11+ Free DuPont Shift Schedule Templates (Word & Excel)

11+ Free DuPont Shift Schedule Templates (Word & Excel)

Different organizations and companies require their employees to work for a particular number of days per week and specific hours. However, some companies opt to use the eight-hour traditional shifts, working five days a week. On the other hand, some companies use a more flexible schedule. This kind of schedule is referred to as the DuPont schedule.

You must understand that this is a 12-hour rotating roster, and for it to work efficiently, it requires four teams or crews. These teams will be operating on two shifts of 12 hours to offer their service 24/7. In most cases, each team works for four continuous night shifts, usually accompanied by three off days. Similarly, if you work on a four-day shift consecutively, you are likely to have seven days off duty. This means you will likely work for an average of 42 hours each week.

Furthermore, this schedule was initiated in the 1950s. And it is named after the company that initiated it back during the 1950s. The advantageous part of this schedule is that employees usually get 7 to 8 days’ continuous rest days after 28 days of rotation. However, making a DuPont shift schedule is challenging because it features four-night or day shifts and a scheduled rest day between 3 day and night shift schedules. Therefore, this article will give you an insight into DuPont’s shift schedule.

What Is a DuPont Shift Schedule?

A DuPont shift schedule is a twelve-hour rotating timetable for shifting, which usually requires four teams and crews who work on two 12 hour shifts to ensure that the company or organization runs 24/7.

What is a DuPont Shift Schedule Template?

A DuPont shift schedule template is a document that guides you on how to come up with a 12-hour rotating shift, which requires four crews or teams.

DuPont Shift Schedule Templates & Examples

Dupont Shift Schedule #01

Dupont Shift Schedule #02

Dupont Shift Schedule #03

Dupont Shift Schedule #04

Dupont Shift Schedule #05

Dupont Shift Schedule #06

Dupont Shift Schedule #07

12 Hour Shifts for 7 Days a Week

Sample of 12 hour rotating shift schedule

Shift Schedule

Shift Work Scheduling Excel Template

Weekly Employee Shift Schedule

Work Shift Schedule

    How to Write

    Creating the DuPont schedule can be pretty challenging, especially if you are new to this concept and probably do not know it. Below are basic characteristics that will guide you to write this schedule. These characteristics include:

    • Plan ID- it is a unique code, which helps you identify the shifting schedule for your employees
    • Name- You must include a specific name of the shift plan in the document
    • Applicability- This refers to the type of work your shifting plan was initiated for
    • Teams- It refers to the number of teams required to function on your shifting schedules, more so the developed plan.
    • Shifts- This schedule must feature shifts you plotted on your pattern. Additionally, the length and shift description is usually included in each shift. On the other hand, when the shift starts and ends might be modified to fit into the business. However, the length of every shift should not be interfered with.
    • The cycle refers to every team’s days to complete the entire shift sequence. After finishing the shift sequence, you all have to start it again.

    Below are different rotations for this shift schedule:

    • Staffing fluctuation refers to the staffing level variation as per your schedule progress regarding days and shifts.
    • Average hours per week- It refers to the average hours every employee works every week as per the sequence and length of shift
    • Slow rotation- When a specific team works for particular weeks or days before rotating to a varying shift
    • Fast rotation- This refers to when a team rotates shifts once each number of days
    • Backward rotation- This is when a crew rotates to a shift earlier during the day from a shift late during the day
    • Forward rotation- When a crew rotates to a shift scheduled later in the day from an earlier shift of the day
    • Rotating shift pattern refers to when a team rotates from a single shift to another. However, it usually depends on a specific pattern.

    Importance of DuPont Shift Schedules

    DuPont offers you multiple advantages. Below is an overview of these advantages:

    Employer benefit

    With this kind of schedule, the employees are never worried about a double shift assigned to cover up for absent employees since each time usually operates of every shift. Besides, the afternoon shifts are avoided. This is relatively uncommon for employers and employees.

    Employees usually get longer breaks

    Working 12 hours continuously can be tiresome because the employees do not get sufficient longer breaks with the schedule. Therefore, they usually make good use of longer breaks, especially when they get longer off days. During off they can use their time as they wish.

    Workers obtain sufficient weekends off generally

    This schedule guarantees employees a lot of weekends off, more so if the rotations are complete. However, this is not the same as a typical 8- hour shift with five days workweek schedule. Employees of 8- hour shifts enjoy 13 full weekends annually, while those with the 12- hour shift schedules usually enjoy 26 full weekends each year.

    Employees enjoy multiple days off per work cycle

    As mentioned before, the DuPont shift schedules come with 7 to 8 continuous off days after a 4-week work cycle. Employees usually appreciate this because they get sufficient time to rest, engage in recreational activities and spend quality time with their families. In addition, such offs allow the employees to handle personal appointments and save on the daily expenses resulting from working, like food and commuting.

    Note: As an employer, these benefits will also work to your advantage, hence keeping your entire employees satisfied and happy with their productivity. You are likely to plan for a mini-vacation yearly with this type of schedule.

    Things to Consider When Preparing the DuPont Shift Schedule

    You will likely create it immediately after deciding to use the DuPont shift schedule. Before you develop this schedule for your organization or company, ensure you consider several aspects, determining whether it is the perfect choice for your organization or company. Here is an overview of these factors:

    The pattern schedule

    Suppose you have insufficient staff; you choose to make a personalized work pattern and shift plan that best suits your company. Therefore, do not sacrifice your employees for a work plan schedule that you understand will not work. This means you can utilize variable references and initiate your pattern.


