Doctor’s Note Templates

Doctor’s Note Templates

Many companies demand that their employees who abscond duty on the grounds of sicknesses produce a doctor’s note prior to being re-admitted. The same applies to schools and many other institutions. It is therefore important that the students and employees alike familiarize themselves with this crucial document.

What is a Doctor’s Note?

A doctor’s note is a document that a licensed medical practitioner draft to prove that you indeed visited the healthcare facility at the specified date and time. It also goes by the name of the doctor’s excuse and is for a large part considered legally binding on all the parties that are signatory to it.

What a Doctor’s Note Includes

A typical doctor’s note should include the following details:

  • Your name and contact details
  • The date you saw the doctor
  • The healthcare facility concerned
  • Its (healthcare facility’s) physical address and contact details
  • Signatures and stamp of the doctor concerned

Doctor’s Note templates

This is a framework that helps doctors to draft the doctor’s note. It comprises a structure that guides the doctors in filling in the blanks. The document, by and large, simplifies the task of drafting the note itself by providing guidelines and empty spaces which are to be filled out.

Fake a Doctors Note #01

Fake a Doctors Note #02

Fake a Doctors Note #03

Fake a Doctors Note #04

A Sample Doctor’s Note for Work

Absence Excuse Form — Request for Consideration

Doctor Excuse Form


Doctor Note Template


Doctor’s Notes and Consent Form

Doctor’s Notes

Free Printable Doctor Notes

Medical Excuse Slip

Sample Doctor’s Note for Work

Sample Medical Absence Form

School Absence

Work School or Medical excuse

    How to Get a Doctor’s Note

    To obtain this note, you need to follow the steps outlined below:

    • Pay a visit to a reputable healthcare facility
    • Have yourself attended to by the doctors and the nurses
    • At the conclusion of the treatment exercise, ask the administrators to provide you with a doctor’s note
    • They will assign a doctor to you who will fill and sign the note duly
    • Carry and hand in this note to your employer or school administrator

    How to Fake a Doctor’s Note

    In some instances, you may need to stay away from work or school but with no tangible reason. Under such circumstances, you may have to fake the doctor’s note. To do so, you may need to follow the steps outlined and explained below:

    • Download the doctor’s note template from a relevant site
    • Find a cooperative doctor or healthcare practitioner
    • In the unlikely event that neither exists, you may have to find anyone who is willing to take the risk
    • Let the person sign, date, and stamp the document as ‘proof’ that you indeed visited the healthcare facility
    • Needless to say, the document has to bear unique identifiers like address, contact details, company logo, and tagline of the hospital concerned.

    When are Fake Doctor’s Notes Used?

    The fake doctor’s note may be useful under the following circumstances:

    Attending vacations

    You may want to attend vacations at a time when you are to report for or attend work. To make this possible, you may have to fake sickness and thereby provide a ‘satisfactory’ explanation as to why you could not just show up for work no matter what.

    Boredom or monotony

    Tackling the same chore every day may give rise to boredom or monotony. Not many companies however allow their employees to take a break on such grounds. If you are one such, you may fake sickness and produce a fake doctor’s note to ‘prove’ that you indeed deserved to away from work.

    Sudden unforeseen emergency or mishap

    Sometimes, some sudden unforeseen circumstances may arise. These include sickness of a child, visits from parents and relatives, and accidents. Since these issues often arise unplanned, companies hardly make provisions for them. The only plausible way to attend to them without causing unnecessary inconveniences is through the use of a fake doctor’s note.

    Parallel chores

    Other than the sudden unforeseen emergencies or mishaps discussed above, you could occasionally find yourself in a situation in which you have to tackle some parallel chores. These could include farm work or side hustles. The best way to break from work is to make do with a fake doctor’s note.

    No clear reason for absconding from work

    It is not always that we have clear reasons for absconding from work. We are humans and indeed times come when we just have to be absent from work for no good reason. A fake doctor’s note comes in here. It provides a professional cover-up for this issue.

    Final Thoughts

    Rather than risk your job or enrollment status at school unnecessarily, why not now make use of a doctor’s note going forward? This document is simple and straightforward but it can really make a difference in your professional and career life. Move ahead with the utmost confidence and use it!