Award Certificate Templates

Award Certificate Templates

Award Certificates are a quick, easy and affordable way to acknowledge the accomplishments of others. Whether you’re a mom looking to award your 6-year-old for cleaning their room, or a corporate manager looking to recognize some of your top money-makers, the Award Certificate creates a lasting effect on recipients. With our Award Certificate templates, you’ll be able to create any type of Award Certificate that you’d like and create as many as you’d like. Our templates are professionally designed and impart a sense of accomplishment to the recipient. They are simple to edit and look absolutely beautiful when properly printed and framed.


Elements of a Good Award Certificate

Award certificates differ depending on their purpose. For instance, a military award certificate will have a much different design and set of wording, than one made for a kindergarten class or gardening award. However, no matter what the purpose, they all have the same core elements, as seen below:

  • Title – In this case, Award Certificate. or Certificate of Award. This is generally in the largest font size.
  • Presentation – Here, you may use words such as: Is hereby awarded to, is presented to, is awarded to, is given to.
  • Recipient’s name – When entering the recipient’s name, it’s wise to use a different style font.
  • From line – This is reserved for the person, organization or group that is giving the award.
  • Statement of Award – A descriptive paragraph which states why they are getting the award. Certificates don’t allow for much space, so try to be brief and concise with the wording here.
  • Date – the award date.
  • Signature(s) – signatures add to the overall feel of professionalism, so include a space for them.

How to Write an Award Certificate

When it comes right down to it, while the design is an asset, it’s the wording that makes the Award Certificate special. If the wording is lacking, then the certificate will not be able to convey it’s true meaning. First, it’s a good idea to jot down all if the important particulars, such as dates, and names, making certain that the names are spelled correctly. Next, you’ll want to concentrate on the statement of award.

The statement of award is a descriptive paragraph which states why the recipient(s) were chosen to receive the award. In truth, a statement of award is not always necessary, especially if the award speaks for itself. However, most certificates will contain a small, brief paragraph explaining the specific accomplishments which lead to the award. The wording will be formal, and very professional:

  • In gratitude and appreciation
  • For achievements garnered in
  • For outstanding service and performance
  • In recognition for

Sample Wording

Leadership Award Certificate

In appreciation for your visionary outlook and outstanding leadership during these last 10 years. Your ability to lead by example and do it with grace and ease, dedication and enthusiasm is appreciated, not just by us but by the entire company. If it were not for your continual, unswerving support, our department would not have fared so well. Thank you.

Lifesaving Award Certificate

In the deepest recognition and gratitude for the service you’ve offered on a volunteer basis to tend to our local beach, even during off season, we are eternally grateful. Your ability to center yourself on your objective, and bring the wayward boat into shore, we are sure, saved many lives. It’s with great appreciation that we present to you this Lifesaving Award Certificate.

Loyalty Award Certificate

In appreciation and gratitude for your continuing support of our organization, your unflinching dedication to our cause. Your loyalty to your teammates, as well as both family and friends throughout this venture has been inspiring, your devotion to duty outstanding.

Art Award Certificate

With awe and admiration for your monumental sculpture entitled, “Breaking Dawn”, as well as the accompanying portraits, we bestow upon you this art award for your exceptional creations. Your art has opened the eyes of many and contributed to the betterment of society. We wish you all the best in your future artistic endeavors.

Service Award Certificate

It’s with great appreciation for your ongoing, selfless and unswerving service to our charity, “A Home for All”, that we present you with this Service Award Certificate. Without your diligence and desire to take on the extra duties that you have, we would not have made our yearly quota for blankets, canned goods and medical supplies. For this, we are eternally grateful.

Safety Award Certificate

In recognition for your continual support for our company’s efforts at creating a secure warehouse environment, we award you with this Safety Award Certificate. The protocols you implemented were instrumental in the reduction injuries during that past year. That, along with your new guidelines for forklift management have ensured that we’ll be experiencing far less accidents in the future.

Attendance Award Certificate

With honor and respect, we hereby bestow this award for perfect attendance to you, for the the school year of 2018. Your determination to always show up and on time, even during inclement weather are an inspiration to both students and faculty.

