Employment (Income) Verification Letter

There are different motives why you might need to write an elopement verification letter, also referred to as the letter of employment. Some of the most common scenarios include requesting a loan from your bank to buy a home or, at your landlord’s request, when looking to rent their apartment. Whichever the reason, writing the letter of employment may be quite intimidating as you may not know what should be included and what to leave out.

Fortunately, this guide has every useful detail you might need when writing the employment verification letter. Eventually, you’ll be surprised at how simple writing this document is and a lot simpler than you had initially anticipated.

What’s an Employment Verification Letter?

The employee verification letter is a document written either by your current or previous employer to verify whether you’re an employee in the specific company. Writing this letter is usually brought about after a request by mortgage lenders, collection agencies, government agencies, potential landlords, or prospective employers. Other names of this letter include the work verification letter, income verification letter, proof of employment letter, salary verification letter, or employment confirmation letter.

Who Needs a Letter of Employment?

You’ll need the letter of employment, regardless of whether you’re a current or former employee, to prove your employment history and certify your salary to the new employer. Other than this, the employment verification letter is also needed after the request by a third party. This allows them to confirm you’ve got the income needed to make the needed monthly payments on significant expenditures such as loan, mortgage, or rental application. Your new employer usually only needs this letter to confirm that everything about your previous position and salary is factual.

Applying for the employment letter has been streamlined, with most companies setting up an official employment verification request form. Therefore, you simply need to fill out this form to get your letter of employment, and this applies to both the former and current employees.

How To Write An Employment Verification Letter

When writing the letter of employment, there are a couple of steps you need to follow including;

Step 1: Use The Company Letterhead

As the employment verification letter is an official document, using a standard letterhead to address the letter’s contents is recommended. This is necessary as it’s the only way of verifying that the letter is official, thereby worth believing. The letterhead should include several vital details such as;

  • The company’s address
  • The company logo
  • The contact details
  • Any other distinct identifiers

Step 2: State The Letter’s Purpose

Here is where you explain the primary reason why you’re writing this letter. At this point, you need to elaborate all the details you’ve been requested to provide by the third-party and the standard information that need to be contained in the letter. This includes details such as;

  • The name of the employee
  • Duration of employment
  • Previous or current job
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Job performance
  • Salary amount
  • Employment Status

Step 3: Proofread and Edit

This is the final step, and you should end by stating your name. You also should request whoever is in charge of writing this letter to take proper measures to ensure you get your letter of employment as requested. After that, print your name on this letter and finish by adding a signature to be official.

How To Request An Employment Verification Letter

It’s expected to be a concern when requesting an employment verification letter from your previous or current employer. However, this shouldn’t concern you if you followed these guidelines to make this document remains professional.

Here are the steps to follow when requesting the employment verification letter;

Step 1: Identify Who To Ask For the Letter of Employment

Knowing who to ask in the company should the first thing to consider when hoping to get an employment verification letter. In most cases, you’ll need to ask the Human Resource department for this letter unless otherwise stated. When requesting this letter, always do it in writing.

Step 2: Contact Them Via Email

It’s always best to put your request in writing to show the urgency of this matter. Therefore, you set aside some time to curate a professional and concise email to your current or former employer to start the discussions of you getting the letter of employment. In addition, ensure you should give them a clear reason why you want the letter and the date by when it would be ideal to receive the letter.

When finishing, thank them as a show of appreciation for their dedication and efforts to get you the employment verification letter. After that, mention you’ll be willing to enter into a more formal discussion either via phone or an in-person meeting.

Step 3: Give Details To Be Included In Employment Verification Letter

Explain to your employer on how the letter of employment should be sent to you. The options you can opt for include faxing, sending it in an email format or mailing through a third-party. It would be best to simplify their work by giving them essential details as an address or extra contact details.

Step 4: Send A Thank You Note

After your employment verification letter has been sent out to the requested recipient, make sure to thank them for writing the letter on your behalf. You may also choose to include a gift card or small gift as a show of your appreciation.

Sample of Verification for Current Employee

Emma Clarkson

Director of Marketing

ABC Associates

23 Main Street,

New York, NY 86257

April 31, 2021

James Specter

Senior Vice President

XYZ Industries, Inc.

53 Second Street,

New York, NY 03672

Dear Mr James,

This letter is written to confirm that Emma Clarkson is an employee at ABC Associates for the last four years in our Marketing Department. She has been working at this company since June 1, 2018.

If you need any additional info, don’t hesitate to get in touch using this number 746-747-163563.


(Handwritten Signature)

Emma Clarkson

Director of Marketing

ABC Associates

Sample of Verification for Past Employee

XYZ Corporation

Main Street

262 First Ave

Dallas, TX 75201

April 28, 2021

ABC Company.

444 Second Ave.

Dallas, TX 63638

Dear Mr Ramirez,

This letter confirms that Sarah Rice was hired as Call Representative at XYZ Corporation from January 1, 2017, to May 28, 2020.

In case of any questions or require further information, you can contact us 636-777-037378 or  [email protected] xyzcorpo . email.


Jesse Richards

Human Resources Manager

XYZ Corporation.

Employment Verification Letter (Templates)

Final Thoughts

The employment verification letter plays a crucial role in proving your work history to a potential employer or a third party. But many people often find writing this letter to be daunting. You shouldn’t have such a sentiment anymore after reading this detailed post highlighting everything to know about the employment verification letter.

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