11+ Endorsement Letter Samples & Formats

Politicians, influencers, philanthropists, and other persons of influence often require endorsements in support of their own courses. In case you are interested in delivering this endorsement, you will have to draft an endorsement letter. This is basically a letter that expresses your support for a person of action.

It is in many cases drafted by a person who similarly believes in that particular course and idea. Given the often-complicated nature of letters of these kinds, it may not always be that drafting it is easier. To be on the safe side and guarantee awesome ends, you have to make use of a sample endorsement letter as a guide.

How to Request an Endorsement

Requesting an endorsement goes beyond merely drafting a letter of endorsement. It entails caring for some details that are finer than the ones you would have to make use of under normal circumstances. Below are some of those details:
  • Identify yourself fully by stating who you are, the name of the organization you act on behalf of, and the position you hold in that particular organization.
  • Employ clear and accurate language to convey the information or the request for the endorsement you have in mind.
  • State your reason for demanding the endorsement, what you intend to do with it, and why you contend that the endorsement is necessary or worth meriting.
  • Clearly spell out when exactly the endorsement is to be due or handed in.
  • Indicate in the letter whether you would wish to have the same followed up on later. Provide the return address that you would wish that the letter be mailed to.
  • Express your gratitude to the reader for considering the endorsement.

Sample endorsement request letter

We now leave you with an endorsement request letter for your own inspiration:

Your Name

Your Address

Your City, State Zip Code

Your Phone Number

Your Email






City, State Zip Code

Respected Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

Re: Request for endorsement or testimonial

I start out by sincerely expressing my gratitude for being a valued and dependable client all along. Your contribution towards deepening our _____ (products and brand name) has not gone without notice.

Each time we have introduced a new product into the market, we have always looked up to you to provide the necessary endorsement to that end. We come to you this time around also. If you recall, you endorsed the following products _________ (list the products that have been endorsed by the client).

The competition in our market is currently intense. We want to make every effort to have our products liked by as many people as possible. That is why we ask that you yet again endorse our products.

Let’s hear from you soonest possible over this.

Respectfully Yours,

Your Name

Your Designation

Your Organization

How to Give an Endorsement

Giving an endorsement is the exact opposite of requesting the endorsement altogether. In this instance, you basically draft a letter of endorsement and transmit the same to the recipient. These are steps that will take you there:
  • State explicitly who exactly you are endorsing and why
  • Qualify your reason or decision for endorsing the stated person or object
  • If the endorsement is for a job offer, qualify your endorsement by stating exactly why you feel they are better placed to handle or assume that vacancy.
  • If possible, suggest the next course of action you feel should be taken by the person receiving the endorsement and put in place a suitable timeline as well.
  • Furnish your contact information through which the recipient may give further information at a later date.
  • Wrap your letter up typically by way of summarizing the contents of the endorsements or restating the endorsement a second time altogether.

Sample letter of endorsement

A sample letter that is dedicated to that end is definitely highly welcome. Peruse through this letter to find the inspiration you badly need:

Jessica Jess,

Prime Target Movers,

Highland Park,

2110 Ford Parkway,

St. Paul. MN 55116-1813

Friday, February 21st, 2022

Chris Calhoun,

Choppies Analytics and Influencers,

3040 Excelsior Boulevard,

101 Minneapolis MN 55402-1976

Re: Request for endorsement or testimonial

You are a very respectable person in our organization. For countless times now, we have relied on you to endorse and breathe a fresh lease of life to our products or services.

Just to take you back the memory lane, you did endorse our moving services, three times in a row. These were in 2009, 2015, and 2018. Those endorsements did shore up our ratings and subsequent profitability.

We would wish to call upon you to do the same today. Our urge to seek your intervention has been necessitated by the need to counter the stiff competition that has brought about by the entry of a new mover in town.

Feel free to seek any clarification if need be. As always, we do hope for a positive endorsement followed by a five-star rating.

Respectfully Yours,

Jessica Jess,

Head of Publicity,

Prime Target Movers,

Business endorsement letter

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CEO endorsement letter

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Endorsement letter by home institution

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Letter of endorsement for students

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Letter of recommendation and endorsement

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Principal endorsement letter

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Product endorsement letter

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Professional endorsement letter

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Sample endorsement letter

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University endorsement letter

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Tips for Writing an Endorsement Letter

To be guaranteed a better writing outcome, you no doubt have to follow strictly some tips as you go along. Below are some of the tips that have been trusted by people since time immemorial. Follow to be guaranteed equally awesome outcomes:
  • Approach the letter from a formal point of view or standpoint
  • Mention the dates explicitly and highlight the same for the sake of easier future referencing
  • Employ a formal language that is more likely to drive the point home better
  • Maintain the letter in a clear, crisp, concise and to the point stature
  • Have it signed by both parties to prevent the same from being misconstrued or abused

Types of Endorsement Letters

Endorsement letters come in various shapes and forms. Knowing about these variations is definitely a wise thing to do as it will help you to do a better job. Listed and explained here below are the three main kinds of endorsement letters:

Endorsement Request Letter

Wanting to request some endorsement? You have to draft the endorsement letter. As its designation suggests, this letter is basically drafted with the aim of eliciting endorsements from various quarters. The letter contains the following pieces of information:

  • A revelation of who you are
  • The name of your company or organization
  • Your position or role
  • A reminder of the nexus between you as a person and your reader
  • A clear description of the product or service you would wish to be endorsed

Proposal Endorsement Letter

Companies, academia, and universities do carry out research from time to time that touches on various subjects. These research projects have to be funded somehow. Prior to their funding, the finds to those effects have to be sourced from various quarters.

The proposal endorsement letter seeks to have the would-be financiers approve the project and possibly fund it. It spells out the following pieces of information:

  • An in-depth description of the research project
  • The costs that the research generally involves
  • Its potential benefits to the general public
  • How the financier stands to gain in the whole process
  • Some of the possible drawbacks of the project

Endorsement Letter for Scholarship

Scholars will from time to time require funding to undertaking their education. Such findings definitely have to come from somewhere. The ‘endorsement letter for scholarship’ seeks to elicit that financial aid package. It does so principally by seeking endorsement from a would-be financier. The letter showcases:

  • The course of study applied for
  • Some of the benefits that come along with studying the course
  • A listing of the accomplishments and their potential for the success of the students
  • A student’s abilities and strengths
  • The length of the study and duration of the scholarship


Now you know how to draft the endorsement letter, don’t you? The trick is to find out the letter that may be necessary for your case. Proceed thereafter to follow the exact same format that is intended for that letter you have in mind. Is it not wise of you to spread the news far and wide?

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