Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Web security and anonymity are important to most people. As such, privacy policies are essential in the running of any legitimate business. They offer detailed guidelines as to how information submitted to any website will be used. Conforming to this, here is our privacy policy detailing our working in regard to our user’s privacy.

Use of personal information

Personal information submitted to the website including email, home address, and contact information is treated with absolute regard to confidentiality. As a regular user, you will not be required to submit any of this information. You can therefore freely browse the website without any requirements. Once you decide to create a user account, you will be required to fill in relevant contact information. As per the privacy policy, this information will be used to avail relevant product and service information directly to you.

Use of non-personal information

Based on your search history and geographical location, DocFormats uses your cookies and IP address information to offer suggestions and recommendations. As a precaution, non-personal information is collected and recorded in anonymity to maintain user privacy. In this way, no connection whatsoever of the non-personal information may be made to any individual user.

Data collected in this bracket may be offered to third party companies for advertisement such, use of the data is subject to their privacy policies, and therefore DocFormats does not bear any liabilities to the use of this information.

Information sharing and disclosure

As part of our privacy policy, sharing of any personal information is strictly out of the question. These standards may, however, be overlooked in instances where one or more of the following conditions are proven

  • Legal proceedings in court require the identity of a specific user
  • protection of other user’s personal safety and a user compromises website rights
  • A user violates the website’s terms of use as per earlier agreement

User ID tracking

Use of Google analytics may require access to your data on behalf of DocFormats. This may include location, language, browser, and operating system. This information, held in confidence, will be used to improve the quality of service delivery on our website. As such, DocFormats does and will not offer Google analytics any information that may compromise any individual’s identity

Changes to privacy policy

Any changes made to the privacy policy will be updated on the site periodically. We advise you to check on any changes from time to time as changes may be made without notice to the user.


as a part of upholding our privacy policy, DocFormats uses industry-standard SSL encryption to protect any data transmissions over the site. Uses of firewalls and physical security measures have also been set to prevent unauthorized access to personal information.