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Issues will usually pop up that necessitate absenteeism from work. These include sicknesses, emergencies, accidents, and other unforeseen exigencies. As a matter of courtesy, you have to request leave from work for some time. Many organizations have an employee leave forms which they demand that their employees fill out prior to the advancement of this permission.

Here is a quick guide and a few samples and templates to help you in writing a professional form.

What does it contain?

These leave forms vary significantly from one company to another one. Notwithstanding these variations, these forms contain more or less similar items. Below are some of the things that never miss out in any leave form:
  • Name of the company – This is the name of the company that is issuing out the leave. Obviously, the company here refers to the one in which the employee works.
  • Company letterhead – Each letter has to bear a company letterhead. The purpose of this letterhead is to prove that the letter is official and is indeed sanctioned by the relevant authorities.
  • Name of the Employee – Here, you showcase the exact name of the employee who is actually requesting the leave. Accompanying this should be the identification number and other unique identifiers.
  • Date of the Request – It is the date on which the request is made. This is the date that is subsequently used for all future references and litigations that touch on the letter.
  • Reason for the Request – In this slot, you make known the exact reason for which the request is made. Is it health, emergency, or any other unforeseen circumstance?
  • Supporting Affidavits – You definitely have to support every statement you make. Thus, you have to attach or enclose the various forms that are relevant to the issue at hand. These include medical reports, police notes, and so on.
  • Duration of Leave – How long do you want to be absent from work? This is referred to as the duration of the leave. You have to make an allowance for the sake of any unforeseen emergencies that may extend the entire duration.
  • Nature of the Leave – What is the nature of the leave? By ‘nature’ we mean, is it paid or unpaid? This requires that you confirm with your firm first and foremost as the policy varies significantly from one firm to another.
  • Terms of References – These are the various rules and regulations that govern these leaves. For instance, they may showcase the measures to be taken in the event that the employee abuses this leave.
  • Relevant Signatures – All the parties to the leave have to append their signatures. These include the employee himself, the employer, and the line managers.

Employee Leave Forms Template

Employer’s Name: ____________________________ ID No.: __________

Employee’s Address: __________________________ Phone No.:_______

Supervisor’s Name: ___________________________ Department:_______

Reasons for the Leave: ______________________________________________________

Type of Leave:

[] Continuous Leave

[] Intermittent Leave

[] Reduced Schedule

[] Paid Leave

[] Unpaid Leave

Employer’s Signature: _______________________________________________________

Employee’s Signature: ______________________________________________________

Supervisor’s Signature: ______________________________________________________

Date: ____________________________________________________________________

Employee Leave Forms Templates and Examples

To be able to draft a quality and precise employee leave form, you have to make extensive use of the templates. These are documents that basically give you the guidance you need to set out. They exist in the Word and the PDF formats. Here are some examples you might have to look up to in order to get started well.

Employee Annual Leave Form
File Format
  • PDF

Employee Leave Form Example
File Format
  • PDF

Leave Application Form
File Format
  • PDF

Leave of Absence Form
File Format
  • PDF

Employee Maternity Leave Form
File Format
  • PDF

Employee Medical Leave Form
File Format
  • PDF

Employee Short Leave Form
File Format
  • PDF

Employee Sick Leave Form Example
File Format
  • PDF

Sample Employee Leave Request Form
File Format
  • PDF

Purpose of Employee Leave Forms

This form is indeed a vital part and parcel of any managerial undertakings of the organization. It forms the backbone of the employee management and also brings about many other benefits. Below are some of those good ends that the form does have or bring along:
  • Streamline Employee Management. The form does streamline the management of the employees indeed. That is mainly because of the role it plays insofar as facilitating the leaves and the vacations is concerned. With this form, it is also possible to follow up on the matters to do with absenteeism with utmost vitality.
  • Wards off Confusion. It is not uncommon for confusion to arise in the course of handling employee issues. The form also exists to ward off the emergence of this confusion. It does so principally by keeping accurate track of the workings of each employee and the kinds of leaves they take off work.
  • Useful in Settling Disputes. Just like confusion, it is also not uncommon for disputes to arise in the course of managing the affairs of employees. Yet again, this form comes in handy to settle any such disputes. This is something it does principally by acting as a reference point from which any misunderstandings may be argued.
  • Ensures Legal Compliance. Many jurisdictions demand that the employers that have a base within their borders make good use of these forms. It hence follows that your use of the form is a sure way of complying with the prevailing legal regimes in your area. The failure to utilize it may hence be a recipe for chaos.
  • Improves Communications and Coordination. Lastly, the form does play a pivotal role in improving communications and coordination within the organization. It is employed across numerous sectors and is also a reference point for future disputes and misunderstandings. You can never, in fact, hope to manage your firm better or more effectively without employing it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We now look at some of the questions that are often asked with regard to this form. We hope that by answering these questions, you shall get the insight you need to appreciate the form better and make better use of the same:
What is the leave form?

This is a form that an employee fills to request and explain his impending absence from work. It is mandatory in many jurisdictions and companies to fill this form prior to skipping attendance or work for some time. The form contains just about every detail that the parties to the conflict require.

How do I fill out a leave form?

• Read the instructions clearly
• Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of your company that touch on the matters of leave
• Seek clarifications from the various authorities before setting out to fill the form
• Fill in the details as truthfully as you possibly can. If stuck, ask for assistance from a line manager.
• Attach the supporting affidavits to back the allegations you have revealed in the form
• Append the necessary signatures
• Stamp and date the form accordingly

What is DA Form 31?

This is the leave form that is used by the Department of the Army. It has to be filled out by the members of the armed forces prior to staying absent from work. Other than the fact that it is wholly meant for the members of the armed forces, this form does not bear any significant difference with the ordinary employee leave form.

How far in advance should you request leave?

The standard practice world over is a minimum of 2 weeks. However, different companies and jurisdictions have their own rules of engagement. As such, they may have their own limits and ultimatums which you have to similarly adhere to. It is up to you to find out this from your firm.

Can personal days be denied?

YES, they can! However, employers must provide reasonable grounds for denying these days. That must also be put in the form of writing to act as a future reference just in case a dispute might arise from it.


Just to reiterate an earlier point, it is impossible to manage the activities of employees these days without the use of these forms. That is why a thorough reading of our explanations is highly welcome. Kindly read through to find the inspiration you badly need to make the use of the forms more fruitful.

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