • Number of attendees
    • Overall aesthetics

    You should also list essential aspects that the client iterates or desires. Most clients don’t know what they want but have the utopian event locked in their brains. It is your job to unearth the ideal event logistics.

    Getting Started

    The event template’s cover page should sell your skills to the client. Include your company’s logo, contact information, event name, and social profiles on the cover page. You can also include a referral from a well-known company or person.

    You will want to describe the event from start to end on the following page, highlighting areas important to the client. Remember, a human is reading your proposal. Make the event outline a personal connection that resonates with your client. Describe the following in your outline:

    • Event timeline
    • The vision of the event
    • Catering services
    • Number of guests
    • Services you will provide
    • Previous work experience
    • Monetary information

    Company Credentials

    Whether you are a freelancer or a company, providing a summary of your credentials endears clients to you. In the company credentials section, explain why you are the best for the event, the scope of work, team resumes, legal certifications, years in business, and your bio.


    Include signatures and suggest a date for a follow-up meeting. Also, recap key event milestones.

    Remember, an appealing theme and a succinct event proposal beat lengthy proposals. Keep in mind tips for writing a job-winning event proposal and replicate the success as you go.

    Important: Avoid using legalese in the event proposal. Once you land the event contract, you can liaise with an event attorney to create a legally binding document.


    What is the main purpose of an event proposal?

    An Event proposal describes how you will conduct the event for a client. A good proposal will land you the job and attract other clients.

    What are the most basic contents of an event proposal?

    Event timeline, event vision, company summary, and services offered are must-haves in a professional event proposal.

    How do I market myself as an event planner?

    Include referrals from well-known individuals and offer competitive prices based on the market outlook. You are your ambassador. Every event should scream your unique exemplary service to increase your customer base.

    What are the 5Cs of event management?

    The 5C’s are concept, coordination, control, culmination, and closeout. The 5C’s guide the planning process of an event from start to finish.

    Final Words

    Event planning businesses live and die by event proposals. Ensure you write the best event proposal by utilizing the above tips. Always remember to focus on the client’s needs.

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