Gift Voucher Templates

Gift Voucher Templates

Gift vouchers are a convenient, fun and easy method of gift giving. They’re basically a piece of paper with a certain value amount written on the front. The recipient can then take this gift voucher and exchange it for certain goods or services. If you’re wondering whether it’s the same as a gift certificate, the answer is no. While gift certificates and gift vouchers have certain similarities, they are slightly different. A gift certificate can be designed to allow recipient to purchase a specific item, or whatever they want, much like a gift card. A gift voucher, on the other hand, can only be used for a specific item, such as a hotel stay, or a trial gym membership. Not only are they for use with a specific good or service, but they also have a definite expiration date. 

Why Gift Vouchers?

Gift vouchers are a tried and true method of increasing your brands exposure. This time-honored marketing tool is inexpensive and under complete control by the individual or business. For instance, say you just opened a boutique, and have both a brick and mortar store and online presence. But you’re just starting out, so no one knows you’re even there. By offering gift vouchers, you’ll be attracting new customers to your business. Gift vouchers give people the opportunity to actually try your products or services, it is an enticement to get them through the door, so to speak. 

Since the gift voucher aims toward a specific product or service, such as a spa day, along with an expiration date, the recipient is encouraged to use them. If the gift voucher has a condition where you can bring a friend, all the better. By offering these vouchers, you’ll be creating a satisfied and loyal customer base. After all, there’s no harm in treating the holder of a hotel gift voucher with extra care and consideration, as this increases your exposure via positive customer experience.  All in all, a gift voucher is a cost-effective method of building your brand, your clientele, and building customer loyalty. 

Finally, there’s the consideration of distance. Conventional advertising is an expensive way to try to reach more customers. However, with the gift voucher, this can be accomplished with little expense on your part. Vouchers can be given in person, sent by email or by post. Once you reach these customers, and they become familiar with your brand and products, you can be certain that your overall sales will spike. 

How to Create a Perfect Gift Voucher

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what a gift voucher is, and how it can be used to enhance your business, it’s time to get started creating your own. First things first, and that is to make certain that your design is clear and easy to read. This eliminates unnecessary disputes when it’s time to check out. Next, get your notebook out and decide what the voucher is to be for, the images you may want to try out, the font style, amount and expiration date. 

To give you a better understanding of what should go on a voucher, we’ve included some essential components. Keep in mind, that these are only guidelines. Your gift voucher may vary depending on the type of business you have, and what type of good or service you’re offering. 

  • Company Name and Logo – This should be in plain sight. After all, you want to encourage people to become familiar with your brand.
  • “To” and “From” – Including a “Presented To:” and “Presented From” section, makes it personal, and also secures it so no one else can use it.
  • Expiration Date – Here, you’ll place the deadline for the voucher.
  • Descriptive Title – This tells the recipient what the voucher is for, such as “$50 Off Your Next Spa Visit”.
  • Amount – The value of the voucher
  • Terms and Conditions – If the voucher had any limitations or conditions, place them here.

Yes, they most certainly are! All that you’ll need to do, is to select your favorite Gift Voucher Template design, download it, and proceed to edit. You can download one template, or you can download as many as you need. Perhaps you’d like one style of template to offer a spa day, and another style of template to offer for a set of tennis shoes. As you can see, our Gift Voucher templates are versatile and can be used for one or more applications. 

Once you’ve downloaded your chosen template(s), it’s time to get to editing. When it comes to editing, you can use a Microsoft Word, or you can use a graphic software program, such as Photoshop.  Simply start your preferred program and open up your template. From here, you can proceed to alter the colors, font size and style or add your very own images. (Note: If you are using Photoshop or any other software but Microsoft Word, you’ll need to add text on background image from scratch) When completed, hit save, and you’re ready to print. Keep in mind that you’re not limited to plain copy paper, but can choose from a variety of specialty papers, if you want to give your certificate that extra professional touch.