License Agreement

License Agreement

A standard license is in application to all who purchase/buy or /and subscribe to Templates at This Standard License is what governs the usage of the Templates.

The Standard License gives the buyer and/or the subscriber exclusive freedom to solely use the templates several times because you as an individual buyer/subscriber attend to your own clients for different projects. Purchasing our templates gives our customers lifetime rights to use the templates. However, these rights are limited to you as the buyer and are not transferable/ cannot be assigned to a third party. This is to mean that, the templates you purchase are exclusively yours and cannot and will not be redistributed or/and resold.

Having read and understood the terms and conditions of the Standard License stated above, has the pleasure to grant you non-exclusive, non-sub licensable and non-transferable license to use, to modify and to display the templates purchased herein/ in this contract.

DocFormats does not provide any extended licenses.

License FAQs

Yes. Every template that is on our site is our Standard License (Refer Above). Therefore, upon purchase of one particular template, you are only allowed access and edit of that particular one and not all the templates on our site. Note: You have to make an individual purchase for you to have exclusive rights of usage.

You will be required to create a profile upon which all downloads will be stored once you purchase our template(s). With this, you can download the same template several times.

Purchasing a template from our site, the Standard License gives you the rights of usage for any commercial and/or personal purpose. Nevertheless, the template you have purchased remains on our site. This is to give room for other potential buyers who may want to purchase the same template. These buyers too will have non-exclusive rights to purchase.

In a nutshell, we still retain the exclusive rights of ownership of that particular template purchased. You do not assume full ownership when you buy our templates. You can only edit or modify but you cannot sell or even transfer to another person.

The Standard License allows you to customize the template you have purchased. It also allows you to personalize the template to fit your personal or business needs. Standard License gives you the liberty/freedom to add/edit text, add images, change color among other things. You can also use it on your website or that of your clients (do not sell), use it on blogs, print it and handout it to the public etc.

Yes. You can buy our template only for use and not for resale. You still have non-exclusive rights like an individual buyer. You can only edit it or modify it to suit your business needs. For Instance: You can purchase our flyer template and use it in your food business/restaurant. You can print it and hand out to your potential customers. However, if you purchase any template from our site and decide to sell them, then you will be violating the Terms and Conditions of your Standard License.