Letterhead Templates

Letterhead Templates

When it comes to making that great, first impression, businesses often rely on professionally designed company letterhead. Your letterhead is often the first thing many clients and prospective business contacts see when you reach out to them. Indeed, it’s not just your name and address, but a well-respected marketing tool, a way of spreading your brand around, making sure that it settles firmly within the public’s mind. Let’s face it, no one knows your business quite like you, so it just makes sense that you design your own letterhead. If this sounds daunting, know that it’s not, and to prove it, we’ve put together this simple guide, on how you can create your own letterhead by using our letterhead templates.

Why Are Letterheads Important in Business?

Your letterhead is a representation of you, both as an individual and business. Letterheads are essential when it comes not only to representation, but to marketing and sales as well. A letterhead which is professionally designed, and adequately convey’s your company’s name, location, contact information and logo projects professionalism to your clients.

The Purpose of Using Letterheads

Professional Representation

You company’s letterhead represents your brand, your identity. The style of your letterhead should remain constant, and also be sued for not only correspondence, but also on invoices, envelopes, and so on, reinforcing your company’s brand. By doing so, your clients, as well as the public will immediately recognize you, the moment they see the letterhead. So, in effect, you’re ensuing that your company is familiar to as many people as possible.

Contact Information

This goes without saying, the main purpose of your letterhead design is to provide all the information necessary so clients will be able to get in touch with you. This means that it must not only be visually pleasing, but also be clear and easy to read. and not take up a huge chunk of the page.

Reinforces Reliability and Trust

A professionally designed letterhead conveys to clients and other recipients that you are a reliable and trustworthy company. Remember, first impressions count, and having a well-designed, business letterhead leaves a positive impression, especially if the letterhead is printed on high quality paper, and not just standard copy paper. Never underestimate the ability for a well-designed letterhead to double as a top-notch, cost-effective marketing tool.

Email, Invoices and Items

in order to reinforce the public with your brand, it’s important to place your company’s information in as many places as possible. Once you’ve developed the perfect letterhead design, it’s a great idea to place it on company mugs, pens, post-its, and of course, email. To do this, you just need to create the perfect letterhead template in your MS Word program so it’s always handy. Even if you’re sending a short note to a client via email, use that letterhead.

Elements of a Professional Letterhead

When you sit down to compose your letterhead, it may be a good idea to think of it as your company’s way of making a good, first impression. So, go ahead and take out a piece of paper, or open up a Word document, and begin to write down the necessary information:

  • Company Name
  • Company Logo
  • Company Address
  • Telephone and Fax Numbers
  • Email addresses and Relevant Social media accounts

Layout and Font

Take some time to practice a few different layouts, asking friends what they think of each. Ask them which layout stands out more and is the most professional. Place your company’s name first, and follow with the address, and contact information. The font for letterhead is usually 10 to 12 points, with the font size for your company’s name being slightly larger, at 14 to 16 points. The font style needs to reflect your business. For instance, if you had a business dealing with futuristic products, you would not choose an Old English font style. Finally, when considering your layout, keep from going sloppy, and instead utilize proper position and alignment.


Your letterhead does not need to be black text against a white background. Indeed, you are free to colorize your letterhead. If you operate a day care center or party business, then you can be quite colorful in your letterhead. However, if your business involves prepping and selling fine art, then your color selection must be a bit on the conservative side.

Keep it Simple

Remember the purpose of your letterhead, and design it accordingly. This means you’ll want to ensure that it’s spaced out enough so that the information is not crammed together. Allow proper spacing between imagery and/or designs and any text, again, so that it is easy to read. Overall, it needs to be neat and professional in appearance.

When you browse our assortment of letterhead templates, you’ll be quite pleased with the quality and diversity of design. All of our letterhead templates are easy to edit in your MS Word program. Simply download the letterhead template of your choice and open it in Microsoft Word. Next, proceed to customize it by adding your own information. Know that you can alter the font size and style, add your own imagery, and clip art if you see fit. Once you’re finished, just click save and print!