Donation Request Letter (Format & Sample)

Donation Request Letter (Format & Sample)

If you run a school, hospital, non-governmental organization, or charitable group, you may need to draft donation request letters from time to time. These are messages sent out to past or potential donors asking for help with funding, supplies, or resources. In most cases, the recipients can be individuals or organizations such as local businesses.

When well drafted, a donation request letter can help you gain the support you need for your project. It can communicate your cause to the recipient and encourage them to help you.

In this article, we explore how to draft an effective request letter for donations.

Elements of the Ideal Donation Request Letter

There are many ways to draft a donation request letter. What you write will often be determined by the nature of your organization and the type of donation you are requesting. Nonetheless, every request for a donation letter should include the following elements for efficiency:

  • The problem – This refers to an overview of your mission and why you can’t achieve it without donations. If possible, you can mention how donations have helped you in previous projects.
  • The solution – After familiarizing the donor with the problem, provide them with a way to help. Give details of how their donation will contribute to your cause. Be as precise as possible and give specific examples, where possible.
  • The emotional appeal – Use a short emotional story outlining your success on previous projects. Mention how your organization has impacted a target group positively. Ultimately, this will help pull in your donor.

Writing Tips for a Donation Request Letter

Now that you know what to include in your letter, here are some tips to help you with the wording:

  • Be sincere. When mentioning previous projects, don’t exaggerate the details. Mention exactly why you need help with your cause.
  • Mention what you want – Donors can provide any help from money and items to labor and resources. Let the potential donor know how they can help.
  • Use polite and appealing language but don’t beg.
  • Add a personal touch to the letter. You can do this by learning something about your potential donor beforehand.
  • Provide details on how to donate

Donation Request Letter Format


{Recipient’s Name}

{Recipient’s Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Subject: Donation Request for {Name of Organization/Cause}

Dear {Mr./ Mrs./Ms. Last Name},

I am writing this letter on behalf of the {organization/church/school/hospital/group name}. We are a {non-profit organization/charity group etc.} based in {location}. We seek to {explain your mission}. In our {duration} or operation, we have {briefly explain your biggest achievements}.

While we have made some great strides, we still have a lot to accomplish. We are requesting your {financial/labor/material} support in {describe event or project}.

We would appreciate a donation in {money/services/items/resources} to help us achieve our mission.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, you can contact me on {contact information}.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


{Your Name}

{Position and Organization Name}

Sample Donation Request Letter

13 August 2020

Camila Hanks

123c Valley Road

Houston, TX 34567

Subject: Donation for Women for Girls Project

Dear Mrs. Camila,

Girls Hope Foundation has been supporting young girls from 3rd world countries since 2003. Last year, we provided 300,000 girls in Nigeria with books and 3-month supply sanitary towels. We owe our success to donors like you.

As the school year approaches, we are fundraising to provide a select group of young girls in Uganda with our care packages. We would be grateful if you would offer your generous support by donating to this cause. Your help will go a long way in helping a young girl attend school in peace this semester.

Please find attached a pamphlet with more information about this mission and how you can join us. If you have any questions, contact me on 700 345 6789 or

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Hannah Mills

President, Girls Hope Foundation

Donation Request Letter (Word Template)

File Format
  • MS Word


A donation request letter can be sent at any time of the year. However, it is usually advisable to time it during the holiday season when people feel more charitable. Some donors may also require additional information about your cause or project. If this is the case, you can attach supporting documents such as pamphlets or flyers.

Always remember to communicate what form of support you need from the donor. You can also inform them of how their interests align with your mission. This will help legitimize your fundraising project.