Thank You Gift Certificates

Thank You Gift Certificate Templates

Thank You Gift Certificates are the perfect solution when it comes to expressing your gratitude to that someone special. Whether it’s to thank them for an extra special gift, an invitation to an event such as a wedding, or simply as a way to say just how awesome they are, and how much you appreciate them, you’ll find our Thank You Gift Certificate templates to be appealing in appearance, easy to edit and fun to gift.

Why Choose a Thank You Gift Certificate?

Helps to Foster Relationships

Whether it’s in regard to a loved one, a business vendor or customer, a Thank You Gift Certificate can help to build tighter relationships based on good feelings and trust. This trust can mean repeat business for you as a business owner, or a stronger relationship if you’re giving a Thank You Gift Certificate to a friend of loved one. When you thank your customers or vendors, you’re generating free advertising in the form of word-of-mouth marketing.

Show Support, Gratitude and Appreciation

By using one of our Thani you Gift Certificate templates, you’re showing your support for your customers, family and friends by reminding them that you appreciate them and are available to assist them in the future again. Remember, “Out of sight, out of mind” is a reality in today’s busy world. We’re confronted with so many distractions, new products and services, that in order to keep your customers, you’ll have to find a way to stay in their circle, so thanking them for making a large purchase, or doing business with you can go a long way in maintaining those relationships. Our Thank You Gift Certificates are a new and fun way to let those around you know how just much you appreciate them. You can be as creative as you wish and combine the Thank You Gift Certificate with a Certificate of Recognition or Certificate of Appreciation, to make it a bit more memorable and formal.

Helps to Build Business Trust

The Thank You Gift Certificate can be used by businesses to extend gratitude to vendors or employees who went above and beyond. It can also be used to reward customers for reaching a certain milestone. For example, customers of your online store who purchase over $500.00 worth of goods will receive a thank you gift certificate for an object of their choosing. This Thank You Gift Certificate is a tangible, meaningful way to show your good intentions, and stay in touch with customers.


These Thank You Gift Certificates can be used for both personal and business purposes. In fact, if you look at our designs, you can see from the assortment, that we have been careful to incorporate designs that speak to a variety of situations. After all, we show our gratitude not only to co-workers and employees, but also teachers, parents, friends, and so on.

Elements of a Professional Thank You Gift Certificate

Thank You Gift Certificates are a bit different from conventional gift certificates, in that they are designed to impart gratitude to an individual. The reasons for thanking someone are infinite, ranging from being a good, loyal customer to thanking someone for walking your dog during vacation. As such, you’re quite free with the design, and what you’d like to add or subtract. For instance, you may wish to add a poetic verse, or a simply note of thanks. However, to help you get started, we’ve outlined some of the basic essentials of a Thank You Gift Certificate below:

  • Descriptive title – Let them know just what it is you’re grateful for
  • Presented “To” and received “From” fields
  • Amount – The dollar amount should be in an easy to read, large there can be no dispute at the register.
  • What it’s for, if applicable – If the certificate is for a specific service or product.
  • Terms if applicable – Conditions, if any, of the gift certificate.
  • Area for notes or messages – This is an area where givers can leave a note of thanks to the recipient.
  • Expiration date – An absolute must, as it creates a sense of urgency. If they don’t use it by a certain date, it becomes null and void.

Yes, they most certainly are editable! Once you select your favorite design from our extensive offering, you simply download it to your PC. Once downloaded, you can then open it up as a Microsoft Word. Those of you who are knowledgeable regarding graphic design software such as Photoshop, will have no trouble altering it in any software. All of our Thank You Gift Certificate templates are professionally designed in such a way as to convey the gratitude you are expressing, so download as many different designs as you’d like.

Once you download your chosen design, it’s time to begin to customize them. First, know that you may alter the font size and style, add images and text. Our templates come with all the essentials built in, so all you need do is enter your data. If you don’t require a certain field, just delete it. On the other hand, if you’d like to add something, just type it in. It’s just that simple, and just that inexpensive. There’s no special design software to purchase and learn. Just open the certificate up in MS Word complete your edits, save, print and present! Also, as these are digital, they can be designed and sent via email to the recipient.