    Are you planning to initiate a 24/7 coverage DuPont shift schedule in your organization or company? Well, you need to create several shift schedule examples to have a broad image of what you want to do, including the entire possibilities and drawbacks this shift comes with. Ensure that you carry out maximum research and figure out varying templates apart from the DuPont shift schedule, especially if you do not find it applicable to your company.


    It would help if you thought adequately about how this particular schedule will work in your organization. This will enable you to create a perfect schedule because you will consider all your employees and teams operating a 12- hour shift. Also, if it is a new schedule in your company, make sure you inform your employees about it.

    The coverage and workload

    This schedule must initiate a stable workload coverage each day per week. As much as it might have different workload coverage, it must be the same every day and each week. Suppose you feel you require more coverage, combine a 12- hour shift schedule with an 8- hour shift to overlap.

    Staff size

    The DuPont shift schedule requires you to pull at least four crews or teams to make it successfully. This means you must consider your staff size. Bear in mind that a small size is not likely to work since you might end up overworking your employees on varying shifts.

    About the 12 Hour DuPont Shift Schedule

    You might have realized that DuPont’s schedule is not for each person with the information offered above. Furthermore, this specific format has its parameters and format, which you must follow to work excellently. Below are several facts about the 12 hour DuPont shift schedule:

    • It is advantageous to higher-ranking individuals in the organization. Therefore, you need to inform them and conquer concerning the transition terms. In most cases, you might be forced to adjust your managers’ and supervisors’ salaries to win them over.
    • There is no doubt that your employees will maintain the 12- hour shift. However, individuals with a higher rank in your company are not likely to adapt to this schedule. Therefore, ensure you create time and enlighten your managers and supervisors in your company.
    • Physical kinds of jobs require you to add more break times. It does not matter if they are short or long. Your employees require sufficient time to recharge within your workstation.
    • Assess the type of work your employees are likely to do. Remember, 12-hour desk jobs are quite easy to handle, unlike a 12- hour job, which involves numerous physical activities, like strenuous work and heavy lifting. Consider this to avoid having employees who are too fatigued to show up the next day, hence minimizing the productivity of your company or organization.
    • Young works will work and maintain this schedule significantly. Thus, if your company features many old people, it might not be easy to transition to this type of schedule. Ensure you make a wise decision to prevent your employees from getting sick or breaking down due to long working hours. It would help to consider your employees before using the DuPont shift schedule.
    • Most of your employees will adjust to this schedule, but a few will find it difficult, even though they might be more off days. In addition, longer working hours might drain your employees. This means you should consider how you schedule your plan.
    • Longer shifts allow your employees to accomplish their tasks earlier enough because it would take them two 8- hour shifts to complete. Besides, if they accomplish tasks in a day, they will complete many more tasks each week. This makes this schedule advantageous.
    • Ensure you plan your schedule strategically, from the start and end times of shifts and the teams. You will notice your organization starting to work in a better and different rhythm if you do so. Furthermore, having a lot of days off allows your employees to feel relaxed enough and be willing to increase their productivity at work. On the other hand, you will minimize shift turnovers since you will only feature two shifts per day.
    • It might take your employees some time to adjust from an 8 to 12-hour shift. However, this does not mean that your performance will reduce. On the contrary, employees will reenergize and recuperate to their next shifts with numerous rest days. In addition, many employees usually wait for a more extended off day, which usually increases their productivity.
    • Your company is likely to experience changes when it alters from an 8- hour to 12-hour shifting schedule. But, first, wages increase by 2%. Therefore, you must consider how you will handle overtime when changing shifts from 8 hours to 1 hour.
    • 12-hour shift schedules are more applicable and flexible to varying work environments.
    • As much as there are longer breaks, employees are likely to work for longer hours. Before introducing it, make sure you prepare and ask them to adjust to your new schedule. If you introduce it, ask for your employees’ opinion. This will give you an insight into your employees and how they feel about the plan you are about to introduce.
    • This schedule does not require to reduce your employees because your organization will be able to work for the same number of hours weekly, but the number of workings hours might vary each week. If the size of your staff is small, add more employees to make this schedule productive.

    Facts: The facts mentioned above eliminate the myths and misconceptions you might have heard about this schedule. Furthermore, they show you how valuable this schedule plan is.


    What is a 12 hour DuPont schedule?

    A 12 hour DuPont schedule is a roaster plan, which uses a four-week cycle, primarily a shift for four nights, then 3- days off. After that, a three-day shift, one day off, three nights’ shifts followed by three days off, and finally a four-day shift accompanied by seven or eight days off.

    How many hours a year is DuPont scheduled?

    DuPont is a 12-hour shift, equivalent to a workweek of 42- hours. Therefore, monthly, DuPont features 168 hours for working. And yearly, 2016 working hours.

    How does pay work on the DuPont schedule?

    When the year ends, you are guaranteed an annual bonus of 4 years. With DuPont’s schedule, you work for a 12 hours shift and get paid for hours that extend from the 8th hour, usually known as OT. So the four hours added to the 8 hours you get paid as the OT.

    How many hours a month do you work on the DuPont schedule?

    A DuPont Schedule incorporates 42 working hours each day, and a month consists of four weeks. Therefore, it has 42 hours’ x 4 weeks= 168 working hours monthly


    With the post above, you are now well equipped with the information concerning the DuPont schedule. However, before you decide to use it, ensure you check if you have sufficient staff and whether the age group you have in your organization can follow this schedule perfectly. And suppose it is the first time you are introducing it, ask your staff if they are okay with such a plan to get their opinion.