Academic Award Certificate

In recognition for your academic standing with this university, along with your continued support of the department’s academic goals. Your ability to work alongside both professors as well as fellow students, only accentuates and adds to your already high standing. Furthermore, your dedication has brought the university to the attention of the Highland Project, which awards grants to deserving students and faculty.

Scholarship Award Certificate

With great pride, gratitude and appreciation for your outstanding accomplishments in the field of microbiology which has earned you this scholarship award certificate today, we hereby present you with this Scholarship Award Certificate. We know that you will make our school proud with your future accomplishments.

Best Teacher Award Certificate

It is with the most heartfelt appreciation that we award you with this Best Teacher Award Certificate and accompanying plaque. Due to your continual support of students, staff and parents, you’ve brought much honor and celebration to our humble school. The documentary of your service is a testament to your compassion, kindness and love.

Best Student Award Certificate

In appreciation and respect for your outstanding academic performance this year, we hereby award you with the Best Student Award Certificate. Your steadfast attentiveness to your studies, your goals and participation in extracurricular activities have made you an inspiration for your fellow students and instructors alike. We wish you all the best for the upcoming year.

Best Employee Award Certificate

With the deepest appreciation possible, we are happy to award you with this Best Employee Award Certificate and plaque. Your continual support of fellow employees, management staff and unswerving service to clients have all made you irreplaceable in our eyes. It is with great hope that you will continue to stay with us in the upcoming years.

Best Boss Award Certificate

it is with great pleasure that we present to you, the Best Boss Award Certificate, for your undying devotion to duty in making our department among the best in the company. The protocols you set forth have created a relaxed, stress free environment, one where individuals feel secure and thus, provide us with their best performance possible. That, coupled with your understanding in times of need, also have woven your way into our hearts.

Best Performance Award Certificate

Due to your amazing weekend performance, we heartily agree that you should be awarded the Best Performance Award Certificate of the Year. The depths of which you took the audience, the risks involved as well as your bravery and courage in the face of uncertainty have made you an icon among thousands.

Employee of the Year Award Certificate

In recognition of your valued contributions to our department and company, your invaluable business instincts and ability to work with both customers and vendors alike. Your dedication has assisted us in reaching our 2019 marketing goals, and for this we are grateful and wish you many more years of success at our firm.

Sports Award Certificate

In acknowledgement of your outstanding athletic performance in track and field, basketball and swimming, your dedication to your goals and eagerness to assist your fellow classmates and teammates. Your devotion to the ethics and morality of the sport has brought us great hope for the upcoming track and field season.

Teamwork Award Certificate

For your fearless and intrepid attention to not only the advancement of our goals, but of constantly uplifting your teammates so they also succeed. By including others in your endeavors, encouraging them to do their best, while sharing in the spoils, makes you an inspiration to our team. We are fortunate to have you, and hope that you will continue to work with us in the future.

Recognition Award Certificate

In recognition for your outstanding academic performance during the 2018 school year. Both your academic achievement as well as assistance to fellow students and faculty is duly noted and appreciated. That, along with your extensive after-school duties which involve charity work and helping the less fortunate, we see you as an inspiration.

Of course! Our professionally designed Award Certificate templates are not only attractive, but they are quite simple to customize. All that is required is for you to browse our assortment of certificates and make your choice or choices. If you cannot make up your mind on a design, fear not, for you can download as many certificate templates as you’d like, and try your hand at each one, until you come across one that suits you. What’s great about our certificate templates, is that you don’t have to go to MS Word and start from scratch or download a certificate maker. We’ve done all the work for you, so you don’t have to.


This is where the fun starts. Just open the certificate template in your favorite editing software. All of our Award Certificate templates are compatible with MS Word, with a few compatible with PDF format. If you’re experienced with graphic design software, then go ahead and open them up in Photoshop or any other graphic design software. Once your template is open, you can then begin to customize. You can alter the font size, style and color, as well as add text, images or clip art. Once completed, simply save, print and present! But you’re not finished quite yet. As this is an Award Certificate, why not print it out on some specialty paper, and have it framed? By adding these few extra touches, you’ll be ensuring that the recipient will remember this for years to come.