Essay Outline Templates

That is if you do not know what you want to say or how to say it. or if you are an unorganized person. But there is an easy way to overcome those challenges. All you need to do is find the right essay outline template to help you.

Once you do that, everything else should fall into place. To learn all about essay outline templates, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to help you write that great essay your teacher will love

What Is an Essay Outline

An essay outline is a tool or format to help you organize your thoughts and content for your essay. There is no content involved in the template, but it does help you clarify your thoughts and make it easier for you to write your essay.

The key will be picking the write essay outline template that will fit your assignment and topic. That is because the right template will give you step-by-step help and let you know what information goes where.

These essay outline templates are also designed to save you time, which is a great help when you have a deadline looming

Essay Outline Templates & Examples

Why an Essay Outline is Important

There are several reasons why an essay outline template is essential. Writing is not always easy, and when you suffer from writer’s block, you need all the help you can get. Here are some of those reasons why this template is important:

  • It gives you an outline to follow – Sometimes, people just do not know where to start or where to place your content. The template will help lay out where everything goes.
  • Creating an outline helps you organize – For a good essay, the organization is key. You lose marks if your content is all over the place. A template helps you put your content in the right order so the workflows.
  • It helps you clarify your ideas – The outline lets you see which points are more important than others, and you can re-arrange. When one idea doesn’t fit, the outline helps guide you as you brainstorm. Looking for new ideas needs focus, and that is another important task of the essay outline template
  • Writing is easier – Knowing where your content goes, helps you write better. The outline makes it easier to write, and that will save you some time in the long run. As you write, you will find that it is easier to place those important points you want to make.

Types of Essay Outline

Like most things in life, there is not a one size fits all formula. It would be nice if there was but then the world would get pretty boring. Essay outline templates are the same way. They would be boring if there was only one type to follow.

Here are some of the different types of essay outline templates you can use:

  • Informative- This is where you simply state fact after fact. Another name for it would be the expository outline, and all you are doing is presenting a balanced view in an informative tone of writing.
  • Narrative- Using this template, you are helping yourself write a nice story. Make sure to use the first-person viewpoint and engage the reader. You may conclude with a personal statement
  • Compare & Contrast- Just as the title says, you are comparing and contrasting two or more objects with each other. Some research is involved and you need to know the facts about the objects in order to do a good job
  • Argumentative- This is where you need to present your point of view armed with facts and citations. Otherwise known as a research paper, you need to know what you are talking about and present supported points to give your argument credibility, as long as you use credible sources.
  • Persuasive- This essay outline helps you prepare your paper that is designed to convince your readers that your point of view is correct. You will need to present facts, stats, and other items like tables and charts to help you do that.

How to Write

  • Read your guidelines – your teacher will give them to you and knowing the boundaries helps you focus on the upcoming steps. The guidelines will have keywords that will tell you how to write your paper
  • Pick a topic – your teacher may already provide topics for you but if they don’t, you will need to brainstorm and come up with topics that fit the guidelines
  • Identify your audience – who are you talking to and what do you want them to do. The answers to those questions will help you create your content and have it worded in the right way for your target audience to understand.
  • Create your outline – this is where you choose the format style and it can either be numerical or alphabetical.
  • Create the body of the essay – this is the step that has you writing the introduction, your thesis statement, the content of the essay, and your conclusion. You state your purpose, make your points, add in your citations then sum up what you have said

Final Thoughts

Not everyone is an essay writer. That is why using an essay outline template will help you get the best content written in the best style and format. These templates help you structure your thoughts, organize them and lead you to new ideas.

When writing essays, it is essential to utilize all the tools you have at your disposal.

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