Donation Request Letter for School Event – Sample Letters

A donation request letter is a correspondence written to a corporation, business enterprise, friend or family member in a bid to seek funds to finance an event, project or any other reasonable expense. The principal purpose of this letter is to appeal to the addressed party to donate money in aid of a particular cause.

More often, donation request letters are mainly addressed to corporate firms and other highly regarded institutions whose ability to donate can be expected. In this regard, there arises the dire need for individuals writing the donation letters to strictly adhere to a formal code of conduct when addressing the said parties. When writing a donation letter for a school event, reading a sample letter before writing down one is critically vital as it not only familiarizes you with the entails of the letter but also gives you an insight to the level of professionalism required when addressing the target.

Donation Request Letter for School Event


Highland Water Bottlers

699 Kenyatta Avenue

Moi Suite

Nairobi, Kenya.

Dear Managing Director.

Together with the Kenyatta University Parent Fraternity, Students, and other distinguished guests, the Kenyatta University Alumnae Association is hosting an Old Student Meeting in celebration of the various academic milestones that the institution has achieved. This event is planned to take place on the [Date] at the main Graduation Square. The event is aimed at supporting fresh graduates in getting to the employment sector through various inter school-Institution exchange programs.

As one of our valued and esteemed business partner, we humbly request for your support in providing 5000 units of bottled water for our guests to the celebration event.

Your participation in donating the goods mentioned earlier will be of much significance as it will save our guests from the scorching sunlight by keeping them refreshed and hydrated. Also, your donation will mark you as a critical stakeholder by establishing your Company as a dedicated partner in the stewardship towards postgraduate exchange program.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to show your support for the Institution by been part of this much-anticipated event. We look forward to your participation.

Thank You in Advance.



[Head of Organizing Committee]

Sample Donation Request Letter for School Event


Delight Sports Wear.

123 Moi Ave

Westland Suite

Nairobi, Kenya.

Dear Operational Manager.

It is with high regard that the Outspan Children Educational Centre, in conjunction with other supporters, is hosting its 10th annual Regional sports day. The day seeks to mark ten years of endured support to sports and athletics in children. The event is planned to take place on [Date] at the main school ground.

In a bid to support the event, we humbly request for your support by providing 100 pairs of Sportswear which should include Shoes and a pair of shorts for each of the participating children.

Your donation will play a key role in ensuring the participants meet the required sporting safety requirements for the said event. Your contribution will be of the utmost importance as it will show your support to young children and sports as a talent.

We look forward to your participation in facilitating the success of the event and support to young and upcoming talents in the world of sports.

Thank You in Advance.


[Head of Organizing Committee]

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