Refund Policy

Refund Policy

A premium template is the one a customer has received after successfully paying for it. Any purchase of premium template from DocFormats means the customer has accepted these refund policies and therefore, all refund requests will strictly be processed based on them.

24-hours warranty

Premium templates by DocFormats have a 24-hours warranty. This warranty starts immediately after the customer purchases the template and ends after twenty-four hours. It is within this timeframe that a customer is required to submit their refund request. When the 24 hours elapse, any purchased product is considered non-defective and functional as expected and, therefore, DocFormats will not be liable to issue any refund.

Issues of template download

With various re-downloading options and the responsibility of downloading a template completely lying to the user, DocFormats will not be in a position to issue any download-related refund.

Font issue

DocFormats uses different types of font to design a template but may not issue any font file along with the premium templates. Only a text font file containing the list of fonts used to design the template is sent along with the template. It is worth noting that every font is a copyright of the font author with own license and usage policies. We advise our customers to download the fonts from font provider websites. In case of any font issues, DocFormats will not be liable to issue any refund.

Software Availability or Compatibility issues.

Our product page carries the description for each and every template. In every template description, included are our software requirements. Having the right and compatible software before buying any template is the responsibility of the user. DocFormats will, therefore, not issue any refund related to software availability. Additionally, there will be no refund for any incompatible or malfunctioning software. This is a software that is available but not working in order. This could be as a result of software errors, virus corruption, registration or licensing issues.

Reception of a Different Product

Sometimes you may receive a completely different template from the one that is shown in its preview. When this happens, please send us either of the two requests; template exchange request or a refund request. To achieve this, a customer fills the refund form which prompts one of our staff members to look at the case. The exchange or refund request processing may take between 24 and 48 hours to complete.