20 Printable Envelope Address Templates

The art of making a good first impression – Many people go by this philosophy, and you are pigeon-holed just by how they perceive your first contact with them. Making a good first impression is not restricted to how you dress or talk when you meet someone for the first time.

You may not realize this but the way you address your envelopes will also make a first impression. Whether that is good or bad depends on the style of how you address the envelope.

What Is an Envelope Address Template?

This is just a format to help you design the best-looking envelope that fits your personality or the atmosphere of your business. A boring-looking envelope will send the message that you more your business may be boring and do things in the easiest possible manner.

So you want to look for an envelope template that will help you create a great first impression. Just keep the template within reason and do not push the limits of good taste.

Envelope Address Templates

Importance of an Envelope Address Template

There are three good reasons why you want to use an envelope template. These reasons help you design your envelopes in the best manner possible.

  • To send the right message- if your envelope is creative, yet tasteful, you are telling the recipient that you are creative, professional, and courteous. If it is a plain envelope, you are saying you will only do the minimum amount of work
  • Make the right first impression- your envelope style is a reflection of you and your business. So you want the design to have the recipient react in a positive way towards you
  • Grab the recipient’s attention- you may be in a bidding competition and the look of your envelope could catch their eye and have them open your letter first

Envelopes to Use for Your Envelope Address Template

There are various types of envelopes you can use. You just have to pick the right one that fits the content and purpose of your sending the letter, etc.

  • Baronial- with large flaps that are usually easy to open, this envelope style is reserved for formal contents and purposes, for example, special announcements or invitations
  • Commercial- standard letters that are used for letters and displaying the company logo or other important designs.
  • Square- used for promotional material and sometimes for invitations, the square design adds a little balance to your purpose and content

How to Properly Address an Envelope

This is very important as while the post office is very good at figuring out bad spelling or missing information, badly addressed envelopes often end up in the lost category. Addressing your envelopes means to get everything correct and keep it legible:

  • Make sure to write the full name of your recipient and double-check to see you spelled it right. Use care of just in case the address is used temporarily and not the recipient’s permanent address.
  • Use the complete address of the recipient, again double-checking to make sure all the information is included and on the right lines. Just because you can read it does it mean everyone else can.
  • Use abbreviations for States and if the apartment or suite number is too long, or won’t fit one line, use the next line before moving on to the street address.
  • For business or professional organizations, make sure to include the business name and the person who the letter is for. Make sure the style is in business format.

How to Create an Envelope in Word

  • Start MS WORD
  • Click on the file tab, then Options, then Advanced
  • Go to General and enter your return address in the right mailing address box. The program should save this for you when you click OK
  • Check your printer settings and make sure they are all correctly set to the right format
  • Go to Mailings tab then click on Create Groups and go to Envelopes, to Options, to the envelope options tab
  • Click on the size that matches the size of your envelopes or click on custom to create your own settings to match the size of your envelopes
  • Print once everything is okay and aligned

How to Print Envelopes

  • From Mailing tabs go to Create Group then click on envelopes
  • Place the correct recipient’s address in the delivery box
  • Click insert if you already have an address stored in your computer, etc.
  • Next, edit by right-clicking and then click Font
  • In the return box, place your name and address or click insert to use one already stored on your computer
  • Check Omit if you do not want your return address on the envelope
  • You can print without saving or you can save by clicking add to document then file tab, then save as and enter the name
  • Insert envelope and click on print and follow the instructions

Final Thoughts

Making the right first impression starts with your first contact with another person. Many times your envelopes will make that first impression for you. It is up to you to make sure the message that is sent, gives you and your business a positive look.

Take your time and set up your computer and printer to produce the perfect addressed envelopes every time.

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