22+ Editable Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

A Christmas gift certificate is a special card that is designed to be sent to people you love, including your family members, loved ones, friends, colleagues, loyal clients, as well as business associates and/or partners over Christmas. The card typically includes some form of a redeemable reward, which can be cash, a trip, a meal in a restaurant, an air ticket, or a tangible item such as a mobile phone and so on.

Christmas Gift Certificate Examples and Templates

Check out my Christmas gift certificate examples and templates in Word and PDF formats below to get inspiration for designing your Christmas gift certificate.

Essential Elements of a Christmas Gift Certificate

A well designed Christmas gift certificate will include a few fundamental components namely;

  • The name of the recipient.
  • The description of the reward.
  • The value of the reward.
  • The duration for which the reward is valid.

Tips on Creating Your Christmas Gift Certificate

Creating an effective Christmas gift certificate can be a walk in the park for you if you follow the following tips;

  • Download the Christmas gift certificate template that you prefer online beforehand. You can get a variety of templates and choose the most ideal of all choices, depending on your needs.
  • Next, fill out the template with the necessary details such as the name of the recipient, the description of the reward, the value of the reward, and the validity period of the reward, making sure to include all the necessary information.
  • Thereafter, read the card at least two to three times to correct any grammar and spelling mistakes and to confirm that you included all the necessary information.
  • After that, its time to print out your Christmas gift certificate. Be sure to use a quality paper keeping in mind that this document is supposed to remain with the recipient throughout their life, as a constant reminder to them about you.
  • Feel free to make your gift certificate look as fancy and attractive as you wish with a unique and attractive font style, colors, and other visual aspects.

What is the difference between a Christmas gift card and certificate?

Actually, there is no difference between the two because a Christmas gift certificate is also known as a “Christmas gift card,” “Christmas gift token,” or “Christmas gift voucher.”

Is it better to give cash or a Christmas gift card?

It’s better to give the latter after all a Christmas gift certificate is a special and unique gift with sentimental value that simply cannot be compared with money, for Christmas.

What’s a good amount for a Christmas gift card?

It’s not about the value of the gift you give out. It’s about how much you care and mind about someone. Therefore, there is no good or bad amount for a Christmas gift card.

How does a Christmas gift certificate work?

The recipient redeems the value from the specified outlet or brand and keeps the card for the good memories.

Do Christmas gift certificates expire?

Actually, there are two types of gift certificates; open certificates and expirable certificates. The former never expires, whereas the latter does after a certain duration has elapsed.

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