Event Action Plan Template – For Word, Excel & PDF

Event action plan is a document used most commonly by event organizer, contractors, and emergency personnel to lay out the development, goals, outcome, and safety of an event. This document covers all the organizational details and location of an event, as well as information about the supervisor and other important team members.

These documents are very detailed and can be quite complex, so using an event action plan template as a guide can be useful to ensure that the final draft is clear and concise. To determine which type of template is the best reference for your project, check out the following action plan types.

Simple Event Action Plan

A simple action plan can be used for less complex plans or projects that only require a few major tasks. This type of action plan will work for most types of developments as a basic reference. It helps to clearly state the goal of the project and the required steps to get there.

Simple Event Action Plan 1

For action plans that are set in place specifically for an event, the best format to use is Excel spreadsheets. This will ensure that the plan is organized concisely and simplifies the development process, as events can be very large and complex. Using an event action plan template for excel simplifies this process further by providing a base reference, so creating your event action plan is as easy as filling in the blanks.

Event Action Plan Template For Excel

Event Action Plan Template For Excel

Event management plans differ from event action plans in that an action plan lays out timeline details for the day of the event, what kind of tasks need to be followed through, and what action to take to reach the event goals.

Event management plans are also complex, but they provide a behind-the-scenes view for an event manager to organize vendors, décor plans, important client information, and guest speakers. Using an event management plan example can help to simplify the planning process, and provides a well-organized illustration of how an effective event management plan should look.

Event Management Action Plan Template

Event Management Action Plan Template

How to Write an Effective Event Action Plan?

They key to success when writing and event action plan is to start with the main goal or goals of the event. Think about what the mission of the project is to clearly define your objective. Make sure the goal is realistically attainable with your available resources and time. Next, break the goal or goals down into steps. These, too, should be attainable and clearly defined. Vague goals or steps will create unanswered questions later into the planning process.

Develop a team of people to carry out each specific step. Everyone on the planning team should understand exactly what is expected of them and should be able to communicate frequently and efficiently. Create a timeline that includes deadlines for each step and goal. Check back frequently to the event action plan to ensure that it is constantly updated, and communicate accordingly with your team.

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