Wedding Gift Certificate Templates

Wedding Gift Certificate Templates

Wedding Gift Certificates are a unique way to present a gift to the newlyweds in your life. Everyone wishes for their gift to be a memorable one. However, when it comes to weddings, we all know that sometimes the loving couple can receive too much of a good thing, such as 3 toaster ovens or 5 blenders. That’s what makes these Wedding Gift Certificates so special, the ability for them to select whatever they like or need. if you’re still not sold on the benefits of using a Wedding Gift Certificate, then read on, as we’ll explain to you why they make a good gift, and how to customize your very own Wedding Gift Certificate.

Why Gift Certificates Make the Best Wedding Gift


A wedding Gift Certificate can cover a multitude of mishaps when it comes to the gift giving process. For instance, if the gift you truly wished to give the couple is delayed, you still won’t show up empty-handed. Instead you’ll come with a Wedding Gift Certificate in hand. Also, what happens if you’ve procrastinated and can’t find anything at the last minute? Or perhaps you mistook the actual date? Whatever the reason, the versatile Wedding Gift Certificate can cover your bases.

Using Store Credit

Depending on the retail venue, you may actually be able to set up a line of credit for the couple, and pre-pay them the amount which is on the Gift Certificate. This usually works with smaller stores which do not have their own gift cards. You can request that an amount of store credit be placed in the newlywed’s name, use a template to create your certificate, and they can come into the store and purchase what they’d like.

Turning Your Talents into a Memorable Wedding Gift

If you’re short on cash, and can’t really afford an outstanding gift, one that states how you feel, or simply cannot even afford to gift them cash, then using a Wedding Gift Certificate in the following way is the perfect answer. Here, you’ll use your certificate to offer your services to the lucky couple. For instance, if you’re a carpenter, you can create a gift certificate which offers them your services for the year. If they have pets, you can offer yourself up as a pet nanny, for when they go on their Honeymoon, or future vacations. Let creativity be your guide here, and offer them something they’ll need, that will also be memorable.

Increase Your Sales and Establish Customer Trust

For owners of either brick and mortar retail shops or online shops, the gift certificate is an excellent, cost-effective marketing tool, designed to increase sales, introduce new customers to your products, and establish customer trust and loyalty. By downloading our Wedding Certificate templates, you’ll be able to craft your own certificates without having to purchase graphic design software to do it. By offering these certificates to your customers as a gift option to a newlywed couple, you’ll be not only gaining new customers, but also generate some much-needed word-of-mouth advertising.

Elements of a Good Wedding Gift Certificate Template

Whether you’re designing a Wedding Gift Certificate to offer your own services to the newlywed couple, or you’re operating a shop, where you intend on offering gift certificates to your customers, we’re sure you’ll find our collection of professionally designed Wedding Certificate Templates pleasing and economical. Before we get started, let’s go over a few of the basics when creating a gift certificate.

First, select a design that expresses how you feel. You want this to be a personal gift, so be certain to search for a design which not only appeals to you, but to the lucky couple. If you are a store owner, then know you can download as many different designs as you see fit. Once you’ve selected your template, consider the layout. Here, you’ll want to ensure that the overall certificate is nicely spaced out, and easy to read, not cramped and jumbled. Next, consider the components of a basic gift certificate. We’ve included some below. Just know that your gift certificate needs may vary, so you may not require all of these elements.

  • Company Name and Logo – Crucial when it comes to customer engagement. Also, remember you may add your contact information, as well as social media accounts.
  • “To” and “From” – Including a “Presented To:” and “Presented From” – This ensures that no one else can use the gift certificate.
  • Expiration Date – An expiration date encourages people to use the gift certificate by giving them a sense of urgency.
  • Descriptive Title – Alerts the recipient to what the certificate is for. Such as”$50 Off Your Next Salon Visit”.
  • Amount – The dollar amount of the certificate. To avoid disputes at the register, always make sure that this line is presented clearly.
  • Terms and Conditions – If the gift certificates has any limitations or conditions, place them here.

Yes! These exquisitely designed Wedding Gift Certificates are just waiting for you to add your best wishes to the bride and groom. All you need to do, is select the one or ones you’d like to use and download them to your computer. If you’re a bit nervous, and can’t decide which one to download, then download as many as you wish, and begin the editing process, and decide which of them you’d like to use.


This is the easy part. Once downloaded, just open them up in MS Word. Once opened, you are free to alter the font styles and sizes, add or delete certain fields, and even add photos! For instance, if you’re a longtime friend of the couple, you may include a small photo, one that means a lot to all of you. Once completed, just hit save, print and present! That being said, please keep in mind that this is for a very special occasion, so don’t go cheap on the paper. Consider printing the certificate out on specialty paper.