Employee Email Asking to Work From Home Due to Personal Reasons

Employee Email Asking to Work From Home Due to Personal Reasons

An employee email asking to work from home due to personal reasons is an official communique that an employee drafts to an employer. The purpose of this letter is basically to let the employer know that the employee is not showing up for work. It also goes beyond that to spell out the reasons that inform this unfortunate course of action.

Life is not as smooth and linear as it is usually expected to. Indeed, from time to time, circumstances may arise that may warrant a deferral from duty or any other form of absenteeism. Nonetheless, it is still a matter of courtesy to explain to the employer the reasons by way of official communications.

How to Write

A typical letter of this kind ought to comprise the following pieces of information:

  • The Nature of the Problem. What exactly is it that has necessitated your absence from the physical office? It is imperative that you spell out the exact problem in a manner that is clear and to the point. This is to avoid any form of ambiguity and to give the employer a complete picture of the issue at hand.
  • Duration of Absence. For how long do you intend to skim the office environment? It is yet again important that you give your employer a complete picture of this duration beforehand. Reason? To let him prepare appropriately for your imminent absence and put in place measures to take care of your absence.
  • Start and End Dates of the Absence. When do you plan to start skipping office presence? And when do you plan to resume the appearance altogether? If you are not sure of yourself, you should give approximate dates and make it plain to your employer that there is a possibility of extending your absence.
  • How you intend to Make up for the Absence. Obviously, your absence from the office is likely to inconvenience the others around you. How do you intend to take care of these inconveniences? Will you for instance work for a longer duration upon resuming physical attendance or what?
  • Personal Apology. Round it up by apologizing for the planned absence and the inconveniences that are likely to come about. This not only goes to show how courteous you are but also instills some confidence in the employer about your reliability and dedication to duty.

Email to Work From Home Due to Personal Reasons (Format)






City, State Zip Code

Respected Mr. /Ms. Last Name:

RE: Permission Letter to Work from Home

This is to notify you that I ______ (type your name), plans to skip office attendance and work from home. The absence shall last ___ (specify the duration) and start from _ (mm/dd/yyyy) and hopefully end in _________ (mm/dd/yyyy).

The reason behind the planned absence is ______ (explain the reason vividly). Throughout my absence, I promise to cooperate with you chiefly by way of offering support and consultancy.

Reach me via my telephone contacts XXX-XXX-XXXX during that time for any emergencies. It is my plea that you shall respond favorably to my request.


Your Name,


Sample Email to Work From Home Due to Personal Reasons

Ahmed Johnson,

Front Office Specialist – Newark Solutions Inc.,

One 50 Fenwick Street Newark,

NJ 07114

Dear Sir,

RE: Permission Letter to work from Home

This is to respectfully let you know that I, Ahmed Johnson, plan to work from home for one month from July 1st through to July 31st, 2032.

I have a terminally ill mother who desperately needs my comfort and company. How I wish it were possible for me to attend duty usually, but I just can’t.

Sorry in advance for the inconvenience. Upon resuming duty, I plan to work longer hours to make up for the time that shall be lost.

Additionally, I will also be on standby for any support and consultation when called upon. Kindly accept my plea and treat it favorably.


Ahmed Johnson


We bring an end to our look into the employee email asking to work from home due to personal reasons there. Having done that bit, we now defer the matter to you to implement the insight we have generously provided. When do you plan now to draft a letter of this kind?