Appreciation Certificate Templates

Appreciation Certificate Templates

Certificates of Appreciation are a terrific way to show those who have gone above and beyond, just how much you appreciate them. Way too often, the work of others goes unnoticed by those who benefit from it. However, with the creation of Certificates of Appreciation, all that is not history. With the simple act of downloading a Certificate of Appreciation template, customizing it, print and presenting it, you can show a person just how much their effort has inspired you. While handshakes and compliments are nice, by granting the recipient a certificate, you’re giving them something tangible, something to hold on to, cherish, and hang on their wall.

Elements of a Good Certificate of Appreciation

When it comes to composing your Certificate of Appreciation, it’s advisable to incorporate certain elements. The First thing to consider are the fonts. When you look at a certificate, you’ll often note that it uses two to three different font styles and sizes. This is done in order to emphasize different fields. For instance, the field for Certificate of Appreciation will usually be in the largest font, and the statement of appreciation in a smaller script font. To help give you an idea, we’ve listed some of the more common fonts below:

  • Old English Regular
  • Adine Kirnburg
  • Argor Got Scaqh
  • Cygnet

Once you select your fonts, it’s time to map out your certificate. Fortunately, you’ll find that Certificates of Appreciation are among the simplest to design, as you can see from the following list.

  • The basic elements which you should include on your Certificate of Appreciation:
  • The first and last name of the recipient
  • The Certificate of Appreciation statement
  • The date presented
  • The name of the person, organization or group presenting the certificate

How to Write a Certificate of Appreciation

A letter of appreciation is often a personal thing. When people go out of their way to accomplish a goal, and it benefits the many, sometimes words do not feel enough. You need something tangible, something to present, and this is where a Certificate of Appreciation comes in. But what happens if you can’t find the words to express yourself? What happens if you know that you are not a competent writer, and won’t be able to put your feelings in the correct words? This is where we come in. By following a few basic concepts and taking advantage of our sample wordings for Certificates of Appreciation, you’ll soon find yourself on the right track.

In general, unless the certificate concerns kids or perhaps a comic situation, the verbiage will be quite formal. The words you’ll use will center on gratitude and appreciation.

  • “For outstanding service to…”
  • “In appreciation and gratitude for…”
  • “We hereby bestow this Certificate of Appreciation to…”

Sample Wordings

Certificate of Appreciation for Army

In heartfelt and grateful recognition for their continuous, and selfless attention to duty, their faithful, devoted service to fellow military personnel and their families. Due to your steadfast diligence and dedication, both in times of peace and war, hundreds of military families are now receiving the care they deserve.

Certificate of Appreciation for Retirement

In acknowledgement for your many years of service, your unrelenting loyalty to both company and coworkers. Your 25 years with us have brought us closer to our goals, and contributed much to the overall success of our company, for which we are eternally grateful.

Certificate of Appreciation for Perfect Attendance

In appreciation for your accomplishment of obtaining perfect attendance for the last quarter, which in turn, allowed us to fulfill our obligations with our business partners and customers. The result was a profitable quarter, one in which we have never before experienced. Thank you.

Certificate of Appreciation for Sponsorship

With great appreciation and gratitude for your sponsorship of our charity, Ending Homelessness in 2019, for helping us to meet our goals, with regards to food, blankets and medical supplies. Without your sponsorship we would not have been able to carry out operations in such a successful manner.

Certificate of Appreciation for Best Service

With respect and gratitude for your continual support and efforts in making our department the absolute best it can be, along with your diligence and dedication in fostering a more diverse workplace. Without your participation in our Diversity Group, we feel that our company would be seriously lacking.

Certificate of Appreciation Achieving Sales Target

In gratitude and appreciation for your unswerving attention to sales goals with respect to assisting us in attaining company goals with regards to sales. You have continually amazed us with your ability to achieve your sales target for the third straight year in a row, and we wish you many more years of success with us.

Certificate of Appreciation for Honesty

In recognition for your unselfish and dedicated service to our charity, “A Home for All”, we hereby award you with this Certificate of Appreciation for Honesty. Without your honest and trustworthy support, our clients would not feel as secure as they do when they come to our humble shelter.

Certificate of Appreciation for Hosting an Event

With the greatest admiration, gratitude and appreciation for your excellence in hosting our annual event, “ACME Award Night”. Your staff, catering service, handling of social media, and after-party cleanup was perfect in every way. Without your diligence and attention to detail, the awards dinner would not have been the success that it was.

Certificate of Appreciation for Hard Work

In appreciation for your ongoing hard work in the field of astrophysics, we hereby grant you this Certificate of Appreciation. Your continual and unswerving attention to your goals have assisted our department in securing several valuable, much need grants of which we greatly appreciate.

Certificate of Appreciation for Leaving Employee

In recognition for your outstanding contribution to our company. Your leadership has helped us to attain our goals, of which we are most grateful. We value what you’ve accomplished while under our employment and wish you the utmost best in your future endeavors.

Certificate of Appreciation for Nurses

For your selfless devotion to your patients and fellow staff members, and continual support of our various charitable organizations, we humbly bestow upon you this Certificate of Appreciation. Without your efforts and ability to organize and delegate tasks our department would not be regarded in such high esteem.

Certificate of Appreciation for Participation

In appreciation for your constant and welcomed participation in our after-school program, for helping to assist not only the children, but their parents, we thank you. Because of your participation in our after-school program, our enrollment has increased beyond expectation, which in turn, benefits the community.

Certificate of Appreciation for Quality

In appreciation for your dedication and diligence with regards to maintaining the high standards for which we are known. Without your attention to detail and drive and diligence, we would never have been able to meet the requirements of our clients, and for this we are most grateful.

Yes, and it’s very simple to do so. Start by browsing our assortment of professionally designed Certificate of Appreciation templates. Choose one, or as many as you like, and download them to your computer. If you have a hard time deciding which design to choose, simply download any design that suits your taste, and proceed to edit it, and select the one you like best! By using our Certificate of Appreciation templates, you’ll be able to create beautiful certificates without having to purchase special graphic designing software.


You’ll find that customization is quick and easy. Once you’ve downloaded the template to your computer, just proceed to open it up in MS Word and start editing. When it comes to specifics, you’ll be able to alter the font size, color and style, add images or clip art, and add text.  Once the editing process is complete, just save, print and present! As these are formal certificates, it’s a good idea to skip on the copy paper and invest in some specialty paper. You can also frame them and present them!