Christmas Gift Certificate Template

Christmas Gift Certificate Template

Christmas has a rich and complex history, one that has offered us magical memories, good food, pleasant times and of course, gifts. No time in the year has such a profound effect on ourselves and those around us. It’s a giving time, a charitable time–a time in which we seek out friends and relations to help us celebrate the holiday. When it comes to gift giving, one of the best, and most personal gifts you can grant, is the Christmas Gift Certificate, and there’s no quicker, easier and hassle-free way of getting a Christmas Gift Certificate as with a customizable template.

Why a Christmas Gift Certificate?

  • Versatility. Christmas Gift Certificates are the perfect solution to so many gift giving questions. These certificates are versatile and can be used by the recipient to either get exactly what they want, or they can be good for only certain goods and/or services. For instance, you can give your friend a $50.00 Christmas Gift Certificate so they can proceed to purchase whatever they want, or you can make more specific, such as for a spa treatment.
  • Save on Shipping and Handling. They’re also great gifts for those you deeply care for, who live far away. With a Christmas Gift Certificate, you’ll be sending a gift they’ll definitely appreciate, need and use. The gift certificate is better than purchasing a gift from the store, packaging it, and sending it parcel post, as you won’t be spending any extra cash on shipping and handling fees.
  • Great for Grab Bags and Last-Minute Gifts. Whichever way you go, you know that this is a fabulous solution for that hard to please recipient, or Christmas grab bag. Not only that, but they are the best way to go if you’ve been busy and forgot to purchase some gifts. If it’s Christmas Eve, and you just learned Aunt Edna was arriving by 4 p.m., no sweat. Simply download a Christmas Gift Certificate Template, customize it, print it out and present it! Now, if that doesn’t solve the occasional Christmas gift giving nightmare of accidentally forgetting to purchase a present, we don’t know what does.

Elements of a Christmas Gift Certificate

If you’re set on giving Christmas Gift, know that you’ve made an excellent choice, one that will give your gift recipient the opportunity and freedom to purchase just what they’d like. This next part is crucial, as it goes over what you should include on your Christmas Gift Certificate. Depending on your situation, you may leave out some items, such as a Logo, but pay attention to essentials, such as amount.

  • Descriptive Title – This tells your recipient what and where the certificate if for
  • Logo – This is important only if you wish to popularize your brand. For instance, say you’re a spa owner and are downloading a certain amount of Christmas Gift Certificates to pass out to customers.
  • Contact Information if applicable
  • Expiration date and terms and conditions if applicable
  • A tracking number – This is necessary if you download a sizable lot of Christmas Gift Certificate templates and are looking to ensure no fraud occurs.

All of our templates are richly decorated to convey the Christmas spirit. They are designed to put the recipient in the holiday mood, to lift their spirits, to enrich their holiday experience. We have everything from festive Christmas trees, to brightly wrapped packages, reindeer and much more. Indeed, once you see our selection, you’ll be astounded at how easy it is, and why you didn’t do it before. Find one you like? Don’t stop there! Download as many different designs as you want, customizing them for each recipient.

Most definitely! In fact, that’s half the fun of downloading the templates. Once you go through our assortment of professionally designed Christmas Gift Certificate templates, and made your selection, simply download them and carry on! In fact, before you even begin to search for the template, get an idea of what you’d like to do to it. Perhaps you’d like to add an image of your dog with a Santa hat on its head! If so, look for a template which would complement that image. It’s just that simple!

Now that you know they are customizable, let the fun begin. Once downloaded, you can bring them up into either your Microsoft Word program, or your favorite graphic software editing program. It’s super easy to use a Microsoft Word, but if you’re handy with graphics editing software, then you can open the background design up there.

Once downloaded, open up a new document in your chosen program and insert the design you downloaded. Here you are free to add images, add text content, change the font style and size, colors, and add whatever text you’d like. You can also alter the size of the gift certificate. Once you’re done with your certificate, save it as a jpg or png, at 300 dpi and your preferred document size. 300 dpi means dots per inch. Remember to add that extra bit of personalization, consider using a specialty printing paper.