Business Gift Certificate Templates

Business Gift Certificate Templates

Customers love gift certificates; businesses love gift certificates. Why? Simply because the gift certificate is a way for people to obtain exactly what it is, they want, while businesses profit from their patronage. The gift certificate grants the gift recipient the choice to shop and select something that they’ve always wanted. After all, as much as we think we know people, we sometimes tend to gift people with items we “think” they’d like, instead of what they would actually like. Hence the success of the gift certificate.

Advantages of Using a Business Gift Certificate

Increase in Brand Awareness Equals an Increase in Sales. Gift certificates are an exceptional way for businesses to increase their brand awareness, which equates to an increase in sales. The gift certificate is a relatively inexpensive way to garner some much-needed attention to their brand. The gift certificate brings the customer into the store, and while there, they often end up purchasing other goods. This is particularly true during the holiday season.

Generate a Healthy Relationship with Your Customers. Gift certificates are a fabulous way to make a great first impression with new customers. By bringing in new customers into your brick and mortar or online establishments, gift certificates introduce the unfamiliar with your products and/or services. These new patrons will then become familiar with your brand, the items you sell, and services you provide them. Once contact with the customer has been made, so has your marketing opportunities.

Great for Repeat Business. Gift certificates are a cost-effective way of retaining customers. For instance, say you have a mailing list, you can start a policy where customers receive a gift certificate when their birthday rolls around. Remember, chances are, that they’ll not only use the certificate, but take some time to spend a few more extra dollars while there. They can be used to generate business via promotions, holiday sales, or to help announce the arrival of new products. If you have a new Kenmore dishwasher model arriving in November, you can alert your customers in July, by offering them a gift certificate for a certain percentage off if purchased by a specific date. Hop out of the box and get as creative as you can with these certificates.

Key Points of a Good Gift Certificate

In order to get the most out of your gift voucher campaign, it’s essential that the certificates contain all the necessary elements. Below, we’ve compiled a list of gift certificate components which you can use as a check list when creating your own.

  • Functional Design. The design of the gift voucher should reflect the business, product or services that you’re offering, as well as the season they’re offered. For instance, if you’re offering birthday gift vouchers, a design with images depicting good cheer, birthday cakes and wrapped presents would definitely establish an emotional connection to your customer.
  • Clarity of Purpose. The purpose of the gift voucher is to give the recipient an enjoyable, fun purchasing experience–one with no hassles. As such, the information must be clearly stated and in a font that is easy to read. If there is a dollar amount, then made certain that it’s readable, or if it’s for a service, such as a spa treatment, that it states exactly what type of spa treatment.
  • Instructions. If your promotion has conditions, then made certain to print them legibly on the certificate. These conditions can include expiration dates, what good or service it applies to, or whether or not it can be redeemed for cash. If these or other instructions are not included, expect confusion at the sale.
  • Remember Your Brand. Keep in mind that you’re not only offering a gift certificate, but also a method of establishing good customer relations. So, don’t forget yourself. In other words, place your contact information, including a website address, or social media information on the certificate.

If the idea of creating your own gift certificates is enticing, then know that it’s also quite simple to do. Just glance over our assortment of gift certificate templates, and make your choice, it’s as simple as that. You can select one or more designs, as there is no limit. If you’re using these for a promotion for a product or service, don’t forget to number them, as it prevents fraud.


These certificates are quite easy to customize using Microsoft Word, with some also available in PDF format. Once you download the template, you are free to alter the font, size, add an image, words and any other information you deem suitable. Of course, those of you familiar with graphic editing programs may use those as well. Once you’ve added your own, specific details you can print out what you need. If you’d like to add a sense of quality to your certificate, think of going for one of the many specialty printing papers available.

Contact Information, including website, social media and email address

  • To: _________
  • From: _______
  • Dollar Amount: _________
  • Promotions, products and or services if applicable
  • Certificate number, which prevents fraud
  • Any further conditions or information necessary