Email List Template – 7+ For Word, Excel & PDF Format

A quality email list template is one of the most powerful tools for communicating with your customers. Once compiled you can keep clients engaged, and continue to make revenue from them. Maintaining this email database is therefore extremely important. Using a template gives you a clear structure for storing this client data.

Your business will be able to keep its customers longer, and make more from them.

Mailing List Sign-up Template for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word allows you to easily modify an email template for your needs. After loading the basic template, you can alter it to be specific to your business. You can then print the email list, or import it to Excel to use as a spreadsheet. Word is compatible with most file formats, so using it configure your email list will leave you with a file you can take anywhere.

Mailing List Signup Template for MS Word

Microsoft Excel is suited to maintaining a larger database of emails. An Excel spreadsheet lets you organize large amounts of information. If your client list runs in to the hundreds this sort of digital storage will make managing your email list much easier. With an Excel template you can store a large variety of information on each client. This way you can target emails to groups of clients with similar needs.

Email List Template for Microsoft Excel

Email List Template For Excel

A free printable mailing list template is a basic tool for having clients submit their email addresses. Clients can fill in their information, a simple way of creating your email list. This works well for smaller customer bases, such as an accounting or dental practice. Clients can easily fill in their email and other data when arriving for an appointment.

Free Printable Mailing List Email Address Template

Free Printable Mailing List Email Address Template

Christmas Email List Template in PDF

Christmas Email List Template in PDF 1

Marketing Email List Template PDF

Marketing Email List Template PDF

A PDF email list template is a good way to bring the simplicity of a printed list online. It can be filled out using plain text, then printed. This is a basic, but effective way to gather an email list. PDF is often used for maintaining uniform file formats with digital and paper copies. This allows you to easily reconcile your PDF list with a printed list.

Email List Template PDF

Email List Template PDF

Email Officer Information List

Email Officer Information List Sample

Using an email list allows you to keep customers updated with your latest offers. Without this list you have no way of contacting previous clients, and you may lose them. However, customers may be reluctant to give out their contact information. A quality email list template can give you a professional look, which is more inviting to customers.